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  1. This is the brand of sentimentality that comes with a high concentration of saccharine and every taste of bitterness safely removed.
  2. Whether you fully embrace the Harry Potter phenomenon or simply live with it, there's no question that J. K. Rowling is an imaginative story-spinner. The trouble is that she has ruined the field for the legions of the second-rate.
  3. The disappointment here is that an intriguing psychological premise about a personality swap is never used to do anything more than provide the juice for a run-of-the-mill action movie.
  4. In your typical subpar Hollywood romcom, there’s only one tedious love story to put up with. Well, Valentine’s Day (such a clever title) does a whole lot better than that: It offers 10 tedious love stories to put up with.
  5. En route, the plot gimmick degenerates from clever to dumb, then gets forgotten entirely, and the last act simply poops out - the climax is a Bigger Bang that plays like the saddest of whimpers.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It’s a story where sex and being over 60 aren’t treated as mutual exclusives, which is pretty great in its own way.
  6. In the end, F*CK is at most a compendium of opinions and examples, and never feels like a story. Still, great casting and inventive visuals make it an entertaining big-screen experience -- and don't expect to catch it later on network television (otherwise it would have to be retitled BL**P).
  7. The film only really has a pulse when it switches to live action in a few brief archival snippets, most memorably in John Cleese's appropriately outrageous eulogy for his late friend, an offering in the name of "anything for him, but mindless good taste."
  8. The result is that, rather than tragedy, this unfolds like a plodding morality tale in which Wrath and Cowardice play out their respective parts.
  9. An ill-considered, utterly unnecessary remake of the 1941 pulp classic "The Wolf Man" starring Lon Chaney Jr.
  10. With a plot that thickens like congealed stew, this movie about a harmless nutbar, an attorney and a cabal can leave you lost in banality.
  11. They’re back for an entertaining enough 3-D sequel to their 2014 franchise revival, and so is the rest of the cast that includes foxy Megan Fox and her ability to wear a naughty schoolgirl outfit.
  12. A Master Builder really doesn’t work, hampered by odd casting, theatrical performances and a reductive interpretation of Ibsen’s play.
  13. Big, lavish and dumb as camel spit -- is proof that sometimes it's better to let sleeping genres lie.
  14. More rant than rollick, it's just ain't funny enough.
  15. RED
    The star turns are Red's raison d'être, with the winking performances filling the place of any credible dramatic tension.
  16. The script is terrible - a confounding mish-mash of action-thriller chases, sci-fi travelogue and phony political intrigue.
  17. This parade of admiration is almost as exhausting as the experience of a Motörhead concert.
  18. But wouldn't it be heavenly if a like proportion of Tinseltown producers believed in an existing need for a good script. Because this one ain't good; in fact, it's hellishly mediocre, the kind that aims for holiday charm and settles for workaday torpor.
  19. Running Scared's relationship to "The Cooler" is roughly that of industrial metal to a quaint torch song.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Puerile and idiotic it may be, but Superhero Movie is nonetheless smarter than most of its lowbrow brethren in the Hollywood sub-sub-category known as the spoof movie.
  20. Mostly feels as hackneyed as the first film felt fresh. It's a loud, puffed-up exercise in computer-generated heroics and battles that follows a pattern.
  21. And veteran director Costa-Gavras, whose early work ("Z", "State Of Siege", "Missing") proves that he's no stranger to sociopolitical complexities, might well have been the man to make it. But not from this script -- it starts off as puerile and then regresses.
  22. After the first hour or so of strained puns and wisecracks, you start feeling that the sooner the ending comes, the happier it will be.
  23. No longer content with simple conservatism, this horror is downright totalitarian.
  24. No, the trouble isn't with them but with a screenplay (by Angus MacLachlan) that loads their characters with too much symbolic baggage and then points them off in obscure directions.
  25. Apparently, the idea of their passion is enough to save them from a life of boredom - if only it had the same happy effect on us.
  26. What hurts Miles Ahead, though, is a lack of imagination.
  27. A story based on exceptional facts gets converted into an unexceptional movie.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    About 45 minutes worth of funny stuff awkwardly stretched to 84 minutes.

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