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5,356 movie reviews
  1. Palminteri and screenwriter David Hubbard desperately want the crazy misfits in their movie to move the audience, but they're all too cracked to inspire empathy. There's no holiday magic, just famous faces playing people who don't exist.
  2. Loses its sass too quickly.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Cute lemurs and a couple jabs at corporate a--holery can't save Fierce Creatures from its manic malaise.
  3. While it's not always necessary for filmmakers to relate that closely to their material, Feig's marked distance from the story of a sullen boy who parts the Iron Curtain may account for its generic artlessness.
  4. Compelling as it sounds, the idea behind Freeze Frame doesn't make any sense, especially when realized in practical terms.
  5. While endearing as cartoons, they don't wear flesh well.
  6. A hopelessly stolid and distant evocation of Bob Rafelson's "Five Easy Pieces."
    • 50 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Just as crippling is the movie's tendency to waver back and forth between black comedy and Nora Ephron-esque schmaltz.
  7. Consistently clever without ever being funny. The film is so in love with its own carefully calibrated outrageousness that it doesn't bother to give its characters any depth beyond sitcom-level stereotypes.
  8. Sadly, that thin premise snaps after a while, and when Wife takes a serious turn, it becomes apparent how little the director has to say.
  9. It's a testament to Michael Keaton's fine lead performance that White Noise doesn't come off as laughably preposterous.
  10. A film divided against itself. Granted, neither part is particularly distinguished or appealing but the old-timey sports-movie elements at least possess a quaint charm. Unfortunately, that's wholly negated by the film's stumbling attempts at comic relief.
  11. Its busy, stiff, artificial graphics are a perfect match for its busy, stiff, artificial plot. A simple Shirow pinup parade might almost be preferable.
  12. For all the smart visual design, though, She's One Of Us is frustratingly clinical.
  13. Nearly everything about Fascination feels overdone. At its delirious worst, it's as pungent a Parisian cheese shop, offering a cornucopia of laughable scenes.
  14. Written and directed by Robert Shallcross, and seemingly misdirected into theaters from its natural home on the ABC Family Channel, Uncle Nino is a sweet but not particularly distinguished effort.
  15. Reeves rigid delivery makes Constantine's occult backstory sound pretentious and silly, and converts Constantine himself into a repressed cipher. The film's biggest revision isn't in not making him blonde, or not making him British. It's in not making him human.
  16. Marginally watchable-in part because of the odd presence of Dan Aykroyd and Courtney Love-it's ultimately pointless, repetitive and more concerned with appearing offbeat than actually doing anything inventive.
  17. It's as if Gordon feared his film's none-too-subtle suggestion that kids should ask questions and decided to provide answers instead, tying up his story with a phony happy ending.
  18. Jones' role, on the other hand, only requires him to look embarrassed at all times, which shouldn't have been too hard to pull off, considering the circumstances. Is that what they call "method" acting?
  19. Still, the central mystery remains effective and compelling for most of the film, until it becomes clear that it's all image and no intent.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    At best, The Jackal is an uninspired, by-the-numbers action thriller.
  20. This adaptation of Eric Bogosian's 1994 play-- which revolves around several post-high-school drifters hanging around a convenience store while awaiting the return of their rock-star classmate -- doesn't hold up to Linklater's previous work, and the problem is Bogosian's script.
  21. An implausible, wildly protracted setup that drags on forever before reaching a payoff that barely registers.
  22. An incorrigible tease. It baits its audience with the promise of fluffy, light-footed cotton-candy fare, but delivers a clumsy, talky, indifferently filmed lesbian romance.
  23. Too pretty to dismiss, but too dull to recommend.
  24. In the process of becoming characters, the writer-stars have diminished themselves.
  25. McConaughey is usually a welcome presence, but here, he looks like making the movie was getting in the way of his exciting African adventure.
  26. House Of D never feels honest, but when Duchovny consciously tries to score sentiment points, the strain is more than the film can handle.
  27. A short and soppy story that Coyote lends some dignity, but not much power.

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