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324 tv reviews
  1. Be assured that National Treasure (rated TV-MA, mainly for its subject matter) pays off in every way a British crime drama can pay off. Plus, accents are unusually easy on the American ear.
  2. The structure of Big Little Lies, virtually identical to that of the novel, makes getting into it a chore. ... Gorgeously shot, neatly directed and beautifully acted from start to finish, Big Little Lies is an achievement in almost every way.
  3. After its overwrought pilot, Doubt could settle into being a perfectly watchable show for fans of the genre. The jury, however, remains out.
  4. The murky and unnecessary string of overwrought mysteries makes it sadly skippable.
  5. In the early going, APB is as generic as its title, failing to give us characters or stories that feel remotely realistic.
  6. These days, it’s hard to be too certain about anything, but 24 is reassuringly still the series it always has been.
  7. Even if you barely understand a thing that’s going on (and be patient; chances are you will), Legion is a joy to watch, surreal and beautiful, with as many funny asides as frightening moments.
  8. The twists that follow are many, and to reveal even one would be giving away too much. But be assured that The Witness for the Prosecution is fascinating, maddening and ultimately heartbreaking.
  9. A dark (can I say "dark" enough here?) teen soap more in the vein of "Pretty Little Liars" than a comic book come to life.
  10. Lemony Snicket is dark and funny, campy and whimsical.
  11. Sneaky Pete is less weird [than Netflix's "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"] but still wonderful.
  12. The plotting is goofy, the tone is relentlessly dark and the pacing is excruciatingly slow. Worst, the characters are hard to care about.
  13. Yes, One Day at a Time is old-school enough to shoot live, with multiple cameras, but it's not one of those joke-punchline sitcoms in which everyone pauses while the audience cheers. Instead, we feel as if we're watching real people, who may fight noisily but come back together out of love.
  14. The musical numbers are the best part of Star, and all three of the young leads seem to have singing talent as well as fresh faces. ... The negative to that is that none of the three is much of an actress, and their weak performances can't give the show the weight or momentum it needs. Awkward dialogue and cliched plots are additional problems.
  15. There was a lot to enjoy, but also so many wrong-headed choices as to make viewers sometimes wonder exactly why we were bothering.
  16. The movie doesn't always take itself seriously. ... But with its dual messages of "hold your families close" and "always be kind," Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love is ultimately as sweet as the Whitman's Sampler the Parton kids get to dive into.
  17. Shooter isn't badly done. Some of the dialogue is cheesy ("Your country needs you"), and characters feel like cardboard cutouts. But Phillippe is sympathetic enough, and there is real tension throughout, with an exciting (if not exactly shocking) twist at the end of the premiere. The problem is that Shooter doesn't feel like the right show for our times, which are already tense enough.
  18. Good Behavior is both a caper drama and a dark romance, and Dockery and Botto sizzle together.
  19. The format is ambitious, and if some parts don’t entirely work, there’s still a lot to like and learn in Mars.
  20. The Crown is as beautifully filmed as could be, with scenes in Malta and Kenya as well as Balmoral in Scotland. The costuming is meticulous, as is the choreography of everything from dressing to mealtime to a train trip. Deliberate pacing (naysayers might say slow) allows time to appreciate all this.
  21. The script is assembled from cliches, some so hokey the actors seem to have trouble keeping straight faces. The plot rarely holds together, and the technology is more new age (a real-life "Vulcan mind meld"?) than cutting age. Worst of all, both Prew and Mulroney are horribly miscast, and neither is a satisfactory entry point into the drama.
  22. The Great Indoors would benefit from better writing, of course.
  23. Good Girls Revolt is lively fun, telling an important story via young women who could be characters in a “Sex and the City”-ish dramedy.
  24. It's dark and funny and appalling and sad and silly, and very much its own thing.
  25. Think of this, maybe, as a "Glee" version of "Rocky Horror." The musical numbers range from entertaining ("Time Warp" gets a big, loud production) to fine. The pretty young cast struggles with the tone, except for Justice, who takes her role so seriously, she seems to be in a different movie.
  26. A series like Chance seems natural for binge watching, and that makes Hulu's strategy of releasing episodes week by week, just like on television, seem frustrating. Fans of psychological thrillers, though, are likely to find Chance worth the wait.
  27. This sunny and touching yarn feels like just what we need in these angst-ridden days.
  28. Everything about Insecure, though, is not just palatable but completely charming, thanks to Rae’s relatable honesty and irrepressible humor.
  29. Divorce in the early going is not just dark but also slow and mopey--sometimes downright depressing.
  30. No Tomorrow is a lovely hour, with romance, humor and serious moments along the way. The characters are appealing, and if the world really were ending in 8 months (it's not, is it?), this still wouldn't be a bad way to spend some time.

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