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  1. This is epic cinema that begs to be compared to "2001: A Space Odyssey." But unlike Stanley Kubrick's psychedelic joyride, this journey is powered by a human heart.
  2. Yes, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is often hard to follow, perhaps overestimating the audience's ability to keep track of what's going on and why. But it's a well-crafted film that wears its old-fashionedness with pride.
  3. The tonal shifts, the "Amelie"-style voiceover and the punk-retro soundtrack may jar some viewers who expect uninterrupted violins, but Declaration of War is alternative therapy that really works.
  4. With Top Five, Rock has finally made the transition to true movie stardom.
  5. Refusing to hold our hands, director Lynne Ramsay ("Morvern Callar") pushes far beyond the boundaries of topical drama into the realm of the surreal.
  6. Written and directed by Matt Ross — who is perhaps best known for his role as Alby on the HBO series “Big Love” — the film raises questions not only about what it means to be a responsible parent but also about what constitutes a meaningful life.
  7. The film isn't quite as edgy as Fincher's best work - "Seven," "Fight Club" and "Zodiac" are masterpieces of modern angst. But the director brings a fresh eye to what might easily have been an unnecessary rehash of the 2009 Swedish adaptation.
  8. As original and risk-taking as its subject, Steve Jobs will make you think differently about an American icon.
  9. Shares the magical appeal of the “Harry Potter” movies, which should come as no surprise.
  10. A brainy bio that exerts a gravitational pull on the heartstrings.
  11. Before it turns into a great escape flick, Argo is an amusing spoof of the movie biz.
  12. A beautifully realized drama that gets to the essence of what it's like to be young, confused and in love.
  13. Ultimately Skyfall is rooted in tradition - and in British soil. A pastoral drive to Bond's boyhood home (in a kind of car that will delight purists) opens the gates to some psychological background, and given the true-love subtext of "Casino Royale," it's not surprising that there's an emotional payoff here.
  14. The tale of Jake and his pals is something of a time capsule — and the kind of film from which sociologists decades from now might glean extremely useful information about American culture.
  15. It sustains a palpable fatalism in such recurring details as a whirring buzz saw and the cry of a loon, while the static camera and lack of musical cues enable some unforeseeable plot twists.
  16. Although Precious is based on a novel, it's an act of truth-telling on behalf of a character in hellish enslavement.
  17. The richly constructed first hour is so superior to any feat of sci-fi speculation since "Minority Report" that the bland aftertaste of the chase finale is quickly forgotten.
  18. When the two men compare impersonations of Michael Caine or Sean Connery, Brydon's version is always slightly better - and Coogan knows it.
  19. An art-history lesson and a spiritual exercise disguised as a movie.
  20. This meta movie even has fun with faulty translations between French and English. To paraphrase Gemma as she conjugates verbs on the treadmill, “J’ai adorée.”
  21. If you don’t know the true story, we won’t spoil it for you except to say that it’s not the expected outcome. But if you’re willing to be thrown for a loop, you’re in good hands with this medal-worthy cast and crew.
  22. An artfully observant and unexpectedly moving documentary.
  23. With a stellar cast and seductive look, Ex Machina is a sleek contraption for capturing our imagination.
  24. A movie that will be discovered, embraced and shared with friends like a favorite record album.
  25. The Illusionist has surprises up its sleeve that are unusually nuanced for an animated movie.
  26. There's a running joke that this epic of also-ran heroism is set in eternally modest Toronto; but its real locale is an alternate universe without parents or the unhip.
  27. Unhurried in its storytelling but unshakable in its impact.
  28. This humane movie is an ode to joy, albeit of the mature sort.
  29. It's a wholly successful sequel - audacious, entertaining and bracingly pertinent.
  30. With its exploded notions of heroism, torture-rack dramatics and kamikaze gusto, it's a fiendishly entertaining flick.

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