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  1. Quaid and Whitaker, who serve more or less as the designated humans in this clockwork contraption of a film, are capable in corny roles, but otherwise Vantage Point is as stuffed with cardboard performances and expositional speeches as any seventies disaster flick.
  2. When it's good, it's because it's imitating its predecessor (but it suffers from tired spilled blood) and when it's bad, it's because it's imitating its own imitators. [31 Oct 1981]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  3. RSVP: Decline with regret.
  4. A recruitment poster loosely disguised as a movie.
  5. A lazy Melissa McCarthy vehicle that relies on relentless potty-mouth moments.
  6. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.
  7. One of those non-stop jabbering cartoons in which most of the lines sound like the spontaneous riffs from a couple of comics sitting around a diner.
  8. A farther-fetched fantasy: In addition to asking we believe our loosely packed academic can play Rocky, Here Comes the Boom imagines a world in which butterball Everyman Scott and the fabulously lush Bella (Salma Hayek) might argue and bill and coo and eventually fall in love.
  9. It’s overlong, overplotted and crowded with a cast of “hey-it’s-that-guy!” C-listers (Luis Guzman, Danny Trejo), but the closed-quarters combat crackles with bone-shattering believability. And that’s really all that matters.
  10. A movie so hysterical it worked best as a black comedy.
  11. With its glum litany of naked corpses and mutilations, and understated actors looking bluish under the morgue's fluorescent lights, Nightwatch drains the fun out of horror. [17 Apr 1998]
    • The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  12. Regrettably, the film’s place-setting opening lays the scene for a different, more exciting film that never really unfolds.
  13. While Lawrence doesn't come close to the fireworks wit and satire of Pryor in his postfreebase-accident film, "Live On The Sunset Strip," his riveting story saves Runteldat from becoming just a routine slapped on the big screen.
  14. Phantom still an auditory lobotomy.
  15. An entertaining, moderately irreverent comedy that launches the silly movie season on a sure foot.
  16. The Virginity Hit is another slice of "American Pie," one more youth comedy that encourages its cast (and audience) to ridicule a fumbling, well-meaning teenager.
  17. 3 Days to Kill is a comic variation on the "Taken" movies, which Besson also co-wrote and produced, starring Liam Neeson as a daughter-rescuing spy.
  18. The movie is like a glass of Sprite that has been left on the counter too long: transparent, sweet and flat.
  19. If plot were oats, Wicker Park would choke a horse.
  20. Remember Me could have been a decent family drama, especially considering its setting, but that was not to be. Too bad, because the romance is highly forgettable.
  21. In a summer of low movie expectations and worse results, Fantastic Four is a not-so-bad mindless bit of camp escapism that doesn't try to eclipse its dime-store comic book roots.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    If this movie doesn’t leave you howling at the very idea of demonic possession, you’re in dire need of an exorcist.
  22. With its jazzy score and drizzly nighttime moods, where The Comedian works best is as a salute to New York stand-up scene, with looks into the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village and the New York Friars Club.
  23. The whole picture plays like a pop-up book in a welfare agency.
  24. A plot so preposterous it could only have emerged from the underground comic world.
  25. There's a scientific law to be discerned here that producers would be well to heed: Mediocre movies start to drag as soon as the action speeds up; when the explosions start, they fall to pieces.
  26. Deep Impact, a triple-strand ensemble disaster flick, has a few good opening minutes, the biggest tidal wave you've ever seen in the closing minutes, and a cluster of little meandering melodramas in between.
  27. Writing, casting and pacing are vital. Scary Movie 4 doesn't let any gag get stale. It's rapid-fire, hit-and-miss and hit-and-strike comedy.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    No one knows why bad things happen to good people. But we do know why bad things happen to good film ideas. They get ruined by poor scripts and indifferent direction. The evidence desemaine– Shrink.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It’s all in good fun, but it also wants to engage with children beyond hollow gags and pop songs, which are there, but kept to a tasteful minimum.

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