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Average TV Show review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 Deadwood: Season 3
Lowest review score: 0 Moonlight: Season 1
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126 tv reviews
  1. To call "Deadwood" great television doesn't begin to do it justice.
  2. "Masterpiece" isn't too strong a word to describe this series.
  3. If there ever was a series that makes HBO a necessity, "The Wire" is it.
  4. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Buffy to perfection in this witty, intelligent and thoroughly entertaining series based loosely on the 1992 film, and if she isn't the next closet-door poster queen - or the Internet-shrine equivalent - I'll be stunned. [10 Mar 1997, p.C1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  5. Freaks and Geeks may fail because it has no hope of drawing viewers to a crummy Saturday night time slot. But don't ever suggest it lacks soul. Or heart. Or brains. Freaks and Geeks is that wonderful rarity among television series, a show that simultaneously lampoons reality and embraces it. [25 Sept 1999, p.C1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  6. NYPD Blue is a very good cop drama, often edging its way into superb...It is intense and powerful, peopled with intriguing characters. And it addresses issues in remarkably human, real terms, especially for television. [21 Sept 1993, p.C1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  7. Serving up the kind of dialogue that leads to tears and cackles, it may be the most joyfully scathing look at stifled lives network TV has ever seen. [1 Oct 2004]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  8. An engrossing, emotional drama full of intriguing characters. [15 Sep 1994]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  9. A stunning, wonderful show. Here is network TV at its best, as it's almost never done. [7 Oct 1991]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  10. Rarely has a cast been so perfectly chosen and thoughtfully developed as the crew on "Murphy Brown." [14 May 1990]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  11. But don't call it a dramedy. No, the great trick of Rescue Me is that it's the saddest drama on television at which you possibly will laugh at. Some also would call it the best. [13 June 2007, p.C1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  12. In addition to good direction, "Will & Grace" has the attractive cast and snappy writing that most comedies never have the luck or skill to achieve. [18 Sep 1998]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  13. "Futurama" is smart but not pointy-headed, satirical but not annoying. It's the hallmark of Groening and his people: sly, subversive humor delivered with such who-me? guiltlessness that it's hard not to like. [26 Mar 1999]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  14. "EZ Streets" has great ensemble acting from a formidable cast. It has an attractive balance of conflict and humor. And it's that uncommon cop show that makes the bad guys more than cutout caricatures. [25 Oct 1996]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  15. In the wrong hands, it would be hopelessly hokey. In Kelley's hands, it's hokey and somehow meaningful, thanks mainly to his deft writing touch. [8 Sep 1997]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  16. One of many shows plumbing the "growing-up" experience this season, Roswell is easily one of the best. And producer Jason Katims, who never got a chance to fully examine new love in ABC's "Relativity," should get plenty of time from The WB to use "Roswell" as a captivating way to explore young people's notions of differentness, romance and loyalty. [6 Oct 1999, p.E9]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  17. Real and relatable, "Chris" may be the best new comedy of a season filled with sitcoms worth viewing.
  18. As hilariously scalding onscreen as it is on the daily comics pages.
  19. What begins as the usual artistic season premiere shivers and sways with unexpected jolts, one of which irrevocably changes the course and feel of the series. Everything blurs, and nothing, and no one, seems true.
  20. The agile humor and light, sharp intelligence permeating the script make "Studio 60" far and away one of the season's best new dramas, if not the top entry.
  21. More than simply being outstanding, "Friday Night Lights" is an important series because of the way it takes family-friendly television seriously.
  22. In a fall season full of lofty recommendations and solid, well-made pilots, it's the only series truly worth getting excited about.
  23. More relevant and biting than it has ever been.
  24. Few stars can write and play a kicked-in-the-mouth underdog as smartly as Gervais does here.
  25. It demands commitment and a willingness to pay attention to the smallest bits of information, but it's also riveting. Once you decide to go take this case, you won't want to turn back.
  26. Besides being the funniest pilot, it has the best cast.
  27. The fans, no doubt, will be content with the conclusion of the brutal street politics--usually the best aspect of each season--as we witness a brilliantly stormy resolution of the unrest between Proposition Joe (Robert F. Chew), Marlo Stanfield (Jamie Hector), who continues to expand his power, and the charismatic, elegant brute Omar Little (Michael K. Williams), a murderous thief worth cherishing.
  28. As pilot episodes go, this one is about as polished as they get. From the main players - Treat Williams, Gregory Smith, Vivien Cardone - to the supporting cast, Everwood crackles with humor, presence and authenticity (even if Alberta stands in for Colorado in the pilot and Utah will do the honors subsequently). [16 Sept 2002, p.E1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  29. Peter Krause, Josh Charles, Felicity Huffman, Robert Guillaume and a marvelous pack of supporting players lend a palpable pulse to the most stylishly produced workplace/relationship series to arrive in some time...Though packaged like a comedy, "Sports Night" isn't always funny. It's just seriously good TV. Sign up for season tickets. [22 Sept 1998, p.E1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  30. Arrested Development has been hyped to the clouds in a number of ads, all piling on critical encomiums from all over the country. This time they're telling the truth. [31 Oct 2003, p.E1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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