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890 movie reviews
  1. The movie veers between disapproval, farce and something uncomfortably close to envy, with a trio of game performances barely holding things together.
  2. The movie is geared to preschoolers, so only parents dragged with them may complain. There's only that Looney Tunes overture to savor before the Acme production begins.
  3. I seriously doubt that it happened this way, with such convenient strife and truncated solutions. The movie is about baseball but plays like T-ball, with each situation teed up for easy swings.
  4. If you prefer hipster romantic comedies that are unromantic and not too funny, Lee Toland Krieger's movie may be your grande half-caf caramel mocha frappe.
  5. The three young stars biding time in Tom Gormican's listless rom-com are too gifted for one mediocre movie to bury.
  6. A comedy as lazy as Sandler's previous boondoggles.
  7. I honestly thought Eclipse would be different, after "New Moon" showed stirrings of cinematic life.
  8. A terrible title for a not-much-better movie, missing a grammatically correct question mark and most of the point with romantic comedies.
  9. The Host doesn't strive for social allegory, as previous body snatcher flicks have done with the Red Scare, civil rights and Watergate. If anything it's merely a teenage girl's fantasy checklist for prom.
  10. Everything plays out brutally, and the acting's not bad. But it's unsettling for external reasons beyond its control.
  11. Jobs the movie isn't as fascinating as Jobs the man, much less the myth of entrepreneurial superiority he left behind.
  12. Sure, the plot is paper thin like most reboots, but CHiPs is less about the story and more about the special effects and stunt riding, which are jaw-dropping.
  13. The movie's best performance — and worst defamation — belongs to Tony Shalhoub, playing the first victim as a conniving, egotistical jerk who deserves to be kidnapped, maimed and ruined financially.
  14. Man on a Ledge makes bigger leaps of logic than Nick will if he fails a gravity test. If the transparent sting springing him from Sing Sing doesn't roll your eyes, then wait for the climax when Nick becomes a kind of plainclothes Spider-Man.
  15. Veronica Mars, the movie, plays like a two-parter without commercials. Its uninspired framing and static action suits a TV screen better than a multiplex's.
  16. Watching Spectre unfold, lumbering and slumbering, on the heels of a franchise high is a shock, so much talent coasting this time.
  17. It's enough to make Kim Jong ill.
  18. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner makes a troublesome filmmaking debut, wasting a dream cast for a comedy in a fitful story of family tension, mental illness and corrosive self-absorption.
  19. The movie's glaring problem is the design and execution of Chappie, whose look is unremarkable except for a pair of polymer rabbit ears ready for meme posterity.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Turns out we were right to wonder. The first film based on The Hobbit was charming fun, the second pretty good, too. But The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is a film too far, tedious and overlong and short on most of the elements that made the first two work.
  20. Despite its haunted house setting, the movie's most visible cobwebs are found in Jane Goldman's screenplay, adapted from Susan Hill's novel.
  21. The movie has all the propulsion of a trolling motor, traversing long-charted dramatic waters.
  22. Sinister is basically a collection of bogus snuff films linked by standard haunted house tricks - everything creaking and slamming, with the power conveniently shut off.
  23. A distinct lack of merriment marks each frame of this film, with Scott determined to erase all fond memories of past Robin Hoods.
  24. If not for a few choice performance moments and a couple of peppy montages, Wanderlust would be cinematic compost, recycled and thoroughly smelly.
  25. After a lucrative career of bashing well-made scary, epic, disaster and date movies, Friedberg and Seltzer have a source begging to be mocked.
  26. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a downgrade from the first, doing lots of thing wrong that 2012's sleeper hit did right.
  27. Jonah Hex isn't abrupt by design but by desperation.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Fails both as a film and even as fan service.
  28. Disney's remake of Mighty Joe Young has little to recommend except more realistic special effects than the 1949 original and a handful of kid-sized thrills. The movie feels designed only to pass some time in a theater, without much attention to anything except building the perfect cuddly beast. [25 Dec 1998, p.8]
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