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299 tv reviews
  1. I'd rather spend time with an edgy show that aims high and sometimes falls short, than one that doesn't.... Welcome back, Mr. Sorkin. It's a pleasure to have you.
  2. For now, though, Delany is enough to hold our attention. With a deft touch, she blends just enough warmth and vulnerability with the sass and smarts to make it all palatable.
  3. "Commander'' looks good, summons up some real energy in key scenes and establishes a certain warmth in its portrayal of the Allen family.
  4. Through the early episodes, nothing really happens that you couldn't see coming. Still, the setting is so seductive, the period details so vivid and the acting so stellar, that it's as intoxicating as a potent mojito.
  5. Breakout Kings manages to compensate for its lack of creative ambition with some lively writing, good pacing and an off-kilter sense of humor. It is also blessed with a colorful cast of characters.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Unlike the pilot movie, which came across as stilted or even phony in spots, tonight's show is crafted with a smooth blend of action, character development and convincing special effects. [26 Jan 1994, p.3C]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  6. While it's always good to see Burnett, something has gone seriously awry with this new version.
  7. Unfortunately, The Cape fails to fly. Lyons has all the charisma of a fence post, and the leaden scripts bring no fresh twists to the genre.
  8. Wu does what he can, bringing a steely authority and mad kick-butt skills to the role. But the show is hampered by too many overly broad characters, genre cliches and the kind of groan-worthy dialogue that leaves one restless.
  9. "Falcone" essentially is "Donnie Brasco" lite--tightly plotted and mostly absorbing, but watered down in terms of acting and storytelling (not to mention dialogue). Still, it's sharper than most of the typical network fare. [4 Apr 2000]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  10. Unfortunately, things just never really gel in a pilot episode that falls flat and is only intermittently funny....In fact, only Janney, whose gleefully oblivious character spews un-PC zingers and keeps a huge self-portrait in her office, makes a truly fresh impression.
  11. The opener is riddled with juvenile humor consisting of jokes pegged to corpses, crotches and child molestation. It's almost enough to trigger a case of mad cow disease.
  12. A pedestrian, predictable crime procedural.
  13. It's an intriguing premise but one that comes off a bit strained in the opening hour and leaves you with the feeling that you have no idea where the show is going.
  14. Baruchel and Johnson (who is quite appealing in his role) have real chemistry.
  15. Baum's work almost collapses under the weight of a misguided re-interpretation.
  16. Blanchard is lovely and plays Cher so well that you'll never miss Silverstone. Many of the key supporting actors from the movie reprise their roles in the TV series, but the chief saving grace is the clever script. [20 Sept 1996, p.3E]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  17. The writing is smart, the production is crisp and surprisingly stylish, given the budget, and the show has a fascinating central character in kinetic blogger Dylan Krieger.
  18. If it keeps its balance and cuts back on some of the more implausible moments in the first hour, this series could be a keeper.
  19. This is by no means a lousy show. The performances are solid and the brothers-working-together dynamic is intriguing. But the pilot lacked dramatic oomph, and it did a poor job of actually taking viewers inside the math and explaining how it works. Consequently, "Numb3rs" just doesn't add up. [22 Jan 2005]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  20. As TV science fiction goes, there's nothing particularly bad about this spinoff from the long-running Stargate series. On the other hand, there's nothing particularly good about it either. [15 Jul 2004]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  21. The show does a decent job of setting up its premise, the pace is brisk enough, and there are plenty of visual flourishes, but somehow. it all feels a bit too mechanical. It doesn't help that, with few exceptions, the new characters are pretty juiceless.
  22. Moliere it's not, but somehow it works as a sort of energized hybrid of "The Beverly Hillbillies," "Mork & Mindy" and those "Coneheads" sketches Curtin spent so much time in while she was with SNL. [7 Jan 1996]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  23. This series is about the bonds of family and heated power struggles--with a big dose of vampiric hedonism mixed in. Sounds like the makings of something pretty fang-tastic.
  24. If you're a sucker for tangled mysteries--and are in need of a few heebie-jeebies--the show has enough oomph to its early episodes to suck you in.
  25. Some viewers will be riveted to the sex, violence, beautiful nude bods and sensory gluttony of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Others will be turned off almost instantly.
  26. There's just enough punch to it that you'll want to stick around for Hour Two.
  27. Right now, it's a comedy in search of real laughs. [20 Sept 2002, p.1]
    • San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times
  28. It tries to be edgy but misses by a mile.
  29. It may be that in the long run, "Heist" proves to be something you can admire simply for its pure entertainment value. But right now, it's a show that looks good on the surface but is empty at the core.

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