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  1. Instead of expanding it, in the stage-to-screen tradition, screenwriter-director Richard Eyre (“The Hollow Crown”) chooses to close it in, setting it entirely in the theater and reverting, he says, to the original Ronald Harwood play. That makes The Dresser both claustrophobic and sometimes numbingly talky, especially given the fast pace of the chatter and the range of accents. This can all be a struggle for American viewers, but persist and the result should prove worth it.
  2. Sneaky Pete is less weird [than Netflix's "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"] but still wonderful.
  3. A quieter start to Season 3 feels welcome but never flat.
  4. Lemony Snicket is dark and funny, campy and whimsical.
  5. The plot runs from dark to darker. But there are also flashes of humor, and the Byrdes are well-developed as characters from the beginning. Their plight, and the path they find themselves on, is twisty enough to hold interest, but laid out clearly enough to keep viewers from feeling hopelessly lost.
  6. UnREAL is clearly exaggerated for shock value, but it somehow feels more true to life than those "happily ever after" love stories the originals serve up.
  7. Fear the Walking Dead is heavy on spooky atmosphere and light on zombies (they’ll be known as “infected,” not walkers, we’re told) in the early going.
  8. It isn't for everyone, but Outcast is likely to satisfy fans of horror done well.
  9. The world is ending. How funny is that? Pretty darn funny, at least as depicted in You, Me and the Apocalypse, a British import making its U.S. debut.
  10. A classic buddy dramedy about mismatched people forced to work together, Battle Creek is fast-paced and clever.
  11. Is there enough plot on which to build an ongoing series, or just a fun movie? The fact that it’s different and ambitious, though, already makes Last Man more interesting than many new shows.
  12. The moments in which Monaghan interacts with people who don't quite understand him are among the most charming.
  13. Summer will be a lot more entertaining than it might have been otherwise.
  14. Designated Survivor [is] a lot of shows in one, but in the early going at least, they are all ones to watch.
  15. Shocking and fascinating, Harlots will keep you watching not for the sex and nudity but for the women trying not to sell their souls along with their bodies.
  16. The second season of HBO's Deadwood gets off to such a sluggish start that fans can be forgiven if -- like saloon boss Al Swearengen -- they worry that change is coming all too fast to the raw, lawless Western town. [6 Mar 2005, p.F03]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  17. Atmospheric, showing a side of Italy no travelogue would touch, Gomorrah is also fast-paced, covering so much ground in two episodes provided for preview that most series would already be over.
  18. The Honorable Woman is intriguing from the start, but almost in spite of itself, as everyone seems to have a dark secret and nothing is what it seems.
  19. The big family doesn’t quite sort itself out in the first two episodes, with a second airing Wednesday.
  20. Red Band Society, although sometimes sappy, isn't sad or dreary.
  21. Kaling is happy to make fun of herself to get a laugh, and her most painful scenes are some of the most amusing in The Mindy Project, which is far from perfect but still one of the top prospects among new fall comedies.
  22. We see the orchestra and its egos through [new oboe player Hailey's (Lola Kirke)] sometimes incredulous eyes.... Mozart in the Jungle” made me laugh, although I have no idea whether it will make musicians or insiders with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra crack a smile.
  23. This new Time After Time, charming and engaging, does the very best thing it could do: It respects (and doesn’t ruin) the movie.
  24. It’s also a lot of fun, lively and fast-paced, with comedy, tragedy, action and history, just as audiences of 1589, and today, demand.
  25. If The A Word sounds dark and depressing, it isn't. Joe's autism is the central plot point, but this is also a messy soap opera about a family that's always butting heads.
  26. Hannibal is good. Terrifyingly good.
  27. “My Struggle” is, at best, clunky.... Anyone who loved the original has much better news coming on Monday, when the second of the six new episodes airs.... Better still is Episode 3.
  28. A sweet little show, low key and more smile-worthy than hilarious.
  29. We've seen that countless times. But Sunjata and Tveit are both appealing, and the rest of the cast is colorfully eclectic, including Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie, a DEA agent undercover as a druggie.
  30. Action is nicely balanced with sense of humor, and characters (most of whom have been seen in other contexts, including "Arrow" and "The Flash") are developed well from the beginning.

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