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  1. It’s a perfect vehicle for Driver, who endearingly captures the hangdog humility of his character. It’s a portrayal that might encourage more people to write poetry. And as the quirky but cheerful Laura, Farahani is just right.
  2. Her
    Her may be the most technologically astute movie since Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: a Space Odyssey.” And as the friendly ghost in the machine, Samantha is a more inviting companion for the great leap forward than HAL9000 could ever dream of being.
  3. Winter's Bone is the best film of the year.
  4. A stark, contemplative and hauntingly brilliant film.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    This is a strange, sweet movie, one that takes awhile to unfold but eventually becomes irresistible. [4 Mar 1994, p.3F]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  5. A comedy of discomfort -- and one of their (Coen brothers) best, most insightful and most provocative films.
  6. At its heart, Carol deals with the rules that society imposes on individuals, and the courage necessary to throw those rules out the window.
  7. Cotillard gets so persuasively inside Sandra’s skin that it’s not at all surprising that this performance has earned her another Oscar nomination. And she does so without resorting to shameless, award-baiting grandstanding.
  8. Lady Bird might finally be the role that earns Ronan (“Brooklyn”) an Oscar. As a young woman at odds with the world, and herself, she illuminates the film. Also worthy of Academy attention is Metcalf, who is sheer perfection as the quintessential stressed-out mom.
  9. Portman is simply brilliant, getting to the essence of Jackie without resorting to a mere impersonation.
  10. Seldom has a film so eloquently captured the craziness, brutality and arbitrariness of war. Dunkirk just might be Nolan’s masterpiece.
  11. Doctor Strange doesn’t always make sense — but so what? It’s a mind-blowing special-effects extravaganza, and the most exciting comic-book flick since “Deadpool.”
  12. Fruitvale Station has all the impact of a thoroughly researched, well-argued documentary. But Coogler made the right choice in going with drama.
  13. With such supercharged material under the hood, a magnetic man behind the wheel and a nimble director manning the pits, Senna is simply the greatest sports film I have ever seen.
  14. Boldly original, The Revenant puts everything else playing at the multiplexes in the shade.
  15. Ultimately hopeful, but uncompromising in its commitment to exposing a tragic chapter in history.
  16. When films are good, actors and directors get a lot of the credit that should go to the screenwriters. In the case of Silver Linings Playbook, which is one of the best films of the year, there is a popcorn bowl of glory to go around.
  17. The best film of the year and perhaps the purest love story in cinematic history.
  18. Gosling is terrific as the coolly introspective yet disarmingly charming Sebastian. And Stone is deservedly generating Oscar buzz for her portrayal of an artist who can’t quite believe she’ll ever be anything other than a barista.
  19. A film that's at once timely and timeless.
  20. Lots of films claim to be different. Birdman is.
  21. At once an unforgettable war film and a brilliant character study.
  22. Far from being preachy, Loving is a beautiful film about daring to love, without fear or compromise.
  23. In a stunning performance, Teller resists the impulse to sugarcoat Andrew’s egocentricity. Simmons is equally impressive, lending Fletcher just enough humanity to render his monstrousness all the more shocking.
  24. Up in the Air may not end up as the best picture -- that will be decided by the Academy -- but it has landed in the middle of the discussion because it's laser-focused and right on time.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    It's a brilliant film, written tightly enough so that practically every word is important. Add a large cast that blends into a perfect ensemble, plus direction that gives every shot some meaning, and you can't ask much more. [25 Jan 1991, p.3F]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  25. Shot mostly in black and white and imbued with a romanticism that's at once nostalgic and exhilarating, Tetro sneaks up on you. What threatens to be a mere exercise in style proves to be as involving as it is inventive.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Die Hard 2, which is far and away the best of the big summer action pictures, is an almost perfect blend of suspense, thrills, human drama and, perhaps most important, comedy. [6 July 1990, p.3F]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  26. Oyelowo takes full advantage of his close physical resemblance to King, but he wisely avoids mere impersonation, delivering a performance that’s as sensitive as it is spellbinding.
  27. Don’t be put off by the need to read subtitles. Rarely has a film more eloquently captured the universality of human experience.

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