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124 tv reviews
  1. Flint is a timebomb, and Flint Town is an impressively crafted tick-tock of things going wrong with a place, one after another.
  2. Big issues of body, mind, identity and technology shuffle around the Altered Carbon universe, but the show often drags its feet in order to fill its individual episodes’ running times.
  3. Glover has conceptualized Atlanta so that he can do with it whatever he wants; he’s not bound by traditional sitcom rules or limitations. That’s the fun of it. It’s his ride, and where he goes is anyone’s guess. But it will be worth the trip.
  4. You end up identifying more with the people from outside the group, looking on as these people force friendships with folks from their past they’ve clearly outgrown. As viewers, we know how they feel.
  5. [It] sounds pretty dark, and it is, but the wonder of both Atwood’s novel and the series is that it actually manages to be playful and witty at times.
  6. Harlots, on Hulu, is certainly audacious. And ambitious. But whether it will be able to pull off it’s fine-line feminist balancing act remains to be seen; this show may end up groundbreaking or it may end up a train wreck. In the meantime it’s hard to look away.
  7. She’s absolutely as funny as she was two years ago, which was pretty darn funny. But the humor--most of it revolving around sex, body issues and relationships--feels dated.
  8. There are slight miscues--Kimara’s attempts to become pregnant seem a distraction--but this very busy boat stays upright and moves forward, shifting just enough to stay interesting.
  9. It’s all very silly, but there’s bite beneath some of the yuks.
  10. Feud: Bette and Joan is delicious fare, a mix of catty gossip and vile manipulation, a look at the dark underbelly of celebrity culture and the desperation that comes with aging out of the limelight.
  11. A sprawling look at the gay liberation movement in the U.S. during the past five decades, spread over eight hours, featuring an abundance of talent, occasionally too earnest, at times heartbreaking, and pretty much always eminently watchable.
  12. Just because it’s well-acted doesn’t mean Big Little Lies is worth enduring.
  13. The gore level is playful, not scary, and the idea that true love conquers all, even a craving for human flesh, permeates the show. Sheila, Joel and Abby can still live the American dream, it will just taste a bit odd.
  14. This is a comedy by natives for natives and residents near and far. It’s that undeniable sense of pride and ownership that will make you “stand up and tell ’em you’re from Detroit” between bouts of laughter and smiles.
  15. It is, to say the least, audacious. More importantly it’s interesting. It’s about the interior as much as the exterior. That’s weird. That’s good.
  16. It’s all very breathless, as it should be, and Carter scores points by weaponizing a rather large object at the first episode’s end. But the original “24” was character-driven to a large extent by Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and elevated even further when Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe O’Brian came along. No such fire or chemistry is evident here.
  17. At first you’re rolling your eyes at what seems an absurd stretch of a premise, but soon enough you’re buying its always-on-edge predicaments and after a few episodes you’re hooked into its story-upon-story acrobatics. Pete may be sneaky, but he’s not dull.
  18. A Series of Unfortunate Events makes it downright difficult to “Look Away.”
  19. Lush, often surreal, filled with contradictory characters and backstabbing intrigue, The Young Pope is one of the more remarkable television shows in memory.
  20. It’s a rich mix of intrigues with the occasional bout of brutal violence as Delaney tries to build his own empire and assumedly reclaim his one true illicit love.
  21. Simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking.
  22. It all looks good, but Arjona never gains real traction as Dorothy and some of the side stories become distractions. Still, Emerald City is an ambitious, if derivative, project for broadcast television.
  23. It’s not bad television, really. It’s just by-the-CBS-book television.
  24. Like "The Simpsons," "Married with Children," "Malcolm in the Middle" and other Fox sitcoms, the ridiculous reach is what makes "The Mick" work.
  25. Is GGR the best show on television? No, but it’s pretty solid.
  26. For the most part, Lee Daniels traffics in tawdry messes. With Star, his latest TV project for Fox, he is at his tawdriest and messiest.
  27. What The Lost Tapes adds, beyond all the terrifying footage, is a plethora of perspectives and insights.
  28. Mariah’s World isn’t breaking any molds. But because the supreme diva Mariah is the star, there’s a certain ridiculous, hilarious, hyper-stylized charm to the proceedings.
  29. The production values are high, the acting efficient, the story teems with twists and turns.
  30. Watching Shooter as a series is like falling back into a well-known and familiar story, just one with lots of guns. It’s downright comfortable. And that’s odd.

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