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2,749 movie reviews
  1. Both intellectually absorbing and emotionally gripping.
  2. This free-flowing film certainly hits the high points as it flips around its talking-head celebrity sound bites at warp speed.
  3. The lack of stellar performances gradually becomes a virtue of the movie as we forget we're watching actors in roles, and Stone builds a documentarylike veracity that gives the saga of the trapped cops and their loved ones a riveting immediacy.
  4. It lets down in the last act and is probably too mired in serial-murderer-movie formulaics to garner Oscar attention. But it's his tightest, best film since "Unforgiven."
  5. The song may be somewhat familiar, but Sach gets understated performances from his entire cast and finds interesting harmonies as they play out their clashing duets.
  6. The movie is an extraordinary personal adventure that views everything through the eyes of its hero as it carries him from one apocalyptic situation to another.
  7. At its core, it's an exploration of the demands and obligations of brotherly love, staged with honesty, originality and a surprising spark of intelligence.
  8. A darkly funny journey about life ticking by and the change to make wrongs right.
  9. Not only feels real, but it avoids preciousness and cute eccentricity and, in its lean, almost grave, cut-and-dried delivery makes more of an emotional impact because we're able to imprint our own memories of adolescence upon it.
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  10. Noyce's movie is a testament to endurance -- the camera caresses the landscape -- instilling us with a respect and reverence for it, its harsh ways and the attachment to it that Australia's indigenous people hold.
  11. Varda sees herself as a gleaner as she searches for the people and cultural activities missed by the rest of the media.
  12. All told, this first Bond of the new millennium may be far from the best of the series, but it's assured, wonderfully respectful of its past and thrilling enough to make it abundantly clear that this movie phenomenon has once again reinvented itself for a new generation, and is very likely to outlive us all.
  13. A terrific movie about middle-age malaise and a comedy of unusual wit and drollness.
  14. As dark as a Greek tragedy yet it has a vibrance and joie de vivre that can't be contained by grief.
  15. The film tells the story of Jimmy Hoffa in a refreshingly honest way. [25 Dec 1992]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  16. Fresh, vibrant and vital, this interpretation reminds us why Shakespeare is timeless.
  17. It packs surprising punch as a biopic.
  18. As entertaining as it is a viable, political message destined to make viewers rethink their stance on war.
  19. A witty, literate, wryly sophisticated parable of American politics: just the kind of movie that Hollywood, in its search for the global audience, supposedly doesn't make anymore.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    It's a film that, by its complexity of character and mastery of tone, surpasses the original it was intended to honor.
  20. In remarkably compact and quietly concise vignettes, we're introduced to each member, and immediately understand what they're all about.
  21. The film is thriller, comedy and rite-of-passage story, but Boyle never loses sight of what's at its core.
  22. Speaks in the raw mumble of the dirty South. A regional film in the truest sense, it does for Memphis what its producer, John Singleton, once did for South Central Los Angeles.
  23. Assuming the bulk of what we see is factual, it comes off as a gripping docudrama.
  24. Sweet, sexy, and unexpectedly enchanting, Yana's Friends is the little feel-good comedy that could.
  25. The ironies and contradictions that give the first half a dark humor give way to gravity and respect as soldiers are killed (off camera).
  26. It's a funny, insightful film whose feminist undertones don't overwhelm the story and characters.
  27. Anderson is a hopeless romantic in a cynical world, and for a brief moment he makes the case that true love is the only power that can crack time and space.
  28. The funniest thing I've seen this summer.
  29. A top-flight example of cinematic storytelling, thanks in large part to the unusual narration, spoken in English by David Gulpilil.

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