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  1. Assails with its in-your-face, repulsively compelling (like a train wreck) brutality.
  2. Unlike "Crying Game" (which, despite the gender confusion, definitely works as a love story for a general audience), the only emotion this movie evokes for its star-crossed lovers is an unpleasant sense of incredulity. [08 Oct 1993]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  3. Crossroads may now fall into the same paragraph as "Glitter," Mariah Carey's disastrous star vehicle.
    • 26 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Yes, in this day and age, a tall man can pretend to be a very short man pretending to be a baby who uses his innocent disguise to molest women and whack men in the nuts. Isn't that funny? No, actually, not so much.
  4. Tepid and only sporadically amusing.
  5. Isn't merely bad, it's utterly flavorless and the filmmakers are either too lazy or too cynical to even pretend there's a story behind Lawrence's 21st century homeboy shtick in 14th-century garb.
  6. When the little girl tells her decapititated doll, "It's not just a bad dream," she is right. It's just a bad movie.
  7. If it sounds like Prey for Rock and Roll might be fun despite its shortcomings, it is not. Even those with a predilection for bad movies about rock 'n' roll should avoid this one.
  8. It's incorrigibly unfunny.
  9. Overlong, unscary, poorly paced and banally written.
  10. While too bland and stupid to be offensive, Never Back Down spouts a hollow message of nonviolence while celebrating the brutal satisfaction of beating the crap out of someone.
  11. Is Hollywood so disconnected from its past and bankrupt of ideas that it doesn't even know this movie is a screaming cliché?
  12. Mercifully short -- a mere 80 minutes, plus the end-titles. That means I had to slap myself in the face fewer times than usual to stay awake in a movie this grindingly mediocre.
  13. A first-class snoozer.
  14. The film's one original moment comes when Bluto has a conversation with a cow. The rest of it, from the distorting lens used randomly to suggest unreality, to the twist ending lifted verbatim from the superior "High Tension," is about as imaginative as a portobello steak with onions.
  15. It may be emblematic of new-millennium Hollywood that this movie has turned out to be one more emotionless, brainless, overproduced action film.
  16. Tired and glib, it tries to milk humor from the sniping, sass and simple disrespect of its unpleasant traveling companions.
  17. Ultimately this soppy Pacifier sucks.
  18. It's lively but fails to disguise the fact that his (Charbanic) script is a dud and his career in videos has taught him little about the art of narrative storytelling.
  19. So poorly constructed and so elementally banal that it's a shock the script was written by the same guy (Nicholas Kazan) who wrote such taut thrillers as "At Close Range" and "Reversal of Fortune."
  20. Unfortunately, this latest effort is so mean-spirited and nasty that you wish Farrell hadn't bothered.
  21. It's a tedious experience in almost every way: The acting is numbingly one-note, the CGI work is unconvincing and often downright shoddy, and the action is poorly staged and framed so close you can never tell for sure who is lopping off whose head.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Just a crappy flick for the Beavises of the world.
  22. In a better movie, this grand-dame performance might have been fun, but it's surrounded here by an impossibly dull and unsatisfying whodunit plot, unintentionally funny dialogue and such absurdities as having Catherine stay up late one night and whip out an entire novel.
  23. Not faithful enough to be an adaptation, too misguided to be considered an interpretation, and not funny enough to be a parody, this film would do well not to advertise its inspiration.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Unfortunately, this low-lowbrow comedy, which tries to pass itself off as a "Friday" crossed with "Legally Blonde," also does nothing to distinguish itself from recent urban flops "The Wash" and "Pootie Tang."
    • 34 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    This is one of the most confusing, horribly written movies I've ever seen, and I'm the king of watching bad movies ... and liking them.
  24. Idiotic.
  25. Besides being inept, it's also pretentious and boring: an ambitious art film gone horribly wrong.
  26. It is a pretentious and incoherent blend of ghost story and frontier adventure that becomes more preposterous and idiotic with each passing scene.

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