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  1. As low-budget horror filmmaking goes however, this is derivative, uninspired material.
  2. You know a movie’s in trouble when it’s most dramatic element is the breaking of a piñata.
  3. Ultimately best suited for the confines of late-night cable.
  4. The comedy here feels secondhand and becomes grating when no cliche is left unused, whether about nationality, race, gays or the female gender.
  5. The most appreciative audience for this lame National Lampoon release likely will be guys in tour buses.
  6. While there’s nothing particularly wrong about minimalistic science fiction — some of the genre’s best offerings have been of that variety — Atomica is a lifeless, tedious affair that won’t play any better on the small screens for which it was obviously intended.
  7. While it might have made for a mildly diverting stage thriller — the hugely successful Deathtrap, for instance, was built on similarly absurd contrivances — the endlessly talky 3 Holes and a Smoking Gun founders onscreen.
  8. Far from the renegade, boundary-pushing, sexually explicit sensation that its makers have been suggesting, The Canyons is a lame, one-dimensional and ultimately dreary look at peripheral Hollywood types not worth anyone's time either onscreen or in real life.
  9. Sluggish pacing and sub-par special effects mar this would-be epic adventure film.
  10. There are a couple clever touches here and there, including one sequence in which the end of a candy cane has been carefully licked into a highly lethal weapon, but for the most part the accompanying histrionics feel more regressive than retro.
  11. Though on paper the idea has some potential -- as a historical meditation on the suffering of East Berliners and the arbitrary nature of borders -- its execution stumbles on multiple fronts.
  12. Ultimately, there’s little to distinguish the proceedings other than their brevity. By the time the piece reaches its familiar death-strewn conclusion, with guns taking the place of swords, it has come to seem like little more than an ill-conceived exercise.
  13. It's certainly a moving tale.... Unfortunately, the film tells the story in the most prosaic fashion imaginable, missing nary a single faith-based film cliché with its one-dimensional noble characters, banal dialogue and requisite sermonizing.
  14. 37
    It's hard to imagine a dull film based on the infamous Kitty Genovese murder, but Danish filmmaker Puk Grasten's fictional take on the horrific, real-life crime manages the dubious accomplishment.
  15. Laughs do not exactly pour forth from this dreary and frequently insulting picture.
  16. A no-budget "Alien" ripoff with little reason to exist beyond the few creature-effects shots its design team now can add to its reel, Roger Christian's Stranded might leave viewers yearning for the director's "Battlefield Earth" -- a film that, terrible though it was, at least couldn't be accused of a lack of ambition.
  17. A Christmas comedy of numbing tedium and tackiness.
  18. A gay auto mechanic comes out to his straight buddies in Fourth Man Out, but the shortage of dramatic texture, psychological insight or credible sexual tension in this toothless brom-com means he might as well be telling them he has a cold.
  19. This lugubrious drama fails in its essential goal of making us care about its central character’s existential crisis.
  20. Under the stilted direction of Alex Ranarivelo, it's all as clunkily melodramatic as it sounds, with the climactic trial sequences proving particularly slow going.
  21. This stiflingly restrained French dirge about morality, guilt and atonement is chilly and constipated, mistaking ponderousness for intensity.
  22. Strictly for the Beliebers.
  23. Proceeding at a glacial pace, the film bearing no small resemblance to the far superior "Girl, Interrupted."
  24. Aspiring transcendent love stories don't come much more claptrappy and unconvincing than Winter's Tale.
  25. Odd too, for a film that wants to correct impression anyone had as to the abilities of black U.S. soldier in combat, are the ethnic cliches about Italians and Germans, to say nothing of rednecks.
  26. The film is essentially nothing but little and ineffectual bits of recycled shtick with no sense of freshness of invention. And the women never bond in even the most rote or superficial way that's expected in this sort of claptrap.
  27. Deeply unpleasant to watch with little edification to offer in compensation.
  28. With its clichéd characters and situations, formulaic subplots (Alexandre neglects his grad student daughter to concentrate on his career) and overly cutesy comic tone, Le Chef is a cinematic dish best sent back to the kitchen.
  29. Hank and Asha takes an unremarkable situation and renders it completely banal.
  30. [An] empty ponderousness suffocating the film.

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