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Highest review score: 100 Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders
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2,749 movie reviews
  1. A perfect example of form without content.
  2. All that's left are cute animals with animated mouths spitting out fitfully inspired one liners, sophomoric sexual innuendo and enough poop gags to last a lifetime.
  3. A one-joke, one-note turkey.
  4. Sour slapstick assault with a tin heart and counterfeit sentimentality.
  5. Director Uwe Boll ("House of the Dead") has made a cottage industry out of this kind of junk. Maybe it's time for him to close up shop.
  6. Ultimately this soppy Pacifier sucks.
  7. As far as these things go, the film's violence is not outrageously excessive.
  8. As a director, Duchovny is in big trouble every frame of the way. His characters ring false, his scenes seem improperly motivated in a glaring way, and his distasteful obsession with imagery of unflushed cigarette butts bobbing in a toilet is beyond inexplicable.
  9. Has to be one of the most absurd of all big-budget action movies, and that's saying something. It's just a blink away from over-the-top self-parody, and I'm pretty sure it's not trying to be.
  10. Overlong, unscary, poorly paced and banally written.
  11. Had Araki chosen to illuminate, rather than exploit, the traumatic aftermath of child molestation, his wallow in the horrors of Mysterious Skin might have had a purpose. As it stands, his film is just another trashy look at America as the land of imbecilic perverts.
  12. It's incorrigibly unfunny.
  13. It may be emblematic of new-millennium Hollywood that this movie has turned out to be one more emotionless, brainless, overproduced action film.
  14. The script and direction by Irish filmmaker Mary McGuckian is just deadly.
  15. Pierson is a high-powered egotist with appalling tastes and a great-white-father complex, and his whiny family is about as much fun as fingernails on a blackboard.
  16. The utter lack of tension or suspense is as dumbfounding as Hunt's blender approach to editing, which purees action scenes into incoherent mashes of image confetti.
  17. Undiscovered promotes one of the stupidest visions of the entertainment industry since "American Idol" opened the celebrity gateway to the dregs of the karaoke generation.
  18. Makes no effort to learn about the culture. It idolizes the idea of spiritual purity without offering any insight into what it really means.
  19. It has the low-budget look and feel of an indie dating comedy -- and not a very good one at that.
  20. Despite its title, the movie could hardly be less erotic. Indeed, promiscuity has never looked more totally unappealing, and its final scenes of Wilmot's advanced venereal disease are enough to make you take a vow of celibacy. A great date movie, this is not.
  21. Writer/director Wayne Kramer's approach to storytelling is to withhold any information that might give away the plot.
  22. The movie is just this side of terrible. It misses all the charm and fun of the original. Allen's mugging is incorrigibly unfunny.
  23. In a better movie, this grand-dame performance might have been fun, but it's surrounded here by an impossibly dull and unsatisfying whodunit plot, unintentionally funny dialogue and such absurdities as having Catherine stay up late one night and whip out an entire novel.
  24. For the most part, the film is a chaotic blur of disconnected movement that re-creates the feeling of an unforgettably bad concert experience.
    • 31 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Ever wondered what the bastard stepchild of "Rear Window" and "Harry and the Hendersons" would look like? Probably not. Nevertheless, here it is in the form of a Bigfoot horror flick gone horribly awry.
  25. Redfield's fans will rejoice, if only to see the beloved novel illustrated on the screen, no matter how tediously. The rest of us probably should stay away.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The whole affair comes off as thin and artificial as a super model after a botox party.
  26. The humorless and self-important execution attempts an operatic scale but only succeeds in sinking the remnants of the story's integrity. By the time it makes landfall, this incoherent production has blown itself out.
  27. Mostly unfabulous.
  28. It's an unimaginative, mean-spirited affair that makes you hate yourself for laughing at it, and it's so devoid of anything close to wit, subtlety or sophistication that it stands as damning evidence that Hollywood has surrendered wholesale to stupidity and crassness.

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