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  1. Provocative, hammy, absurd, and irresistible—so far. ... [But] Boston Legal would do well to limit the narrative hocus-pocus and concentrate on its strength—the chemistry between the two fine main actors.
  2. If Lucious and Cookie and Jamal’s dynamics seem unique and complex, other parts of the show are messy and flat.... Generally speaking, the arc of the soap opera is long, and it bends toward insanity. But, one episode in, Empire feels insane in exactly the right measure.
  3. Humor, terror, sex, death, camp, karaoke: No show on television has all these ingredients but American Horror Story.
  4. Girlfriends’ Guide, loosely based on the series of books by Vicki Iovine, is, like most of Bravo’s shows, extremely entertaining, the TV equivalent of a great beach read.
  5. We like to fantasize, every now and then, about rich people looking good while behaving badly. That kind of escapism will never go out of business, and Gossip Girl delivers it in of-the-moment fashion.
  6. In the early episodes, all the clatter and the clutter shut out what’s good about the show: Zeke, his devotion to Shao, and his adorable romance with Mylene. The first episode, with a run time of close to an hour and a half, is almost unwatchable. But the show improves from there, sloughing off side characters and gaining momentum.
  7. There is so much original programming out there that famous names, shiny plots, and a solid twist may be enough to keep a show from getting trampled, but they are not enough to keep it from getting lost in the fray--especially when a show, as with 11.22.63, is awkward and flat, never matching the promise of its premise.
  8. It is a show about a high-school superheroine--a Catwoman without the camp or the S&M gear--and it enables longtime fans of the subgenre to watch with pride as their children digest its venerable tropes for only the fourth or fifth time.
  9. At this point, its plot development feels as ruthlessly competent as its characters. It’s not revelatory, but it’s also much better than most shows in their sixth seasons can claim to be.
  10. When the show works as a comedy--which it does at about a 30-70 ratio--it’s all about an accumulation of silliness, delivered with a straight and yearning face, rather than clear-eyed observation.... But a comedy that inspires more pathos than laughter isn't necessarily failed. It just might be mislabeled.
  11. Alpha House is about men caught up in a crazy-making system; even with all of its concrete details, that means it feels very similar to the (for now) much funnier Veep.... Alpha House may be Amazon’s first original program, but it doesn’t feel all that original.
  12. Each of them rolls the creative process, the finished work, and her public performance as an artist into an eager consumer package. They're all operators with soundbites on line one.
  13. It has languid pacing and an earnest streak about religious devotion. This streak, with its provocative but often specious and unchallenged ideas about celebrity and religiosity, fame and faith, are the only unintentionally risible aspects of the series.
  14. Pan Am's easy whirl fits the bill, when its chatter is snappy and also when it's not.
  15. The Pitch is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of salesmanship.
  16. No one element of this show feels original, and yet I would totally watch more, even if just to peep at the sleek futuristic garbage cans again.
  17. Riverdale, an enjoyable and moody teen series for adults who love teen series, a group of which I consider myself a member, is a fascinating splash in the ongoing remake deluge.
  18. Ms. Q's Nikita is only half so crush-worthy as Bionic Woman's Jaime Sommers or Dollhouse's what's-her-name, but her predicament is no less tasty.
  19. Tara doesn't yet show the same emotional depth as Juno--not in its first four episodes, at least--but if you have the fortitude to make it through the tonal assault of its first 10 minutes, then you'll get to see some recognizable human feeling seep up through the wisecracks.
  20. There is--beneath the stale crust of the new Beavis and Butt-head, baked in with the program's existential outlook--a special grimness.
  21. It borrows indiscriminately from hazy magic realism, sketch-show Dada, and underground-comics allegory according to alternating whim. If you don't give a hoot about such logistical issues--and if you're willing to forgive the half-hearted crudity that fills the space between good crude jokes and the bizarro non-jokes-then you have come to the right place.
  22. I Am Cait is a respectable TV show with noble motives that easily evades my worst anxieties for it. And in doing so, it slams into what I never, ever could have imagined for it: dullness.
  23. The show relied heavily on pre-taped sketches: First came an overlong, cameo-heavy bit about Corden’s unlikely path to the late-night lineup.... Corden bears an odd resemblance to a golden retriever—friendly, approachable, and desperately eager to please.
  24. Though she isn't quite a credible character, she's a thoroughly fun one, for which much credit is due to the actress's steady subtlety and elastic wit.
  25. Too Big To Fail adapted by director Curtis Hanson and screenwriter Peter Gould from a book by journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, is a decent movie with a stellar title.
  26. A middling documentary about a major actor-director-buffoon.
  27. Watching these post-Lost sci-fi-mytho-mystery series, you also watch yourself watching, and the thrill of alertness passes for decent entertainment even when other pleasures are in short supply. When Sean returned from a day trip to find that his girlfriend had vanished as if redacted from the file of life, I was kind of glad to see her gone. With her murky disappearance out of the way, we were on our way to achieving clarity-or at least toward failing to achieve it.
  28. Better Off Ted, which feels more devoted to establishing its cool than earning some laughs, is hardly so bad to deserve a bleh from halfway-discerning viewers. Eh or meh would be closer to the mark.
  29. Indeed, if the show is to have the symbolic import that we expect from a science-fiction story, this is the only possible way to read V as a coherent text. The only problem with this analysis lies in its generous presupposition that the text is, in fact, coherent.
  30. This HBO original [is] clean and smart and dull.

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