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  1. While we await the definitive documentary about the glut of garbage, Waste Land reduces this global catastrophe to touchingly human scale.
  2. Of all the films to come out the conflict, Afghan Star is the most provocative, because its message that people are essentially the same is a dubious, double-edge sword.
  3. Perhaps best known for the HBO series “Sex and the City,” Nixon deftly balances wit and melancholy. And Ehle is empathy personified. This is a film of subtle beauty.
  4. One of Pixar’s most charming achievements.
  5. There’s less a sense of hitting plot points than of capturing life on the fly, and Mendelsohn and Reynolds ride that vibe brilliantly.
  6. Iowa-native Gurira has had roles in TV’s “Treme” and “The Walking Dead,” but Mother of George should be the birth of a brilliant film career.
  7. In recording the timeless traditions of Jewry, he created a new one: the identity crisis that rides on the back of laughter.
  8. The success of the three, separately screened films -- the first set in 1974, the second in 1980 and the concluding segment in 1983 -- depends not on their specifics, but on their ability to sustain an atmosphere that's appropriate to the dark but haunting story.
  9. Chi-Raq is a mess — tonally inconsistent, overbearing in its earnestness and badly in need of editing. But it’s also director Spike Lee’s most passionate film since “25th Hour” (2002).
  10. About the only shocking thing about Personal Shopper is its perverse lack of thrills.
  11. As an exercise in craft, it's surprisingly successful, thanks to the strong cast and the vivid depiction of a modern leader's security apparatus. But as a political statement or personal drama, The Ghost Writer is nearly invisible.
  12. The vocal performances are spot-on, with Murray a standout as the slyly manipulative but ultimately courageous Baloo.
  13. Only an artist at the midpoint between the maypole and maturity could concoct a comedy as potent as While We’re Young.
  14. One of the best films of the year.
  15. In a movie of murky surfaces and deep loneliness, the redemptive surprise of A Single Man is how it becomes a clear endorsement of the Buddy System.
  16. The Messenger is the debut film of writer and director Oren Moverman, but it's worldly wise, with two well-rounded characters.
  17. An ideal showcase for Tomlin, who brings to the film a winning blend of contrariness and effervescence.
  18. Mostly the movie is about process and perspective. Through the documentary lens, Richter's enigmatic paintings speak to us.
  19. Gleeson is great as the troubled, conscientious priest, but until an abruptly shocking finale, his fatalism turns the ticking clock into a congested hourglass.
  20. Just when this black-and-white, microbudget movie seems poised to spring an indictment of the Dickensian social order, it ends, but in a redemptive ray of color.
  21. The Immigrant is not unlike a Prohibition-era “Taxi Driver,” with Cotillard as the apprentice hooker, Phoenix as the sweet-talking pimp and Jeremy Renner (playing the theater’s magician, Orlando) as the would-be savior.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    One of the pleasures of Edge of Seventeen is it makes you nostalgic for high school yet so relieved it’s over.
  22. Logan isn’t the typical superhero flick. It’s more like a Western, with Jackman turning in a performance that’s reminiscent of Clint Eastwood in his Man With No Name days.
  23. An artfully observant and unexpectedly moving documentary.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    While Career Girls has an overall somber tone, it is sparked by Leigh's humor and the actresses' - particularly Hannah's - verbal quickness... While the film may not be very satisfying to viewers, it is intriguing to watch Leigh's work and to see the women's characters develop. [22 Aug. 1997, p.6E]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  24. Cunningham's answers to pointed questions about romantic love and religious faith are so open-hearted, we understand that he's bigger than just New York.
  25. Broken Embraces is stylish and sly, an engaging exercise that gives us less than meets the eye.
  26. A sophisticated comedy about New Yorkers who might easily be mistaken for characters in a Woody Allen movie.
  27. The film is so masterfully controlled, we feel like we’ve eavesdropped on something like life.
  28. Despite accusations of nearly succumbing to spotlighting beefs over beats, the film comes off as an honest representation of a great group that's not to be forgotten.

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