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2,749 movie reviews
  1. It comes off as tedious, pretentious, self-indulgent, talky and so garbled it might have been improvised by the actors.
  2. A sleazy, uninspired, pathetically unfunny sex farce.
  3. The most ridiculous period film since rappers took on the Old West in "Posse."
  4. The script drowns out its ideas with arch melodramatic devices and ridiculous twists while Babbitt smothers even the daylight scenes in an oppressive gloom.
  5. Welcome to the tawdry end of paradise, where no melodrama is too obvious and no conflict too contrived.
  6. There is a point, however, at which the movie becomes simply sickening. Between the electric shocks and hot-iron branding, feats of grossness are accomplished that are so vile even the hardiest among the cast cannot suppress the upchuck.
  7. The actors, all unprofessional with the exception of Kim Chan as the Zen master, step on each other's clipped lines so regularly that it becomes a stylistic affectation, like Mamet directing Beckett.
  8. It's a tired rehash of animation cliches that distinguishes itself only by the extent to which it's crammed full of scatology and gleeful violence to animals, and otherwise panders to the worst instincts of its audience.
  9. When the little girl tells her decapititated doll, "It's not just a bad dream," she is right. It's just a bad movie.
  10. As stiff and slogging as animated films come.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    This is one of the most confusing, horribly written movies I've ever seen, and I'm the king of watching bad movies ... and liking them.
  11. It's hard to imagine how the movie year could possibly produce a more annoyingly stupid movie. It's so witless, broadly played and insulting to anyone's intelligence that it's almost as offensive, in its own way, as "Jackass: The Movie."
  12. Not just a bad film, Hannibal Rising is downright dull, which is a far worse crime.
  13. This is a much dumber movie than "The Lake House." In fact, the script is an ungainly mess and ultimately a shaggy-dog story.
  14. Sylvester Stallone is filming a new episode of his "Rambo" action series, but Mark Wahlberg has beaten him to the punch with Shooter, a preposterous gut buster that follows the formula so closely it would probably lose a plagiarism suit.
  15. It's a tedious experience in almost every way: The acting is numbingly one-note, the CGI work is unconvincing and often downright shoddy, and the action is poorly staged and framed so close you can never tell for sure who is lopping off whose head.
  16. As a thriller, Next goes a certain distance on Cage's sad-sack charm and sense of humor, but it does nothing with its intriguing premise, and it's mostly just one more tedious and progressively dumb collection of Hollywood action clich├ęs.
  17. It is a pretentious and incoherent blend of ghost story and frontier adventure that becomes more preposterous and idiotic with each passing scene.
  18. Director Fran Rubel Kuzui ("Tokyo Pop") cannot begin to find the style that would give some unity and originality to this mess. The result is a grindingly dull horror comedy and an unnecessary satire of Valley Girls - a full decade after that phenomenon has come and gone. [31 Jul 1992, p.12]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  19. It's basically just more of the same maudlin sentimentality mixed with clumsy slapstick, hassled-father routines and Geritol jokes. [8 Dec 1995, p.29]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  20. The biggest failing of the film is that it's the lamest possible excuse for a whodunit. [17 Apr 1998]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  21. The dismal high school comedy Charlie Bartlett has the look, feel and sentiment of a made-for-video cheapie that might have been grudgingly whipped together by Robert Downey Jr. as some sort of court-ordered community service project for his many drug busts.
  22. A gruelingly dull slog through basic horror-movie conventions, should be dumped in the Seine.
  23. Before the movie reaches its climax, it has created a mess that requires divine intervention.
  24. Besides being inept, it's also pretentious and boring: an ambitious art film gone horribly wrong.
  25. It's a complete by-the-numbers daddy-day-care movie that doesn't have a genuinely enchanting moment or shred of inspiration in its overlong running time.
  26. Exploitive while it pretends to be empathetic.
  27. The most insipidly innocuous film ever made about facing mortality and living it up before passing away, The Bucket List has as much poetry and poise as its clumsy, clunky title.
  28. The film's one original moment comes when Bluto has a conversation with a cow. The rest of it, from the distorting lens used randomly to suggest unreality, to the twist ending lifted verbatim from the superior "High Tension," is about as imaginative as a portobello steak with onions.
  29. While too bland and stupid to be offensive, Never Back Down spouts a hollow message of nonviolence while celebrating the brutal satisfaction of beating the crap out of someone.

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