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5,572 movie reviews
  1. It's hard to overlook how much of Elsa & Fred is rote and pre-chewed.
  2. Carter and his underachieving cohorts have seldom given cultists less to believe.
  3. Story remains Vanguard's weak point.
  4. Chick's underwhelming exploration of post-millennial angst is as empty and vacant as its protagonist's inexpressive peepers.
  5. This potentially sharp working-class fantasy proves strangely unsatisfying.
  6. This isn't a movie: it's a feature-length Ralph Lauren commercial.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Miracle plays like "School Daze" transplanted to the European front, with the token militant, the token uplift-the-race type, and the token buffoon all marching inexorably toward Checkpoint Irony.
  7. Ultimately, Lakeview Terrace isn't about race so much as it's about being a man, which has been LaBute's fallback theme from the start.
  8. Trudging through a thriller that would have felt warmed over in 1988, the pair investigate a serial killer.
  9. Most of the film isn't as willing to reach out to viewers, and most won't be willing to do all the work in order to connect with it.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    While the movie attempts to find an compelling middle ground between gothic supernaturalism and teenage romance, it usually winds up stumbling into the inane territory implied by both descriptions.
  10. Cluttered, flavorless Choke, which crams the novel's nervy narration into an irritating voiceover, and leaps around in time and space with all the attention span of an ADD-addled child.
  11. Forever Strong is generic faith-and-redemption fare, devoid of nuance.
  12. In a post-Matrix, post-John Woo world, a handful of slow-motion shootouts shouldn't be all that's on offer.
  13. This is not a movie for anyone who's aged past the "Oh! Cute!" phase of moviegoing. It's paced for little minds with short attention spans.
  14. Nothing in How About You is the least bit surprising; the film hits its marks with dreary precision.
  15. The result is two bad movies in one: a gimmicky romantic comedy, and one of those seasonal headaches that submits loud family dysfunction as a vehicle for Christmas cheer.
  16. Martin attempts to present the whole oversized Chess story, but instead winds up reducing the lives and art that give it shape.
  17. All the performers are fine--even the miscast Romijn--but they're still too much like actors playing dress-up.
  18. The main pitfall of modern noirs is that filmmakers get so caught up in the chiaroscuro lighting schemes and florid twists of dialogue and voiceover that they forget noir was about expressing more than just attitude and style.
  19. A more accurate way to describe it would be "conceptual nightmare"--crass, schizophrenic, culturally insensitive, horribly paced, and shameless in its pandering to the lowest common denominator.
  20. James has a sweet, appealing presence, but the dreary, joke-light script and generic direction do him no favors.
  21. Taken's subject matter is too serious for an escapist chop-socky movie, and the sleazy, exploitative tone undercuts the thrills.
  22. Older viewers are more likely to see a muddled film full of one-dimensional characters and insultingly strident politics.
  23. It would be hard to imagine a film with less going for it than Dance Flick.
  24. Unlike, say, "Eagle Eye," Echelon Conspiracy doesn't put enough conviction behind its stupidity. It's mostly just bland.
  25. Knowing frequently feels one Revelation quote away from turning into a chiding, fundamentalist-friendly end-of-the-world movie in the "Left Behind" mold.
  26. Skills Like This is never great. But for its first half-hour, it's more fitfully amusing than a movie about a bank-robbing playwright ought to be.
  27. The film is crammed with treats for old-school "Dragonball" fans, from the inclusion of all these characters (who don't actually do much) to the moment when spiky-haired Goku dons his orange gi. For everyone else, this amounts to another seen-it-before, probably-willing-to-see-it-again distraction.
  28. Only Sarsgaard shows a pulse, creating a self-destructive, omnisexual rogue who, for all his faults, would probably be great company. The same can't be said for the film around him.

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