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3,904 movie reviews
  1. Mary Reilly comes across as too much brooding atmosphere and too little story. [23 Feb 1996]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  2. The Keep has opened just in time - if it had waited another couple of weeks, it would have been the worst horror movie of 1984 and there wouldn't have been anything to look forward to all year. [17 Dec 1983]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    • 14 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    Despite the talents involved, including Steve Martin and director and co-writer Nora Ephron, the result is a messy, almost desperately mirthless thing Mixed Nuts an empty shell. [23 Dec 1994, p.C6]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  3. [Pitof's] managed to create an entire digitalized city that has all the allure of an underground parking garage. And his action, it's cluttered; his editing, it's confused. The result: blandness butchered, hamburger chopped, kitty littered.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    John Wick is the most blatant attempt to establish a character’s name recognition since the Angelina Jolie actioneer "Salt."
    • 51 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    The scenes of Traynor threatening and battering his wife feel just as phony and unconvincing as the sunnier stuff that preceded them, partly because Sarsgaard – usually a fine and subtle actor – flies so over the top in his depiction of a creepy Svengali.
    • 12 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The vibe isn't mellow, nor predictably, affably dumb. Rather, this is a slapdash effort whose faux-Farrelly brothers humour is papered over with an unremitting, distasteful malice, featuring a cast that's completely wasted, in both senses of the word.
  4. It's just a shrunken case of large-screen aspirations wedded to a small-screen mentality. [22 May 1992]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    • 16 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    As it stands, Murphy has put his idols and friends in front of a camera, given them a watered down version of The Sting and hoped they'd make the best of it. They don't. [23 Nov 1989, p.C12]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  5. This is the sort of movie that ends up awash in sincere revelations, and not a moment of it feels remotely believable.
  6. Director Marshall ( Pretty Woman) has created a comic drama so confused in tone, the actors often seem to be acting in different movies.
  7. Just as the book is usually better than the film, one suspects the video game is probably more entertaining and coherent than the movie. In the case of Alone in the Dark, this is a certainty.
  8. The product of a first-time director and writers who have no sense of scene structure or shape, or even a discernible sense of humour.
  9. A two- hour-plus surrealistic bummer - it makes the audience feel as if it is coming down from a virulent drug. (The pacing, the images, the music and the endemic menace recall clinical descriptions of cocaine-induced paranoia.)...A disgusting, misanthropic movie.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    How bad does a film have to be to get the death doughnut? Disgracefully bad.
  10. Rarely does a film so graceless and devoid of merit as this one come along.
  11. The incomprehensible leads to the inexplicable which ends in the indecipherable.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The plot is as incomprehensible as the dubbing and many of the special effects are neither special nor effective.
  12. A 0-star Comedy that is nonetheless guaranteed to rake in multimillions.
  13. About as much fun as being given a wedgie and hung from the camp flagpole, Daddy Day Camp is an unnecessary sequel.
    • 17 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    A Haunted House 2 is so dreadful that it demands its own category of dumbness.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    Simply put, this is a bad, bad film, this summer's answer to last summer's "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman." A dog for the dog days of summer.
  14. Despite an inspired central section involving Robin Williams as the King of the Moon and Valentina Cortese as his Queen, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a near-disaster of Ishtarish proportions. [11 Mar 1989, p.C3]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  15. Date Movie is a good date movie in one sense: If you're still speaking to the person who brought you to see this, you just might have a future together.
  16. Just how dumb is Senseless? So dumb it even takes the fun out of stupid.
  17. Campy costumes can't disguise the incoherent plot, confused performances and lame script that send this star vehicle spiralling downward.
  18. A sustained if wildly uncoordinated assault on our senses, complementing those feverish jump cuts with a cliché of equally stunning proportions
  19. Brain-melting, head-spinning rank toxicity that shows no evidence of intelligence as we know it.
  20. Not just bad, but weirdly, fascinatingly bad.
  21. A flawed fraud, a youth movie so disjointed, witless and condescending that it's painful to watch.

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