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5,122 movie reviews
  1. Awful Nice, about two perpetually warring brothers, grates on the nerves from first moment to last.
  2. Pfister, who, like his mentor Nolan, adamantly continues to shoot on film (not digital), shows a sure hand at staging scenes, creating visuals and setting a tone -- if only all the diverse elements here fit comfortably under the same tent.
  3. Trade is an earnest attempt to dramatize the network of Internet sex "tunnels." Unfortunately, the film's horrific and important subject matter is distilled into a lackluster lump of generic buddy-movie/road-picture components.
  4. A gore fest aimed at indiscriminate action fans. Those interested in learning more about goings on in medieval history will probably find the splatter tedious and off-putting.
  5. The actors do what they can to supply the texture missing from the script. Vaughn and Wilson riff together with pleasing professionalism.
  6. Contributions of the accomplished cast notwithstanding, this period drama takes a few too many spins around the downward spiral, making it hard to believe as well as unpleasant.
  7. Crudely shot and edited, the film is most notable for the strong performances by its two leads.
  8. A small-scale character piece that genuinely likes its protagonists: an overweight teen girl and an overage delivery guy. But for all its quirky touches, the comedy cleaves to formula in its depiction of how they challenge and change each other.
  9. Part murder mystery, part dysfunctional family drama and part meditation on the elusiveness of the American dream, Motherland doesn't fully succeed on any of its levels.
  10. A timely look at an important issue that's getting more hotly contested every month, Electoral Dysfunction takes a mildly jocular tone to get viewers concerned about what it calls a "war on voting" in America.
  11. The film's impact is greatly enhanced by the superb performances by the young lead actors who handle their characters’ complexities with impressive skill.
  12. Babbit's flat direction has none of the lurid appeal or humor that (along with a much more appealing cast) sustained John McNaughton's notionally similar "Wild Things" through crazy plot contrivances.
  13. This stiflingly restrained French dirge about morality, guilt and atonement is chilly and constipated, mistaking ponderousness for intensity.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Stargate is a blast from the past in many ways, but it imaginatively employs the latest special effects technology to give audiences new thrills. [24 Oct 1994]
  14. Wedding Palace is being billed as the first Asian-American romantic comedy and the first U.S.-Korea independent co-production. Too bad, then, that this shrill, unfunny effort from director/co-writer Christine Yoo features such broad clichés and stereotypical characters that it doesn’t exactly reflect well on the Korean-American community.
  15. Extremely crude in its technical elements, the low-budget film does reveal stylistic ambitions through devices like frequently reverting from color to black-and-white film stock. But the shaky narrative style and broad characterizations undo its effectiveness.
  16. Has heart to spare, but little new to say.
  17. Because the entire audience knows what's going on, the filmmakers hope to distract viewers from storytelling weaknesses with an urgent sense of style.
  18. Hess gets her romance just grounded enough to handle the comic extremes supplied by the supporting cast.
  19. The script succeeds by expanding the Paranormal Activity mythology with additional details and even a few surprising twists.
  20. Very much a lesson, and a repetitive and uneven one at that, GhettoPhysics succeeds at least as a conversation starter.
  21. An all-access pass to an artist embarking on a new path, this is entertaining stuff – funny, disarming, even poignant. It's also jammed with terrific music.
  22. You'd think the team of Rob Reiner, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman might have had the right stuff. Alas, their labored efforts fail to lift The Bucket List out of its flatlining state.
  23. Their inside jape is unfortunately not as much fun for the audience as it may have been for the filmmakers, though it does have its piquant moments. But it’s not consistently entertaining enough either as a spoof or as a thriller.
  24. Predictable from first moment to last, it does at least provide a showcase for lacrosse, a sport heretofore cinematically unexploited.
  25. The film isn't just not funny, it is off-putting.
  26. Travolta has/is a blast in an action-thriller-comedy that otherwise comes up short.
  27. Beckinsale delivers even if Underworld doesn't quite manage to follow through on its initial promise.
  28. The film starts out as a gentle Hollywood satire, shifts abruptly into a comedy of (bad) manners, turns into a crime story and deviates into a suicide attempt before it reverts to a Hollywood satire with a happy ending. No Hollywood satire should ever have a happy ending.
  29. The millions of man hours put into producing this techno shock and awe must be staggering. Everyone got his job done, but somewhere along the way, the movie got lost.

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