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    The Witches of Eastwick is a theme park without a theme. Like Nicholson and his co-stars, Miller doesn't have a lot on his mind. He just wants to have fun. His movie is organized mayhem, a strange and funny tour de force. [15 June 1987, p.1D]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  1. Coppola's movie has a sense of indie vitality, although the energy feels wasted by running in place.
  2. Not even J.K. Rowling can say abracadabra and make a worthwhile movie franchise appear. The lightning that struck Harry Potter once merely grazes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, turning the sorcerer's mentor into a fantasy apprentice.
  3. The Conjuring 2 is serviceable horror, heavy on the audio stings yet smarter than the average gorefest.
  4. Pawn Sacrifice tells a fascinating story in unspectacular fashion, resulting in a draw.
  5. Salt is a movie constantly painting itself into corners then tromping out with arbitrary twists and action distractions.
  6. Writer-director Luis Valdez's movie is an example of just how tedious a bio-pic can be. [24 July 1987, p.3D]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  7. With each musical reprise and imitated frame, Condon continues a fight of comparisons he can't win. Either imitate a classic faithfully or leave out the songs and make your own version. Or just leave perfection alone.
  8. The Rover fascinates and frustrates in equal measure, with Michod withholding details of plot and character so thoroughly that a nihilistic fog sets in.
  9. Fury reeks of self-importance, a strange arrogance for a fictional World War II drama drenched in more blood than ideas.
  10. Chastain plows through this tangled scenario with an icy ferocity that's entertaining. You get the feeling that Miss Sloane would work better as a streaming or cable series, allowing more time to explore characters and issues, giving actors more room for dense dialogue. Maybe come up with a better way out of that corner.
  11. Vittorio Storaro's cinematography is superb, casting gauzy glows and sensual silhouettes against impressively designed sets. Allen drops a few philo-cynical lines worthy of his reputation but not nearly enough.
  12. Field's eager-to-please performance makes [Showalter's] shovelfuls of sugar go down easier.
  13. Kong: Skull Island strips the beauty from a legendary beast, reducing a classic movie star to soulless monster mechanics. Kong smashes, but not much else. Whoever dies doesn't matter. Whoever lives has a sequel promised by the end credits.
  14. Veronica Mars, the movie, plays like a two-parter without commercials. Its uninspired framing and static action suits a TV screen better than a multiplex's.
  15. Despite its haunted house setting, the movie's most visible cobwebs are found in Jane Goldman's screenplay, adapted from Susan Hill's novel.
  16. Apatow hates leaving anything on the cutting room floor. You could excise entire chunks of The Five-Year Engagement - the donut experiments at college, a couple of wise soliloquies, most of the stuff involving Violet's sister (Alison Brie) - and never miss a beat.
  17. At some juncture — much earlier than director Gareth Edwards intends — Godzilla needs to stop being an extra in his own movie.
  18. There are too many convenient romances, trumped-up crises and reversals of conscience to clear up while those poor whales suffer. Big Miracle isn't an entirely bad movie but a wholly misguided one.
  19. The junk in Lucy doesn't entirely eclipse the moments when weird is fun.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Finally though, it is Van Peebles who runs New Jack City aground. The film ends up being slightly long, both in terms of time and self-righteousness. Van Peebles is to be commended for making such a hip morality lesson, but New Jack City's finale, which is predictable and trite, could have been handled more creatively by a more daring director. [12 Mar 1991, p.1D]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  20. Broadbent carries the movie with signature ease, making Tony easy to dislike while wishing him an overdue peace. Despite its time-flip fixation, The Sense of an Ending finds emotional focus in Broadbent's wilting gaze and discoveries in character with the simplest line deliveries.
  21. The actors are so good that you wish Collyer offered them a richer arc to play, rather than just a topic.
  22. It's Lane who's saddled with dragging this nag over the finish line, with her cliched portrayal of another single-minded woman beating men at their own game.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Director Derek Cianfrance attempts to bring the emotional rawness of his previous films and influences to the melodrama genre with The Light Between Oceans, but he never quite pulls off the feat.
  23. Watching Spectre unfold, lumbering and slumbering, on the heels of a franchise high is a shock, so much talent coasting this time.
  24. Magic Mike XXL is darker, and between money-rain showers, duller. It's the movie many feared the original would be.
  25. Any resemblance between Allied and a much better movie on the subject isn't coincidental but unfortunate.
  26. Cool Runnings is enormously unfaithful to its subject, piling on one sports cliche after another with shallow characterizations...Regardless of those faults, Cool Runnings has an agreeable goofiness to it that brushes aside any picky complaints. It isn't art, but it surely is disposable fun. [1 Oct 1993, p.6B]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  27. Rules Don't Apply is affably mediocre, even tolerable between brief pleasures. The movie's lone constant amusement is Beatty's madcap portrayal of Hughes, keeping aloft his Spruce Goose of nonromantic not quite comedy.

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