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1,478 movie reviews
  1. This is a rhythmless, stupefying work. A person with no discernible pulse ought not to be directing a movie about disco.
  2. Much of K-Pax consists of Spacey grinning like Stevie Wonder behind sunglasses, -- taking dippy steps, and bobbing his head as if attached to an invisible Walkman.
  3. When a movie wrenches you with the deaths of children then leaves you with nothing to take home but your confusion, it can make you thirsty for the blood of directors.
  4. It's another dumb vengeance picture -- "In the Bedroom" for meatheads.
  5. This is an extraordinary -- and unfathomable -- piece of whitewashing: a true snow job.
  6. At times the movie's crudeness has an eerie beauty, but the musical fantasies are a bewildering hash, and the protracted climax on death row is nearly unendurable.
  7. It's like a memorial service with killer special effects.
  8. The performances are so terrible that it's hard to know whether Cronenberg wants to signal that much of what we're seeing isn't "real" or he has just forgotten how to write for hemoglobular flesh vessels--i.e., human beings.
  9. Psychologically thin, artistically flabby, and symbolically opaque.
  10. An affectless piece of moviemaking.
  11. This mad prophet says it will die in a week.
  12. A melodrama in which the clichés prove more lethal than the bullets.
  13. There's no dramatic trajectory here at all.
  14. So sniggeringly one-sided that the picture has no tension.
  15. The Hong Kong vet director, Ronny Yu, did a bang-up job in 1998 with "Bride of Chucky," but he can't do much for this one except keep it moving, light it scarily, and pump that plasma.
  16. It underscores the gruesome legacy of Saturday Night Live in American movies...They haven't liberated screen comedy, they've left it neutered--or, should I say, Spade.
  17. At least Kudrow won't get the blame for Marci X: What really sinks the movie is Wayans.
  18. Bizarrely depressing.
  19. Excruciatingly bad...Probably if Redux hadn't been acclaimed as a newly minted masterpiece, I wouldn't have felt so compelled to blow raspberries.
  20. The filmmakers have separated themselves from all the emotions of filmmaking except anger.
  21. I'm genuinely of two minds about the picture. I want to say it's subtle, but I also want to say it's heavy-handed. I want to say it's incisive, but I have too many problems with its psychological elisions to let it off the hook.
  22. It's a mystery how such a hodgepodge, at once incoherent and overfamiliar, could have come together on screen.
  23. The final illuminations (people have demons, a mind is a terrible thing to lose) are a poor return on nearly two hours of ear-buckling, eye-stabbing incoherence.
  24. A somnolent load of wank.
  25. Monumentally unimaginative. Thumbs down!
  26. Schrader is like a reformed addict who isn't even honest enough to show what once gave him pleasure. He's the most dangerous kind of crusader. In Auto Focus, he makes you hate sex and movies equally.
  27. As messy and flat-footed as its predecessor is nimble and shapely. It's an ugly, bloated, repetitive movie that builds to a punch line that should have come an hour earlier (at least).
  28. Ends up leaving you starved for a single moment of unhyped emotion. You can barely see the characters for Luhrmann screaming.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    2 Fast 2 Furious is just 2 lame, 2 tame, and 2 much like a video game.
  29. And you wait--and wait--for the magic of movies.

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