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  1. A flawed but intriguing new chapter in animation.
  2. Joe
    While Green is force-feeding us this hard-boiled hokum, he doesn’t distract us with many memorable images, as he did in his earliest films.
  3. The best excuse for watching The Gunman is Penn. His first mainstream leading role in a decade is worthy of comparisons to Matt Damon in the “Bourne” movies; yet it’s also disappointingly shorn of the humor and humanity of which this great actor is capable.
  4. Hit and Run isn't a catastrophe, but it leaves loose ends and a more adventurous map by the side of the winding road.
  5. The difference between McKay and Efron is like the difference between a Broadway spectacular and a high school musical.
  6. With a deadly slow beginning and an unnecessary overload of special effects, this sequel is incredibly average, doubling the number of explosions and cinematic tricks, but cutting back on story, plot and characters. [24 May 2000, p.E4]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  7. Like the first movie The Purge: Anarchy, is trash masking as social commentary, and its depiction of unrelenting, sanctioned violence can be hard to stomach.
  8. This topsy-turvy flick is fitfully funny, but more often it's just odd, like the first draft of a "Twilight Zone" episode that's missing its moral.
  9. The plot is murky, the acting is melodramatic and the movie is way too long, but the target audience will salivate over the inventively choreographed set-pieces.
  10. A colorful indictment of corporate infestation, but it's missing a prescription.
  11. If you'd pay to see a film called "Hotel Rwanda: Maniac Manager," you might be receptive to this mixed-message movie, but skeptics should keep one eye on the exit.
  12. With its seductive images and smart dialogue, The City of Your Final Destination has the setting and circumstances for a ripe family drama or a literary love story, yet it never awakens from its siesta.
  13. Like an acquaintance couple's baby pictures, Friends With Kids induces coos but isn't as cute as they think.
  14. This true story fills a needed niche, spotlighting women's basketball in the era before Title IX promoted equal treatment.
  15. Penn has created a colorful tour guide, but in This Must Be the Place, there's no there there.
  16. Happy, Happy has the makings of a Norwegian "Ice Storm," but it goes out with a whimper.
  17. There's little that's new, revealing or stylish about this basic-black horror story, but if you've got a Goth sensibility, it might suit you.
  18. If you haven't seen a wasting disease in real life, you might think Restless is romantic. If you have, you might diagnose it as terminally cute.
  19. Toast is lovely to look at, evoking both the gray-green milieu of Midlands life and the sensuality of good food, but it's like a whipped topping with no base.
  20. Canadian director Denis Villaneuve knows how to stoke a hot debate about the legacy of violence. But in this case, where there's smoke, there's not enough air.
  21. Compared to other Marvel characters, Thor is a difficult sell.
  22. Although the film begins promisingly, it proves to be little more than a soap opera.
  23. It's a compelling tale of surf and survival.
  24. Easy to watch but hard to pin down, like a creature with eight legs going in different directions.
  25. There’s a lot of comic and fantasy potential here, but much of it gets squandered.
  26. The Bay is better than a shallow exercise, but crabby horror fans may have preferred that Levinson took a real plunge.
  27. This true-ish story adds a romantic subplot to the prosecution of Japanese war criminals by American general Douglas MacArthur, but neither the love nor the war are completely baked.
  28. Good but not-good-enough schlocker.
  29. Christopher Nolan's "Memento" was a movie-lover's dream come true, a puzzle that was engaging both intellectually and emotionally. But his Inception is a wake-up call, a blaring reminder that cheap tricks can't compensate for personal investment.
  30. Home delivers like a mailman on Valentine’s Day. But when we scratch beneath the sugary surface, there’s something tart inside that’s difficult to digest.

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