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5,117 movie reviews
  1. In his feature debut, writer-director Eric Byler demonstrates a refreshing trust in his material and his audience, crafting a compact, intriguing drama from understated performances and a subtle visual sensibility.
  2. With its compelling central character and colorful milieu, the film comes across as a combination of Greek tragedy and "Behind the Music."
  3. This 3-D Imax film puts you at eye level with awesome creatures that look like alien beasts from deep space.
  4. Hits on all cylinders -- a smart blend of acting, direction, editing, design, costumes and effects.
  5. Ultimately, Swimming Pool belongs to Ozon, and while incorporating a carefully measured, quietly menacing style that summons up vintage Hitchcock and Chabrol, he has made it unmistakably -- and entertainingly -- his very own.
  6. The new "Freaky" plays the obvious gags in ways both surprising and imaginative.
  7. Actors dominate with finely nuanced performances where every scene feels dramatically right.
  8. The film boasts a terrific newcomer in the lead role, exquisite widescreen photography and a powerful sense of place.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Affectionately conceived, imaginatively staged and highly entertaining.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    A zinger-filled crowd-pleaser that open-minded Elvis fans (but by no means all) will have fun with.
  9. All elements click in "Sun," a shimmering, deeply felt film.
  10. The film hits another comic mother lode in the byplay between Black and Cusack.
  11. It provides both deep musical pleasures and a touching farewell to the former Beatle.
  12. This gripping Brazilian documentary shows a bus hijacking that spirals out of control because of police incompetence.
  13. Like a juicy steak served to a man suffering on a diet of micro-greens and tofu, Runaway Jury will be devoured by fans of movie melodramas.
  14. This warm and scruffy film may strike some as a mere period piece, but it's juiced with recognizable family trauma and garnished with a quirky sensibility -- it's the portrait of a group of people we come to care about.
  15. Elf
    While the words "instant holiday classic" might be pushing it, Elf is at the very least a breezily entertaining, perfectly cast family treat.
  16. Tinged with sorrow, compassion, forgiveness and, ultimately, love. More than 25 years after his father's death, Nathaniel visits his father's architectural works and speaks to the people who knew him.
  17. It will never be confused with the groundbreaking "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," but when it comes to a zippy live-action-meets-animation kid flick with plenty of grown-up gags, Looney Tunes: Back in Action does not disappoint.
  18. A poet warrior of the first order emerges in this riveting chronicle of the brief life and times of rap superstar Tupac Shakur.
  19. Layered with elements that are both amusing and touching but never threatening to collapse into a big heap of sentimental mush.
  20. Happens to be extremely funny -- at times sidesplittingly so -- thanks to Zwigoff's way with raw irreverence and Thornton's perfectly pitched, ready-for-anything performance.
  21. Hugely satisfying entertainment that will attract a broad spectrum of audiences around the world. Zwick fully exploits the star power at his disposal, pairing off Cruise and Japanese star Ken Watanabe as two larger-than-life warriors.
  22. Filmmaker Devlin details this complicated series of events with clarity, a sense of drama and more than a few touches of dark humor.
  23. Arguably the most conventional documentary made by Errol Morris and, perhaps equally surprising, it displays sympathy toward its subject.
  24. Perfect holiday entertainment, albeit for those small fry who can read English subtitles.
  25. Challenges audiences with an unrelieved portrait of self-destruction and horrific violence. American movies don't get much grimmer than this.
  26. A wonderfully vivid and engaging theatrical experience.
  27. For all the work that went into the whimsical creatures and painterly palette, the voice actors more or less steal the show.
  28. It's a touching movie that, like the best animes, transcends the limitations of the genre.

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