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  1. Banksy Does New York doesn’t give more than a passing voice to Banky’s critics and skeptics. (If anything, it’s more harsh to the New York art world for largely ignoring the residency.) But the film does a fine job of getting at the tension that each day’s new piece inspired.
  2. The historical cosplayers relish their parts, lip-syncing drunken monologues with palpable joy. There is also an undeniable thrill in recognizing unexpected actors as they mouth along to incoherent rambles.
  3. [Five-year-old Joe Hughes (Max Vento)] doesn’t take direction, not because he’s obstinate, but because he can’t. Joe is also a wider part of the family portrait, which is one of The A Word’s greatest strengths. It shares that quality with another dramedy that used an autism-spectrum disorder to great narrative effect: Parenthood.
  4. As with many soapy dramas, Greenleaf’s strength lies more in its performances than its writing, though Wright and his team are surprisingly restrained, even as they build to histrionic cliffhangers.
  5. It’s going to confuse, and possibly offend, the suburban mom segment of Lifetime’s audience, and delight the ironic segment. (Hi, Lifetime.) It’s high camp, and whoever at the network green-lit it--assuming, of course, they were in on the joke--is brilliant.
  6. It’s not doing a whole lot of work to examine the role of women in society, but it is a show with a single and still-novel goal: to entertain women, without patronizing them.
  7. Justified has always been a show about defining yourself, for yourself. So long as it keeps finding fresh criminal conspiracies to wrap around that core--as season five appears to have done--the show will remain a must-watch.
  8. What the series lacks in depth and visual elegance, it more than makes up for in sheer entertainment value. Colony combines the best aspects of USA’s past (generic shows that are nonetheless sugary treats) with the heady rush of its contemporary, Mr. Robot-era mission: Classing up the joint.
  9. In almost every way Grace And Frankie steps up its game for its second season. Though many of the changes are subtle, they result in a season far more worthy of Tomlin and Fonda’s considerable talents.
  10. On the strength of its cast, the beauty of its design, and the sheer joy it gets from its homages, it’s the sort of dreadful that’s mostly a delight.
  11. Bernthal and Yung make Castle and Elektra an effective season-long two-pronged assault on Matt Murdock’s heroic identity, which gives Daredevil’s supporting characters a clearer purpose as well.
  12. Life In Pieces’ greatest asset could become its greatest liability, as the series wolfs down potential stories four at a time. But if they’re as funny, well acted, and snappy as the stories in the premiere episode, it’ll be worth it to watch whatever stories Life In Pieces gets to tell.
  13. The Grinder is a very good pilot that suggests six or seven different directions for the show that follows--not all of them as sharp or as funny as the first episode.
  14. Balancing style and substance is always challenging for a series like Stranger Things, but the show is perfectly calibrated. It feels like watching a show produced during the era in which it’s set, but with the craft of today’s prestige television.
  15. The sketches themselves are still baring teeth, starting with the fodder for the shows within the Show. The one thing that unites the collection of idiots played by Kroll and co-stars like Jon Daly and John Mulaney is a lack of self-awareness.
  16. Despite its missteps, House Of Cards’ third season is by far its leanest, most focused, and most absorbing.
  17. Sonic Highways does dig deeper than a lot of other musician-centric documentaries do.
  18. Tig
    Viewers need not be familiar with Notaro’s story to enjoy Tig, and Notaro is so likable that it’s hard not to be excited by her success—as the film shows, it’s well-earned.
  19. The show makes admirable attempts to build out the world beyond Blunt, and the effort yields some dividends.... But most of the time, Stewart is on screen, so most of the time, it’s hard to stop watching.
  20. They’re like truffle pigs, rooting for humor, and they find it with a frequency that’s damn impressive. It’s not subtle, it’s not realistic, and it’s not reinventing the wheel. It’s just plain old funny—relentlessly, defiantly funny.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    While the premise and election plotline that follow are flimsy, the cast is clearly capable of handling anything that’s thrown at them. They make Wrecked worth watching.
  21. The show’s many battle scenes play out in bloody, muddy confusion that’s nonetheless rendered with reliable clarity of storytelling, and, while Uhtred’s position as a hero torn between two worlds is central, it’s also not elevated much above the larger context of the story the show tells so consistently well.
  22. The series’ cast remains one of the better sitcom ensembles of the past decade.
  23. Leggero and Lindhome are excellent as the sisters, but they’ve also filled the halls of Bellacourt Manor with a cast so tight that it’s hard for any one actor to stand out.
  24. True Detective might be finding itself in the first half of its first season, but few processes of discovery are so enthralling to watch.
  25. In its pilot form, at least, Trophy Wife is surprisingly self-assured and confident, the sort of show that seems ready to hit its stride in just a week or two.
  26. The Spoils Before Dying is almost too well-made at times.
  27. Like Happy Endings and Community, People continues to lean heavily on minute referential humor. Those who would enjoy Julie and Billy’s companionship in real life will have just as much fun watching them on television, while those who wouldn’t are doomed to smile, nod, and pretend they get the joke.
  28. Now, three seasons in, Dunham and her team are better at doing what they’ve been trying to do all along: create a string of lovely character vignettes, with a deliberate disinterest in plot and a fascination with a certain zeitgeist. This is specific enough that it has its disadvantages, but now that the characters have been around for two seasons, it’s become easier to understand their different versions of cluelessness.
  29. Where Bletchley succeeds is in its unapologetic, decidedly feminine take on British life in the ’50s.

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