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2,749 movie reviews
  1. The journey comes together to be one of the very best of the "in search of" documentaries: open-minded, informative, immaculately crafted, full of moving and highly privileged moments of discovery.
  2. Its elements all come together with an unforced perfection, every scene feels real and alive in a way that many of his more surrealistic later films do not, and Leonard Maltin, for one, has argued that I Vitelloni is no less than Fellini's masterpiece.
  3. An extraordinarily exciting, absorbing and satisfying movie. Not quite "Seabiscuit," but comfortably close.
  4. In a disarmingly entertaining fashion, this multiaward-winning German bittersweet comedy seems to encapsulate all the emotion and drama of that profound geopolitical event.
  5. Works best of all as an epic. It wonderfully creates a world of fractured deco elegance and endless human duplicity in which everyone is on the run -- exactly the kind of incisive, seemingly effortless historical spectacle that the French have learned to do so much better than Hollywood.
  6. It's a well-crafted, intelligent, no-nonsense western epic that zips us through the famous siege and the birth of Texas with style, verve and impressive historical accuracy.
  7. An exhilarating piece of epic filmmaking that it pulls you in, sweeps you up and works very much as its own thing.
  8. Potter 3 is, in its heart of hearts, a teenage angst movie...Cuaron has done a masterful job of bringing off this shift in the Potter paradigm without disrupting any disruption in the established style of the series and without any pandering concessions to the teen-movie genre.
  9. Tells a light-hearted fictional story and creates a maze of imaginative animation and special effects to illustrate how the heavier thoughts of the science apply to the everyday world.
  10. Forget "Raising Helen" and "The Notebook," this is the movie summer's most touching young romance.
  11. May well be the most thrilling and educational surfing movie ever.
  12. Istanbul-born director Ferzan Ozpetek has outdone himself with this wise and ruminative mystery about memory, unfulfillment and yearning.
  13. Yimou plays his images like a visual symphony, and turns a potential costume pageant into an exhilarating national myth.
  14. It struck me as the most exciting and original Hollywood thriller, occult or otherwise, since "The Sixth Sense."
  15. There's nothing harder for an actor to play than a thoroughly good character, and Staunton does it with a dowdy, sublime originality.
  16. It's a real pleasure to find a movie as calm, measured and dead-on in its impact as Finding Neverland.
  17. It's not his (Scorsese) best film, but it's his most accessible and most thoroughly entertaining.
  18. In a movie era when brand names mean very little, it shows once again that Pixar is a stamp of quality.
  19. The cast is good, the score is sublime, the visuals are sumptuous and it speeds along with a delirious romantic power that, if you let it, can sweep you away.
  20. Several times, Hotel Rwanda teeters on the edge of making a unique, visionary statement about our times, but can't quite do it. Too bad. If it could have pulled itself together in one brilliant scene, this may have been a great movie, instead of just a very good one.
  21. A clever, charming, laugh-out-loud-funny road comedy that works in almost every scene.
  22. Played by Lucy Russell with a defiant, unapologetic embrace of aristocratic privilege, Grace is a maddening yet fascinating character.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    It's a special, strangely soothing movie experience that wonderfully celebrates the intricate diversity of life on Earth and the profound emotional bond that can exist between man and beast.
  23. It's a bracing reminder that before Hitler took power, it was handed to him. The lesson resonates long after the credits roll.
  24. Very much a '70s-style paranoid thriller, with a mood, tone and cascade of plot twists that are highly reminiscent of his 1975 classic, "Three Days of the Condor."
  25. It's an eye-filling, sumptuously detailed historical epic that grandly re-creates the bloody gladiatorial spectacles and smoke-filled, spit-flying, claustrophobically crowded arenas of its bygone era.
  26. It's a big enough film to hold all the contradictions. Green has an ego and a gift for stealing the spotlight with a wink and a grin. Yet his respect for the kids is genuine.
  27. Technically, the film is consistently impressive. It creates a grimly gothic vision of a crime-ridden and depression-ravaged Gotham City, a dandy pair of chase sequences involving the new generation Batmobile and a range of innovative visual effects.
  28. Movie magic is only as powerful as the imagination that casts it. Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki's imagination is the most creative in animated filmmaking.
  29. Pawlikowski has made a gorgeously ambiguous film -- based upon a novel by Helen Cross -- that is blessedly hard to tag; in fact, it's a compilation of genres and moods -- comedy, romance and diabolical thriller -- and that is its core strength and freshness.

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