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Average Movie review score: 65
Highest review score: 100 My Kid Could Paint That
Lowest review score: 0 Mindhunters
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2,749 movie reviews
  1. A spirited, screwball crime-thriller with a sly heart.
  2. Enormously cute, but it doesn't allow us to ever completely suspend our disbelief.
  3. Always absorbing.
  4. A fresh, well-written comedy that doesn't lag, casts its actors against type and has a real love for its characters.
  5. It assumes considerable knowledge of his life and times. But, with even a little of the familiarity it demands, the movie is something special.
  6. In its austere visual understatement rests a ton of emotional power.
  7. It's a gloriously baroque vision and Leconte believes in his sequin and sawdust fantasy with such unabashed enthusiasm that he makes it work even through its most absurd moments.
  8. Casts a dreamy romantic spell that lingers pleasantly in the mind for a long time after experiencing it.
  9. Oddly fresh and naively chipper.
  10. In Arcand's skilled hands, this sassy assembly comes together to be a comedy, a satire and a character study that's somehow not a bit condescending.
  11. Finally becomes a somber, sentimental and rather profound romantic fantasy that is more true to the spirit of the Golden Age of science-fiction writing than possibly any other movie of the '90s.
  12. The film is such a good-natured and easygoing ride that it's ultimately very hard to resist.
  13. A teary appreciation of the value of a good teacher, the joy of music and the payoffs of discipline and hard work.
  14. The horror and spectacle of medieval battle has never been re-created on film before with such ghastly beauty.
  15. The faces of its inarticulate characters tell the story, and Majidi has put some amazing faces on the screen.
  16. As good as the film is in so many ways, it also altogether rings a bit false and contrived.
  17. The style is dated, and its neorealism seems forced and ineffective, but it's still delectable, and mostly for the things Pontecorvo hated about it: its delirious '50s color, and its stars, particularly Montand at the peak of virility.
  18. Kassovitz keeps the film zipping along with solid pacing and just enough action to clear the credibility gaps as long as the film is rolling.
  19. Elevated out of the music-documentary genre to become something of an intriguing mystery -- and one with no neat solution.
  20. This is an unmistakably Asian variant on the action movie, a sleek, slick, entertaining espionage thriller in the John Woo mold.
  21. In spirit and nuance, this is an amazingly faithful remake.
  22. Hypnotic and fun.
  23. There's a real joy to this film, a love of the music and an appreciation of the band's eccentric humor.
  24. Though Signs & Wonders loses its bubbles and runs flat in its anticlimactic final moments, it's far more inventive and demanding than any movie of recent memory.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Scream 3 also has wit and intelligence, but at their core the Scream movies are still slasher films and this one is no exception.
  25. Has enough simmering beneath its sweaty, grimy and disconsolate surface to be more than just another rite-of-passage missive set in the '70s.
  26. An utterly nihilistic, harrowingly upsetting vision of hell on earth.
  27. It's a romantic fantasy of the gangster brotherhood and their doomed lives, executed with Takeshi's unique mix of stoic ruthlessness and giddy energy.
  28. Gorgeous re-creation of another time.
  29. What makes this film truly chilling is the fact first-time feature filmmaker Scott Elliott and his writers somehow make every step of this descent harrowingly believable.

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