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  1. There Be Dragons is tethered to the earth by a tangled plot, wooden acting and the heavy burden of healing old wounds.
  2. This is a brutal and stupid movie.
  3. Whose story is this? There’s an old saying that history is written by the winners. The screenplay for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies must have been written by elves.
  4. In a small role as a self-absorbed film producer, Mark Wahlberg is touchingly effective.
  5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is supposed to promote healing, but as they say in New York: close, but no cigar.
  6. An ambitious movie, but ultimately there’s too much “artificial” and not enough “intelligence.”
  7. Third Person doesn’t lack for ambition, and it’s nice to see Neeson in the kind of role that he excelled at before he morphed into an action star.
  8. Austenland is as frustrating as a blind date with Almost Mr. Right. It’s impossible not to fixate on how close this was to being a lot of fun.
  9. Further proof that likable actors have to take an occasional sick day.
  10. Strives to be entertaining, but for much of its run time it is so emotionally uninvolving that even the smallest children might find themselves bored.
  11. Fans of the franchise will greet Les Misérables as a feast for the senses, but the rest of us are left with crumbs.
  12. Yet if you’re old enough to read this and you find yourself at a screening, try thinking about the munchkins who worked so hard on the psychedelic scenery.
  13. The film is constructed from four flimsy vignettes that are artlessly overlapped.
  14. Megamind falls flat.
  15. Squeezes plenty of color and noise from a thin concept, then runs with it until non-fanatics can’t keep up.
  16. The derivative script and skimpy effects don’t convey either the power or the problems of being a young witch.
  17. A faithful remake of RoboCop would be timely. Instead, the producers of this new version have retreated back to the lab, concocting a creaky hybrid of “Frankenstein” and “Call of Duty.”
  18. This shrill caper is more like a blind date between fingernail and chalkboard.
  19. Hallstrom (“Chocolat”) makes the mishmash palatable, and romance mainstay Duhamel provides some sweet-and-salty charm, but there’s not much they can do with Sparks’ canned dialogue and Hough’s undercooked acting.
  20. More scenic than scary.
  21. Count Black Nativity as a more noble than notable effort.
  22. Closed Circuit is not a tense thriller about the new era of surveillance — it's a tepid thriller about the old notion that no leader can be trusted.
  23. Terminator Salvation is a tale told idiotically, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  24. If you don’t crave the taste of motor oil on your popcorn, Furious 7 can’t end fast enough.
  25. You ought to have a movie that's both smart and sexy. But Jennifer's Body is neither. Most damning of all, it's not scary.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    This movie is Denzel Washington stopping a speeding train devoid of subtext, blunders and earth-shattering revelations about the human condition. It is precisely as entertaining as it sounds; no more, no less.
  26. The film is flat and lazy, and the audio mix is so low it sounds as if the audience is barely laughing. His cable comedy specials have better production values.
  27. Rooted in empty materialism, but it never evokes the heady rush of a guilty pleasure or the precipitous payback of a thriller.
  28. a horrific misstep in the branding of Robert Pattinson. The erstwhile teen vampire, who daringly portrayed gay surrealist Salvador Dalí in last year's "Little Ashes," lurches backward into a pile of romantic rubbish.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    "Star Trek V'' begins and ends well, but is something of a muddle in the middle. [9 June 1989]
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