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Lowest review score: 0 Far and Away
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3,959 movie reviews
  1. This is a fairly well-made picture that's just been fairly well-made too many times before, a knock-off of a thousand other knock-offs.
  2. Notorious isn't, not even remotely.
  3. Only an actor of Moore's calibre could begin to add a bit of credible flesh to these hallowed bones.
  4. How to Eat Fried Worms arrives just in time to placate preteen boys who resent being unable to see the frankly more adult though equally immature "Snakes on a Plane."
  5. Just a mediocre action franchise with a solid actor at the head and a travelogue in its heart.
  6. Trachtenberg gives a sweetly compelling performance as Casey, as does the wonderfully kooky Cusack as her mother, but their charms are not enough to save this painfully unoriginal movie from coming out of a triple toe loop and landing flat on its bottom.
  7. In its defence, the movie means to incorporate Jet's conversion into its theme, serving up his new pacifism as a choice morsel of irony. But it doesn't taste ironic, just bland, and we aren't biting either.
  8. Hard-working to a fault, this is a movie that's all effort and no direction, a movie completely lacking in what its hero eventually finds -- a sense of identity.
  9. Your basic and basically predictable by-the-numbers picture.
  10. So it's a pretty faded experience. I suggest you get out the books, which for once can truly be said to be more spectacular than the movie.
  11. A movie with a confident sense of its own worthlessness, it speeds by in a flurry of candy-coloured cars, bare midriffs, screaming engines and a pulsing rap soundtrack.
  12. A meagre, occasionally funny affair.
  13. Has a deliberately minimalist, retro look to it as well.
  14. They're not much company, our Marcus and Esca. But there we are, mucking through crazy Scotland with them.
  15. By turns raw, naturalistic and indebted to John Cassavetes, both stylistically and thematically.
  16. Coming from a major director like Spike Lee, this is a colossal disappointment. And a surprising one.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Yes, it's "The Devil Wears Prada," redux.
  17. The 3-D is a pain, and the excitable editing, slo-mo and speeded-up action frustrate attempts to watch the athleticism on display, but the last half-hour takes it up a notch.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Even though the presence of such political and social nuances is largely inconceivable in an American romantic comedy, they only make this busy, blustery film seem more muddled.
  18. For all its current political incorrectness, the original film at least attacked hypocrisy; this one practises it.
  19. What promised to be a teen screwball comedy with a supernatural twist soon descends into special-effects overkill and camp acting from the overqualified supporting cast.
  20. Falling in the pillowy cleavage between mildly awful and slightly entertaining, Burlesque is a clichéd rags-to-diva story that culminates in a series of Christina Aguilera videos.
  21. Only a few events happen in this minimalist film, and most of them keep getting repeated through most of its running time.
  22. Certainty, then, is the watchword, and you can be certain of three things: There will be plenty of juvenile energy to power the vehicle; there will be a few mild chuckles en route; there will be no reason to remember the ride the instant it ends.
  23. The movie is nothing if not anxious to please. There's a big, diverse, celebrity voice cast – Maggie Smith, Hulk Hogan and Dolly Parton as well as Caine and Osbourne.
  24. Stay is all dressed up with no place to go, an eye-popping exercise in lavish style unattached to any discernible content.
  25. If Jobs had been a producer on Jobs, he would have sent it back to the lab for a redesign.
  26. Most of this is blandly palatable, at least for the first half. Cyrus, though she seldom strays from her two primary modes, pouting rebel or toothy girlfriend, has a winning on-screen presence, if only for her enjoyably abrasive edge in this deep well of pathos.
  27. Halfway through, everyone starts drinking heavily and the film turns into agreeably sloppy fun. (Isn't that always the way – class reunions often perk up when someone spikes the punch.)
  28. While Lawrence doesn't come close to the fireworks wit and satire of Pryor in his postfreebase-accident film, "Live On The Sunset Strip," his riveting story saves Runteldat from becoming just a routine slapped on the big screen.

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