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2,749 movie reviews
  1. To its credit, the film has an engagingly bleak and minimalist look, and a brisk pace. But the chills are few. Every step seems contrived, predictable or unintentionally funny.
  2. A redundancy, and a bore. The characters are harrowingly unsympathetic, the action sequences are by-the-numbers, and Carpenter's usual saving grace -- his sense of humor -- is nowhere in evidence.
  3. It's an abysmal movie.
  4. It has a frenetic, unsettled edginess that chafes against its serene, woodsy, upscale private school setting.
  5. It simply isn't that funny or clever. For a comedy, that's about the worst that could happen
  6. In this brand of comedy, nothing succeeds like excess, and this film is seriously deficient.
  7. It becomes simply another banal gang film so familiar and predictable you have to wonder why so much potential is wasted on such a confused dramatic mess.
  8. This retread has been bloated far beyond its B-movie origins, beefed up with more characters and an all-star cast, stripped of any real suspense and loaded down with music cuts and one-liners aimed at pleasing a crowd of rowdy male teenagers.
  9. It's a by-the-numbers action affair, and one that is considerably more mean-spirited and humorless than the norm. [4 Aug 1995, p.29]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  10. The film is a dud in the tradition of such weak horror sequels as "Exorcist II" and "Dracula's Dog."
  11. There's not an authentically scary moment in it.
  12. The gags on which it rests its laughs have been lifted from every other raucous comedy, campus-oriented or not.
  13. For a film so intent on the rules of engagement, this is hardly engaging drama.
  14. Though the cast is talented, the script is a mess. It's essentially a collision of missed opportunities.
  15. As usual, Albert Finney gives a towering performance in his new movie, "A Man of No Importance," and, as usual, the movie around his performance is not much. [03 Feb 1995]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  16. This film is satisfied merely to wallow in women in peril, cinematic sadism and the spectacle of violent death and dismemberment.
  17. Between Stallone's soap opera of a script and Renny Harlin's speed-obsessed visuals, we're never really shown much more than fast cars and obsessed drivers.
  18. Every swing of its plot is preposterous, it stumbles to a trick climax that any regular moviegoer will figure out in the first 10 minutes, and the ending is so absurdly unmotivated that it plays like a slap in the face.
  19. Prinze and Forlani coast on charisma alone, but even their charms can't coax magic from the prosaic dialogue and romantic clichés that clog this listless comedy.
  20. There are cute flourishes, but much of the cleverness is smothered by tired dialogue and doughy animation, which gives the animated characters the personality of mannequins and the look of cheap merchandising knockoffs come to life.
  21. Burns' trite talk and familiar romantic conflicts doesn't do any of the characters any favors. Everyone comes off flat and forced, with one notable and lovely exception: Dawson.
  22. An uneasy mix that's too long, too confusing and too undramatically paced to be consistently gripping, and so blatantly panders to teenagers.
  23. The film is a shapeless mess and about as convincing as a cartoon, the usual mix of slapstick, doofus humor and raunchy sex jokes lacking even the bite or attitude to make it adventurous.
  24. This vampire story is as soulless as they get.
  25. The result of this blender mash of exotic horror isn't much of anything at all, neither suspenseful, terrifying or inventively gory: Turistas is dead on arrival.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Love of dogs is key, because the amateurish acting, writing and production values in this independently made film feel more like the stuff of home movies than Hollywood.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    This thing is a mess.
  26. MTV offers an airbrushed portrait that does nothing but perpetuate the myth of an "angelic" hoodlum.
  27. Sandler and Barrymore generate some believable, if low-voltage, chemistry: they're both so shallow and conceited and dingy that you think -- yes! -- in real life, these two people probably would go for each other in a second.
  28. All processed sugar and artificial flavor, right down to the sticky but tasteless happy ending.

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