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769 movie reviews
  1. An alt-country paean to libidinal mothers and the little girls who clean up the mess.
  2. What remains of the book's psychological underpinnings -- there are enough here to leave a permanent dent in the couch of any Freud-loving shrink
    • San Francisco Examiner
  3. Has a silly, insouciant glamour often employed to sell hair conditioners and perfume.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  4. It's a more intelligent and dimensional epic than, say, "Anna and the King." Emperor is worth every single penny.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    After more than an hour of fun, the film turns dark as Solanas' mental state worsens. Not only does the brilliant kook wear out her welcome with Warhol, but the portrayal also grates on the viewer.
  5. History rendered with enough brains and imagination to more than make up for its few stumbles.
  6. There isn't a whole lot of fancy subplotting, just a potpourri of funny and engaging characters.
  7. Baumbach is obviously a bright man, but this material is too thin for anything more than a slight New Yorker short story about thoughtful screw-ups.
  8. The finest element in de la Pena's carefully assembled account is how she doesn't simply state the obvious, but lets the meaty facts speak for themselves.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  9. Huston manages to bring the unavoidable brutality of this story to the screen without seeming exploitative. And she gets good performances out of Malone, Leigh and Eldard. Glenne Headly gives a great performance as Leigh's saintly sister.
  10. One of the qualities that makes "12 Monkeys" so good is the fact that it is almost too complicated to explain.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Tucci and Holm brilliant as magazine writer and artist.
  11. Martin Scorsese is certainly one of the great living movie directors. Sadly, this does not mean he can't make a mistake. Kundun is a mistake.
  12. No amount of excellent period costuming and brilliant set decoration can substitute for a good story and decent acting.
  13. Broadway-sized performances.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  14. May be the funniest movie about parental and spousal abuse ever made.
    • San Francisco Examiner
    • 74 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    One of the most complex and powerful literary scripts in recent times.
  15. What remains is Washington's volcanic and contemplative work at the core of a film packed to the rafters with raging bull.
  16. An adrenaline-pumping, post-musical musical.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  17. DeVito, whose singing sounds like a cross between coughing and Jimmy Durante on a good day, is a gruff and lovable mentor with a Brooklyn accent and a New Yorker's intolerance for sentimentality. Egan's Meg is a fiery dame with lots of gall. Tate Donovan gives voice to the adult Hercules, and he is just right as an almost Dudley Doright-ish lug who thinks heroics have more to do with physical daring than with big-heartedness. Alan Mencken's original score is boisterous and hummable, and lyrics by David Zippel perfectly suit the story and Disney's recent style for cleverness.
  18. Overall a well-played chess match of a movie.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  19. A sobering documentary.
  20. A warm-hearted valentine to old traditions in China that are being obliterated by modern - and admittedly more efficient - technology.
  21. At its best the film serves as a music appreciation class taught by embattled artists whose cloudy livelihoods grow increasingly uncertain with each bittersweet symphony.
  22. Cholodenko's strategy of having the actors, in every scene -- whether it involves Lucy, the boyfriend or the Frame editors -- perform with an intonational flatness approaching monotone pretentiously undermines the effectiveness of her subject matter.
  23. It's a gas, dude!
  24. It's a testament to what happens when all the right ingredients come together. Wag the Dog is the best political satire in years.
  25. Makes a term like neo-noir seem like a fatuous catch phrase.
  26. Through it all, Ozon supplies a sense of pathos that makes fun of its own soullessness, transforming a self-serious suicide note into an existential love letter.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  27. Loose and funny with verve.
    • San Francisco Examiner

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