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645 movie reviews
  1. The final 20 minutes at the Radio City Music Hall extravaganza are fairly tense, in highly improbable ways designed to rouse send-off cheers.
  2. Jude Law's ferociously vulgar portrayal of a hard-luck safecracker carries the first hour of this amorality tale. Then writer-director Richard Shepard makes the creatively fatal mistake of making Dom Hemingway sympathetic, when irredeemable is much more fun.
  3. When the fadeout comes, viewers may feel as unsatisfied with the movie as these characters are with their lives.
  4. The movie maintains its posture of mystery long after the solution is evident, and the best suggestion is to just smirk with the flow.
  5. The relevant question now isn't who John Galt is, but how much demand there will be for what the producers supply.
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey isn't the howling pornucopia it could be, but it's sexy enough, spank you very much.
  7. Renoir is beautifully filmed and scored, yet with the emotional pull of watching exquisitely textured oil paint dry.
  8. Even stock characters -- Zoe's tirelessly supportive friends and relatives -- get style points for giving jobs to old pros Klein, Linda Lavin (Alice) and "Mr. C" himself, Tom Bosley. Of course, the babies are adorable.
  9. It's as slick and fun as summertime entertainment should be. Downey is still an arresting presence, glib to the nth degree and supremely confident that he's smarter than anyone else.
  10. Plenty of ideas float through Ender's Game but the notion of honing a child into a war machine is one that sticks. Writer-director Gavin Hood's adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel doesn't offer much else, bottled up with battle jargon and special effects debris as it is.
  11. The heist movie genre gets a hip-hop makeover in Takers, a movie loaded with as much style as ammunition.
  12. I learned a total of two things from watching Evil Dead: No camping kit is complete without duct tape, and sometimes end credits are worth sitting through for a movie's best gag.
  13. Escape Plan is so dumb it's adorable, as any movie pitting Sylvester Stallone's grunt against Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent should be.
  14. All that director Kenneth Branagh must do with Thor is not mess it up, and he succeeds. But that isn't enough. The results aren't as exhilarating as the first "Iron Man," but Downey can't play every superhero.
  15. An imagined conversation between Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, after the premiere of Wrath of the Titans...
  16. It's a valuable history lesson crammed into a creatively uninspired movie. Wiki-cinema, if you will.
  17. It took brains to create such a sumptuous fantasia with pixels and keyboard swipes. Now, if it only had a heart.
  18. Emperor is also one of those movies in which the most intriguing occurrences are revealed by "what-happened-to . . ." title cards at the finale.
  19. There's enough here for a nice little movie, anyway, even if Al Pacino didn't think so. He was hired to voice the movie's arch villain but dropped out due to "creative differences."
  20. For Colored Girls is blessed with a Murderer's Row of black female actors, each tearing ferociously into Shange's words and gamely hanging on through Perry's.
  21. Yes, The Eagle is as bad as it sounds but also entertaining, in a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" sort of way that Macdonald didn't intend.
  22. There is nice stuff found in The Lorax - Thneedville's artificial nature is inspired - and bad, like the original songs nobody will be humming when they leave the theater. But good intentions don't trump mediocre filmmaking. If that makes me a Grinch, so be it.
  23. There are laughs that stick in your throat, when they aren't broad strokes shattering a forlorn mood that occasionally makes the movie feel like a companion piece to "Magnolia," or any film depicting downbeat people realizing they have more sorrow in common than expected.
  24. The fun of watching We're the Millers is guessing how raunchily low it will go, and realizing you've sorely underestimated these writers and actors.
  25. Nothing much happens in Greenberg, yet Stiller and co-star Greta Gerwig make inconsequence tolerable with solid performances.
  26. An affably crude bromantic comedy with an appealing set of bros.
  27. Schwentke keeps things lively and loud, with a mildly alarming body count, smashing glass and gunfire.
  28. The next step in Matthew McConaughey's inevitable march to network television is The Lincoln Lawyer, a pilot disguised as a feature-length movie, with an entire season's arc crammed into two hours.
  29. The Gunman becomes a highly capable shoot-em-up but not much else.
  30. Flawed as it is, The Cobbler retains interest throughout, chiefly because Sandler isn't bad in a rare semi-dramatic performance.

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