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2,749 movie reviews
    • 51 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Watts and Coffey may have vaulted Hollywood's gated enclaves, but this affectionate film shows they haven't forgotten, nor idealized, their days among the ranks of the struggling and ambitious.
  1. The movie is entertaining, reasonably true to the facts of its subject's life and full of music.
  2. Sautet lets the film wander from Ventura's desperate odyssey, but when the irresistibly charming young Jean-Paul Belmondo enters the picture as an unflaggingly loyal ally, his wandering is forgiven.
  3. Margaret Brown's honest and non-judgmental film captures the artist's high and low points, from early appearances on regional television shows such as "Nashville Now" to the drunken and disorderly performances that defined his later years.
  4. The story is so compelling and the movie is such a pleasure to the eyes and ears.
  5. It's funny, touching and crammed to the rafters with clever dialogue, splashy production numbers and stiff-upper-lip charm.
  6. It's not really scary, but it reaches a level of insanity so unhinged and dispassionately wretched that it defies description. Inspired, but not for all tastes.
  7. An extraordinarily taunt and suspenseful psychological thriller.
  8. The movie works best as spectacle: as a piece of old-style, non-CGI, on-location epic filmmaking.
  9. There's plenty of ammunition here for liberal conspiracy theorists, which surely will limit the audience to those already in Jarecki's political camp. Which is too bad, for it is a sobering history lesson as well as a political polemic on foreign policy and the growth of war into America's biggest business.
  10. The sensuality is never salacious, merely curious, and the message is empowering ... at least within the confines of the insular community.
  11. Captures both the spirituality and humanity of monastic life.
  12. A sports empowerment fantasy of the best kind.
  13. The film has an exciting visual texture that gives body to Brown's bestseller-ese prose, and uniformly strong performances that give dimension, depth and interest to characters that the author never entirely brought to life. In this sense, I found it much more entertaining and satisfying than the novel.
  14. The camera drinks in the angles, curves and textures, and the way it all shapes the light as if it's yet another of Gehry's non-traditional materials, and Pollack creates his own video sketchbook of Gehry impressions.
  15. Elegant and enjoyably disorienting.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    In Creadon's most effective and inspired sequence, he gets Reagle to create a puzzle using the film's title as its theme. It's during the sequence that we learn the lofty rules of creating crosswords, including lateral symmetry and a maximum ratio of black to white space.
  16. The restrained drama both punctures the mythic ideal of the samurai culture (trained as fighters, they mostly serve as clan bureaucrats) and spins a romantic portrait of one man who values principle over protocol despite the cost to his reputation.
  17. In remarkably compact and quietly concise vignettes, we're introduced to each member, and immediately understand what they're all about.
  18. It may be too intense at times for wee ones, but kids of 5 and up testing the limits of their independence in the big world should relate to Lucas, dig the crazy insect world and embrace the imagination behind the colorful adventure.
  19. It is Ferrell's best movie and the summer's funniest comedy so far.
  20. The lack of stellar performances gradually becomes a virtue of the movie as we forget we're watching actors in roles, and Stone builds a documentarylike veracity that gives the saga of the trapped cops and their loved ones a riveting immediacy.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    What QuinceaƱera does offer is charm, sensitivity and intelligence.
  21. The entire film is shot in split screen. Each of the unnamed characters is photographed separately in their own slice of space, the images sutured together with a purposeful imperfection, with occasional overlap and rare moments of union. It gives them the appearance of dancing around one another, almost touching but never getting past the years of emotional scar tissue, even as they work their way to her hotel room.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Just in time for back-to-school, this smart film about a troubled teacher and student upends most movie images, both romantic and negatively stereotyped, of the urban classroom.
  22. It packs surprising punch as a biopic.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Jacque's satiric comic take on swashbucklers extends to war in general and particularly to the men who lead their armies.
  23. This latest remake goes back to the spirit and letter of Eric Knight's 1940 novel.
  24. Anyone who claims to support the troops owes it to them to see the film and hear their stories.
  25. It makes an unsettling case that America is fast becoming the thing it professes to hate.

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