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Highest review score: 100 Coraline
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2,749 movie reviews
  1. A movie that plays better if you know nothing about it going in.
  2. Ceylan has an unerring gift for camera placement, and his slow, measured scenes can be as hypnotic as they are lovely -- at times, too much so, with the characters constrained by his poetic perfection.
  3. With a steady eye and a warm (but never overtly sentimental) heart, it explores a territory where few movies have ventured before.
  4. Hip-hop is not the beat I dance to, but you don't need to be immersed in the culture to understand the heartbeat it sets in the lives of Brown Sugar's main characters.
  5. Gorgeously evocative visually.
  6. The movie works -- at least marginally.
  7. A solid piece of storytelling that doesn't pander, skips the usual POW stereotypes and allows the film to work reasonably well as an epic of war, a survival story, a prison thriller, a murder mystery and a courtroom drama.
  8. The most totally appealing and seemingly heartfelt performance of (DeVito's) career.
  9. Sometimes so intimate it's embarrassing, and the messiness at falling in love at any age is disquieting.
  10. It moves so fast you almost forget it leaves the characters in its wake.
  11. It has its flaws, and traditionalists are likely to think it falls well short of its inspiration, but it works on its own terms, it fills the screen with Burtonesque excitement and it strikes me as one of this tepid movie summer's better offerings.
  12. The movie itself is not completely successful, but it's consistently both engrossing and entertaining, and -- once again -- Spacey's performance creates a spell that lingers long after the lights come back on.
  13. CQ
    Good-natured and fun, the Austin Powers silliness of the era shines through, and Coppola family art director Dean Tavoularis ("Apocalypse Now," "The Godfather" trilogy) makes the film -- and its kitschy film-within-the-film -- look consistently terrific.
  14. Eight Legged Freaks is a B-movie-and-proud-of-it thrill ride, probably the best of its kind since "Tremors." It does just what a good creature feature is supposed to do: It entertains with laughs, gasps, gooey spectacle and a bemused sense of fun.
  15. Even though she's (Khouri) determined to give us feel-good entertainment, she's not at all afraid to let the darker moments be very dark indeed.
  16. Dizdar humorously compares and contrasts extremes in economics and lifestyles and looks at the west through the eyes of an outsider.
  17. For all its darkness and tragedy, Monster's Ball is a film that wants to be liked and Forster stumbles over his good intentions to win the audience over.
  18. A genre-twisting surprise.
  19. Ali
    Could there possibly be a worse time for a movie celebrating a draft-evader who embraces Islam? You wouldn't think so.
  20. Works well as a metaphor for a more innocent time.
  21. Beautifully acted and conceived -- even if the final vision is not always totally satisfying.
  22. It's Waters' way of saying: It's only a movie.
  23. A first-rate student film, but not much more.
  24. He (Chan) still can turn a silly little action comedy like this into a high-spirited, butt-kicking good time.
  25. Brokedown Palace does have some plot implausibilities but Kaplan, manages to turn some hashed story lines into something substantial and emotionally affecting.
  26. Loaded down with gritty Glasgow atmosphere and authenticity, and works so well as an ensemble piece
  27. Scratch could use some of the wit and jagged energy that defined "Hype!"
  28. It's a sporadically thrilling visual epic and a gruesome reminder that war is hell.
  29. Never comes alive.
  30. Like most films in this overworked genre, it's as formulaic in its own way as a John Wayne western, and the characters and situations all have a gnawing predictability about them.

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