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86 tv reviews
  1. Both Paulson and Vance are Emmy-worthy. The miniseries is, too, primarily because it makes us care about a story that once seemed impossible to escape.
  2. While there are far too few Veep episodes each season, the ones that begin this, the sixth, are jewels to treasure. Unimpeachable, Veep remains the best comedy on television. Now, more than ever.
  3. Because Louis C.K. does everything but hand-deliver the series to the network (and maybe he does that, too), it’s entirely his vision. That’s something few hyphenates get a chance to reveal. Here, though, it resonates.
  4. Like Behind the Candelabra, its action isn’t measured in car chases and explosions. It’s charted in the lives it touches.
  5. The Night Manager is easily the best miniseries of the year--in a year packed with monumental ones. Hiddleston, Laurie and Bier aren’t just adding another credit to their resumes. They’re part of a series that’s quite likely a game changer.
  6. Tossing Meyer into the election fray was a great idea, particularly since it gets away from the well-worn path she strutted last season. Now, out of her comfort zone, she’s bobbing and weaving with the best of them.
  7. Kohen, basing her series on Piper Kerman's memoir, immediately gives us characters worth watching.... Orange is the New Black is TV that'll have you talking for days.
  8. At times, True Detective just seems like an overlong episode of a standard television series. But the flashbacks and flash forwards give it heft and let Fukunaga push the actors.
  9. It’s involving--and just the series to keep your mind off the snow that's lurking. Fargo's still a prime TV destination.
  10. Although it’s two hours long, Going Clear speeds by.... Mesmerizing? If you’ve had even a passing interest in Scientology, Going Clear will fascinate in ways you never thought possible.
  11. Tyson's so perfectly cast, perfectly directed and perfected nuanced, Bountiful overflows with the kind of goodness we rarely find in TV movies.
  12. Sunday’s premiere provides the border and key pieces to the oh-so-attractive world that is Mad Men.
  13. It’s violent in ways you wouldn’t think; daring in areas you couldn’t imagine. It’s not your mother’s Fargo. But it does have the characteristics you’ve come to cherish.
  14. Murphy gives his eight-part series a lush old Hollywood look and lets both Lange and Sarandon have fun recreating the quirks that made the actresses so memorable. While Sarandon is a dead ringer for Davis, Lange has to work harder to find the outsized Crawford. Both are ably abetted by a host of actors as recognizable names.
  15. Downton Abbey seems just as fresh as it did five years ago.
  16. Wackier than the last outing, Season Three has a moment in the first episode that is both hilarious and appalling.
  17. A compelling look at the 1963 March on Washington for civil rights.
  18. It's probably one of the most original ideas television has produced in years. The reason? It's so quirky, it zags where others would zig. It also has that loopy sensibility that comes from a vivid imagination.
  19. It’s a fascinating documentary that’ll make you want to devour it all, no matter where you start.
  20. The new season has plenty of surprises (couples aren’t who you think they are), a reality check for Marnie and a nice showcase for Rannells.
  21. The Duffers captured the vibe quite nicely, tell a story that doesn’t seem watered down and emerge with a series that could be the summer’s equivalent of a large popcorn with plenty of butter and a kidney-busting keg of Coke.
  22. In Hollywood, it may be business as usual. But in Episodes, it’s fodder for great comedy.
  23. Masters of Sex is highly watchable, not fact. If you understand that, you’re going to enjoy it much more.
  24. It’s very much another desperate man in a desperate situation. Whether he’ll emerge better than Walter White is anyone’s guess. Dubuque, however, makes the journey just as intriguing.
  25. Vice Principals is as profane and outrageous as HBO comedies get. Once you realize where this is headed, you’ll want to stay after school just to see how it all plays out.
  26. Writer Jane Anderson, cherry-picked four chapters and crafted them into a telling character study that covers 25 years of story.
  27. Smart, funny and utterly intriguing, it sucks us in better than any procedural with an four-letter acronym.
  28. This Bates Motel requires more than just a one-night stay. Once you slip in you may not want to check out.
  29. On first blush, Deception is smart, stylish and involving. In time, it could drift. But, for now, enjoy the kind of storytelling that gives its core cast something interesting--and watchable--to do.
  30. While newcomers may wonder why so much is made of so little, they can’t deny the delicious one-liners Fellowes has written. Coupled with a driving score, Downton Abbey moves--in ways you never thought possible. It's good to see it back.

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