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  1. With his usual intelligence, technical virtuosity (the reverse-aging effects are astounding) and storytelling panache, director Fincher gives the film a power and unity that make nearly three hours go by in a flash and pulls its diverse elements together to be something unique for a Hollywood movie -- a true spiritual experience.
  2. It's a pleasure to see mature portraits of adult characters who put their vulnerabilities on the line. I enjoyed my time in the company of these strangers.
  3. Looks to be this season's family animal comedy.
  4. The movie works like a clock. A few minor quibbles aside (the casting of Hitler, for instance), Valkyrie is a highly intelligent and deeply engrossing historical drama and, frame for frame, the year's most suspenseful nail-biter.
  5. What begins as an introspective odyssey examining the effects of war on the young Israeli soldiers turns into a provocative exposé on the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
  6. Unfortunately, the life has been sucked out of DiCamillo's story about a brave, unusual little mouse.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Though it's a star vehicle, Carrey seems only marginally interested in rehashing the role of sweet spaz, and so he almost feels miscast.
  7. The young cast, all nonactors who developed their characters with Cantet and BĂ©gaudeau, brings the weight of full lives to each of the students.
  8. A movie that plays better if you know nothing about it going in.
  9. It's bleak, credulity straining and often stomach-turning, but it definitely works as a heart-tugging character study, and Rourke's performance as the has-been title character is golden.
  10. There's a dark and demented little psychodrama of self-inflicted madness beneath the narrative contrivances. Vigalondo's direction makes it work more like a waking nightmare than a genuine experience, and he gives it the quality of madness.
  11. Surprise! The remake is not a heresy. It's a decent enough stab at being what the old movie was to its time, following the same basic plot, full of respectful references to its model, updated with a gallery of fairly imaginative special effects.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Pretentious mess of a movie.
  12. The film's added enigma makes the play's title even more appropriate, but it results in a more ambiguous and perhaps less satisfying dramatic experience.
  13. This movie seems even rougher around the edges than much of his past work. Still, it's hard to resist.
  14. Director Alfredo De Villa doesn't play it for the kind of knockabout comedy so often seen in these films (like the shrill hit "Four Christmases").
  15. Che
    It's all about Guevara's education as a revolutionary and his development as a leader in the jungles and in battle.
  16. The Reader is significant because -- like another film opening today, "Valkyrie" -- it asks us to see not just the Jews but the whole German people as victims of the Holocaust, and to view Nazism as more a product of explicable ignorance than inexplicable evil.
  17. It's a tender, tough, uncompromising film, photographed with a disarming directness and seeming simplicity that looks almost naked next to the dramatic constructions of most films. It just makes her precariousness all the more real.
  18. Throughout, it's clouded -- for me at least -- by a nagging sense that it's straining too hard to build the media clash into more of an historic event than it was.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The movie's biopic aspect is multiplied by the sheer number of players who made Chess the first family of Chicago blues, R&B and rock 'n' roll...That all of them were later inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame attests to their enormous influence on popular music and culture.
  19. What finally sinks the film is that the more it tries to dazzle us, the more uninterested we become.
  20. There is no stylistic thrill to this blunt object of a callous action film. It's content to bludgeon the audience into numb resignation.
  21. As action movies seem to get more complicated and convoluted with international conspiracies and technological concepts, the "Transporter" franchise is refreshingly simple.
  22. Neither clever nor heartwarming, Four Christmases is the coal in the stocking of holiday movies.
  23. Though it's unflinching in its depiction of homosexual affection, the marvel of the movie is the dexterity with which it transcends the specificity of its characters and gay theme to be a universal human statement and profound political epic.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    As the voice of Bolt, John Travolta does a fine job and Disney star Miley Cyrus is fine as well, but neither one can overcome the lack of personality in their scripted characters.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Those who want something to really sink their teeth into should head home on a rainy day, put on some goth anthems and reread the books.
  24. Garity, son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, gives the kind of performance rarely seen in today's movies.
  25. Jackman, who stepped in after a cranky Russell Crowe walked away in a salary dispute, strikes just the right chord as a scruffy romantic hero.

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