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278 tv reviews
  1. It may be that in the long run, "Heist" proves to be something you can admire simply for its pure entertainment value. But right now, it's a show that looks good on the surface but is empty at the core.
  2. There's not a lot wrong about "Brian.'' But there's not a lot right about it, either.
  3. This is a series trying to be fresh but succeeding only in trading on the predictable cliches.
  4. "Justice" is slick, fast-paced and stylish, with enough twists to separate it from the glut of shows in its genre. But it's also one of the most extraordinarily cynical shows to come along in some time.
  5. It's an intriguing premise but one that comes off a bit strained in the opening hour and leaves you with the feeling that you have no idea where the show is going.
  6. It could develop (its creator is Bruce McCulloch from "Kids in the Hall"), but right now, it's only so-so.
  7. The various parts don't quite hold together, and there are too many rough patches to make Miss Guided an unqualified success. It could get better, although it has just a handful of episodes in which to make that happen.
  8. The romantic comedy comes off as a rather charming, likable hour, thanks in large measure to a cast that gives it more than a bit of zip.
  9. Tonight's opening episode is somewhat better than the pilot, although it's clear there is still work to be done in defining the characters and setting an overall tone.
  10. Unfortunately, The Cape fails to fly. Lyons has all the charisma of a fence post, and the leaden scripts bring no fresh twists to the genre.
  11. What's more bothersome about Skins from a critical standpoint is the thin plotting, the aimless narrative, and the generally flat and artificial feel of the production.
  12. Unfortunately, no one pops off the screen the way Farrah once did.
  13. Very little of it feels fresh or funny. Nor does Allen's character strike me as someone viewers would want to spend a great deal of time with.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    There are lots of problems with the Special Victims premiere, chief among them being the focus on Olivia Benson, the female detective played by Mariska Hargitay. In a misguided rush to establish the character's background story and motivation as a cop, the episode's key moment is a revelation about an intimate detail of her life. It comes way before we have enough reason to care about her. [20 Sept 1999, p.7C]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  14. Right now, it's a comedy in search of real laughs. [20 Sept 2002, p.1]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  15. This is by no means a lousy show. The performances are solid and the brothers-working-together dynamic is intriguing. But the pilot lacked dramatic oomph, and it did a poor job of actually taking viewers inside the math and explaining how it works. Consequently, "Numb3rs" just doesn't add up. [22 Jan 2005]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  16. The comedy is so darkly cynical that it's off-putting. If you're a glass-half-full kind of guy like me, it's hard to make the show part of your regular TV menu. [13 Sep 2002]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  17. In its early episodes, "American Dad" not only follows the lead of "Family Guy" but also throws in digs at U.S. political institutions. [1 May 2005]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  18. As TV science fiction goes, there's nothing particularly bad about this spinoff from the long-running Stargate series. On the other hand, there's nothing particularly good about it either. [15 Jul 2004]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  19. At least "Watching Ellie" takes some risks and tries something different -- even if the risks don't translate to laughs and the concept doesn't really work. [26 Feb 2002]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  20. The problem is there's nothing here that hasn't been done before, and often done better. Even more disheartening: The cast, which includes Matt Long and Billy Zane, is stocked with forgettable and/or boorish characters.
  21. $#*! My Dad Says feels hopelessly old school. It relies on a stock sitcom character--the crabby dad--that we've seen over and over. It mainly anchors itself to a claustrophobic sitcom-y living room, and it relies too heavily on a tired, rat-a-tat setup/punchline delivery.
  22. Could prove to be a hit without being very good. [20 Sept 2002, p.1]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  23. There's nothing particularly fresh about the visual approach, the writing is only serviceable and the plotlines -- a pregnancy, a drunken-driving accident, love found and lost -- are straight out of TV Writing 101.
  24. A pedestrian, predictable crime procedural.
  25. It's a rip-off (and not a particularly well-executed one) of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."
  26. When he gets a lot of air time and his worst excesses are not reined in, Morgan is the human equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard.... As a result, what could have been a rather savory dish ends up with a rather unpleasant aftertaste.
  27. The upside to the series is that Diggs is good enough and the production slick enough that, for a while, you might be willing to play along the don't-think-too-hard-about-it premise.... [But] Hopper's day becomes pretty boring after a while.
  28. Corddry manages to make scenes work that otherwise would have viewers reaching for the remote.
  29. It has its moments, particularly as it progresses.

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