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3,840 movie reviews
  1. Like no other war movie you've ever seen.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    By the end of Trekkies,you almost feel the best way to bring peace to the Middle East would be to hold a Star Trek convention there.
  2. This is a great film for those who share the disabused French view of grownup life, but more particularly for those who want to see one of the great actresses of her generation at the height of her powers.
  3. The wildly ambitious but flawed biographical film about the English cellist Jacqueline du Pré.
  4. There's a missing element whose absence, forgive me, I can't help but lament. This is a movie about magic that ultimately lacks the magic of movies."
  5. There's plenty of humour in Comedian but not a lot of happiness -- apparently, the sad clown is a cliché for good reason.
  6. With Corbett's laidback persona nicely countering Vardalos's authorial performance, the picture radiates a pure affability that's awfully attractive. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a very slim movie that succeeds on its own modest terms without pretense or apology.
  7. With little dialogue to assist her -- just the strains of that wonderfully organic music -- she still manages to suggest the internal struggle, and to slowly reveal a fierce toughness that flies in the face of conventional morality.
  8. Intended as food for thought, but all we really get is a light snack -- the kind that's heavier in presentation than in substance.
  9. Visually, this movie is exquisite. Narratively, well, that's a more banal story.
  10. The result is a beautifully designed, lyrical fable of a movie, full of God's-eye shots from on high, placing the characters against the Italian scenery and medieval architecture.
  11. Comes as a pleasure. It's a comic drama set in a Chicago hair salon where the characters are engaging and the story has a bustling richness.
  12. If you ever doubted the power and scope of silent film, watch The Way Home. The narrative arc is as broad as any chattering feature, the emotional depth is greater than most, and it's all achieved with virtually no dialogue.
  13. Entertaining and well done. Without losing its comic rhythm for a moment, it is also a withering spoof of black victimism and the corrupting effect of racial solidarity on the American legal system.
  14. But uneven acting isn't fatal here, since Andrew Bergman's screenplay is strong enough and Andrew Fleming's direction seamless enough to carry it forward.
  15. It's a pinball arcade of a flick -- the Coens invent a bunch of wonderfully flaky characters, stick them into a Plexiglas narrative, and let them bounce off each other.
  16. What better casting than Al Pacino, whose own career, of course, has reflected all the seasonal changes in the gangster saga. Pacino takes the part and runs with it so boldly that he ends up in Arthur Miller land.
  17. Quitting begins to seem intriguing in concept. Now comes the best news: It's just as compelling in execution.
  18. Fun, fun, fun. Take the title at its word, because this movie is nothing less than a flat-out, lung-pumping, 76-minute sprint.
  19. Actually a pretty entertaining movie, in a kick-you-in-the-pants kind of way. A relative rarity -- a solid no-brow comedy.
  20. Titanic is awesome even when it's awful -- you can't take your eyes off the extraordinary thing.
  21. Now if that isn't an inspirational story, it's hard to know what is.
  22. The love that blooms is essentially between the boys. They both have some considerable growing up to do, but theirs is a true romance and it's awfully sweet. Funny, too.
  23. The movie could have used a further dose of the resonance Walken gives it, and a more intellectually adventurous director might have brought the theme close to home.
  24. An ultra-cheap movie, ingeniously promoted through the Internet -- is notable primarily as a model of guerrilla-style niche-marketing.
  25. This is a grimly thrilling movie that falls somewhere between clear-eyed realism and the improbabilities of an action flick.
  26. It's a cop movie that refuses to cop out in the usual way.
  27. Both smart and shrewd -- it wraps that same comforting message in a thoroughly entertaining package.
  28. Ten
    Ten may strain your patience but that's the high-stakes gamble of this provocative project.
  29. It is, in short, a compendium of clichés, yet with a presentation that makes the familiar seem remarkably warm and fresh.

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