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5,322 movie reviews
  1. Earns its R but may leave audiences wanting more.
  2. If Hostage looks a lot like a state-of-the-art French "policier" minus the pesky subtitles, the effect is purely intentional.
  3. Pantoliano brings his usual degree of wily, understated humor to his role and is ably supported by the terrific ensemble, but he's unable to elevate a film that is ultimately as directionless as its protagonist.
  4. A ramshackle but likeable story.
  5. The cast acquits itself well, with the Rock evincing a quiet balance between humor and brawn.
  6. It would be hard to find two more contrasting actresses than Otto and Pires, but Barreto plays off their differences in culture and personality.
  7. This nastily efficient horror film delivers genuine chills.
  8. It's overblown and extravagant business as usual.
  9. This dour, uninspired, Hispanic-themed variation on the profitable "Step Up" dance movies is unlikely to similarly rouse teens.
  10. The film’s attempt at blending humor, poignancy and melodrama results in an awkward mish-mosh. But it has heart to spare, and the performances by the multi-generational ensemble are very effective, with particularly moving work by the veterans in the cast.
  11. Proves lightly entertaining in spite of its more heartfelt tendencies.
  12. Stripped for action without a moment wasted on unnecessary dialogue, exposition or nuances.
  13. A Spanish-language black comedy with a frenetic style that plays out like regurgitated Tarantino and Guy Ritchie.
  14. The director's split-screen effects and hand-held digital camerawork go from being innovative to repetitive to irritating in a Santa Cruz minute.
  15. Perhaps the best way to appreciate the picture, its few intellectual pretensions notwithstanding, is as a classy horror film with a particularly nasty edge. It's not exactly entertainment, but it casts a poisonous spell.
  16. In the end, the gimmick is too risible and its effects on the characters too forced to sustain either suspense or horror.
  17. Motivated by an earnest need to inspire, Schmidt's debut suffers from stiffness but improves as it goes, the tension of its plot overcoming many dramatic failings.
  18. Modest comedy-drama.
  19. Thanks to sturdy performances by holdovers Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy as well as tidy, unfussy direction by first-timer Patrick Tatopoulos, the creature designer who is taking the reins from originator Len Wiseman, the third installment in the successful franchise should be to the fan base's lycan.
  20. The script by John Swetnam is rudimentary, with only the most minimal and pallid stabs at characterization... Nevertheless, once the funnel clouds begin swirling, Quale and his special effects team achieve some remarkably authentic and frightening moments.
  21. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber adequately manages the mechanics demanded here but adds no finesse or grace notes.
  22. Manages to deliver more laughs than most of the competition.
  23. You laugh in spite of yourself in This Is Where I Leave You, a potty-mouthed comedy with enough exasperation, aggravations, long-standing grievances and get-me-outta-here moments of family stress to strike a chord with anyone who’s ever had to endure large clan gatherings that might have lasted a bit too long.
  24. A throwback to the days when Disney would recruit second- and third-tier stars to stroll through indifferently written, modestly produced comic fluff that served as family entertainment.
  25. Unfortunately, the thin storyline isn't substantial enough to sustain the nearly two-hour running time.
  26. The film will attract the attention of a public that's increasingly educated about gourmet matters, but leave the most serious viewers unsatisfied. Fatally for a film of this sort, it doesn't leave the viewer wanting a drink.
  27. While nearly every shock comes at predictable moments, there is genuine ingenuity behind many, and the movie is surprisingly fresh for one made by a guy on his third go-round with the same material.
  28. This film is straight out of the bottle with no metaphoric or psychological pretensions.
  29. Creepy enough to get the job done, but not sufficiently extreme to fulfill the initial setup.
  30. Veteran TV director Michael Lembeck slides the movie into a sitcom mode that only further deadens the thin material. While Vardalos and Collette shine in the musical numbers, why didn't he bother to give the musical sequences a bit of pizzazz?

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