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  1. It's all meant, I suppose, to conjure up cold visions of Terminators and Robocops past, or, in this post-9/11 world, of bin Ladens and Bushes present. If so, conjure at will.
  2. A contrived little comedy, Dummy definitely lives down to its name -- you can see the lips moving on this wooden thing.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The decision to overhaul the Scary Movie franchise by sending up such non-horror titles as "8 Mile" and "The Matrix Reloaded" also pays dividends.
  3. It's a sitcom-y ensemble film (complete with product placement) that feels like you're flipping around the TV dial.
  4. And therein lies the difficulty of adapting Indignation for the screen; remove Roth’s prose from the equation and you don’t have much left. Writer and director James Schamus turns Indignation into a minor period piece, a precise but seemingly pointless evocation of the stultifying conventionalism of an American university campus in the 1950s.
  5. Embracing such depths, Bukowski somehow made his art. Simulating them, Factotum just makes us queasy.
  6. A bland, workaday detective flick that should have been much better than it is.
  7. With its exotic setting and its beautiful cast, this Dangerous Liaisons is lovely rather than wicked.
  8. Come to think of it, Ferrell is to the sports comedy what the Toronto Maple Leafs are to the hockey biz: Hard-core fans are sure to show up and find reasons to be amused. The rest of us can only hope for better days.
  9. Call it "Alexander the Grate," because, over the marathon of its three-hour running time, this wonky epic really does get on your nerves.
  10. While Jason Bourne isn’t half-bad as an action movie, it is a nakedly hollow exercise in resuscitating brand loyalty.
  11. It’s less startling than it was when the first Sin City was released in 2005, maybe even quaint, like a black-light Jimi Hendrix poster from the ’60s.
  12. Throughout, Terence Blanchard's score swells and sweeps, reminding us, at every moment, what we're supposed to feel. If only we knew what we were supposed to think of this trite mess.
  13. On the flimsy wings of this familiar fairy tale, Linklater tries to fly himself a movie, dressing up the quartet (and the strapping he-men cast to portray them) in the audience-friendly vestments of picaresque charm.
  14. The 131-minute, car-racing film is adolescent guy date histrionics – screaming tires, snappy putdowns and, because we're in Rio, an occasional influx of bodies beautiful in Band-Aid bikinis.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Battleship has its moments, like the rare occasions when it nods to its origin: There's a nice eureka when we learn that evil alien ships can be outwitted, improbably, by plotting co-ordinates on a grid, à la your granddad's board game.
  15. Although its two lead actors are strong – and Meyers affords them a generous number of scenes where they can bare raw emotion – the film stumbles toward the end, and the central duo don’t develop all that much.
  16. For all the carnality on offer here, Mitchell and his cast seem ambivalent about sex.
  17. One of those comedies that is more peculiar than actually funny.
  18. More interestingly, it's also kind of sweet in a contrived and fumbling first-kiss sort of way.
  19. About a third of the way along, there's a shocking revelation that definitely packs a punch. Problem is, it's followed by a near-immediate return to familiar narrative convention, where the noir ante rises exponentially toward a climax that arrives too hastily and ends too neatly.
  20. Definitely erratic, this thing -- all in all, it's the sort of commercial vehicle you might want to stay well back of.
  21. It doesn't take a foolish romantic to hope that Myles and Elisabeth live happily ever after. The world just isn't ready for 20 More Dates.
  22. As a message movie, it's preachy without being serious; for an action movie, there's a lot of racket but not much fun.
  23. There are many plot lines here, but little tension.
  24. This is wish-fulfilment fantasy, where the laughs lie in sorting out an embarrassment of riches.
  25. Though there are a few annoying moments when the actors get in the way of the scenery, mostly it succeeds.
  26. It's all rather wacky and hard to follow or fathom, although maybe that's attributable to Virginia's schizophrenia veering off on its delusional phase.
  27. The cast is so oddly interesting you wish you could see them doing something less wasteful
    • 46 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    If I Stay is true to principle in one significant regard: It makes no concessions to anyone outside its teenage female cohort.

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