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764 movie reviews
  1. About a moron - oxy and otherwise.
  2. Too dumb to realize that the senselessness is viral.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  3. A downright dumb movie that, with its breathless pace, lack of character development and uninventive gags, might be torture for even the kids to sit through.
  4. Stupid.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It's fast-moving, it's got fine special effects, the hero and heroine are pure and quick-thinking, the bad people die badly, and the script draws its fair share of laughs.
  5. What keeps coming to mind throughout The Jackal is that for what it cost to make this movie you could probably pay some nice hit man to eliminate everyone at Universal who thought making the movie would be a good idea, and still have enough left over to throw one of those hit man parties and have a really great time.
  6. It's downright boring.
  7. No-one's-home acting by Bierko and Mol doesn't help, while the talented D'Onofrio ("The End of the World") and Mueller-Stahl (a veteran of European pictures) are better than the material.
  8. An infuriatingly indulgent piffle of adolescent wish-fulfillment.
  9. The writer-director has come up with a sumptuous, happy piece of fluff.
  10. The big trouble with the movie is that it's difficult to care whether these two get together. Ultimately I did care - when I realized that their union would presumably represent a chance that the movie might end soon.
  11. Of course, turning a novel by Woolrich into a light romantic froth is a little like turning King Lear into a musical comedy. But Benjamin has the right comic touch to pull this off.
  12. A film where suspense and exhilaration are incompatible, and a receding plot line is merely the platform for cars to fly through panes of glass.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  13. But in its own overblown, melodramatic way, complete with hideous and obtrusive music by Michael Kamen, clanging sound effects that will leave your ears ringing and a penchant on the part of director Paul Anderson ( "Mortal Kombat" ) for quick flashes of blood-drenched gore, Event Horizon is kind of a hoot.
  14. It's simply terrible.
  15. An arthritic failure, genuine only when the two outcast lovers' eyes dart toward each other, then retreat.
  16. The film is obviously a long-form episode of a show better digested in 22-minute segments.
  17. It's an experience as frustrating as watching Jeff Gordon drive a stock car through a bowl of oatmeal.
  18. Good-looking and empty.
  19. Second-banana material.
  20. Excess Baggage aims to broaden her appeal beyond her established, youthful audience. It won't, because it's a messy mixture of so-so comedy and unmoving drama; its inconsistent tone suggests a production where no one was fully in charge.
  21. Otherwise, the movie, which borrows from a dozen pop sources and improves on none of them, is pretty much a washout.
  22. Feels like an interminable pilot for a show to fill that deadly 8:30 slot between "Friends" and "Will and Grace."
  23. It also goes out of its way to give you a schlocky B-movie vibe by wrangling bait in the form of a bunch of Big-Gulp stupid stock characters - that's a whopping 44 oz. more stupid than you probably were bargaining for.
  24. The movie equivalent of the fruitcake you get every year from the folks back home. It's brick-heavy and full of nasty bits you don't want to put in your mouth, lovingly wrapped in pink cellophane.
  25. There's more gymnastic yammering in Loving Jezebel than in a season of "Dawson's Creek."
  26. Too screwy to be really funny.
  27. Competent, to be sure, with some good lines.
  28. A high-spirited, big-bottomed Polaroid of the comedian in a fat suit.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  29. Frill-less almost to the point of minimalist, teary without being lachrymose, hers is a performance you'd think was great were the movie in a language you didn't understand.

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