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    In Bodyguard, Khan seems to have a tongue-in-cheek awareness of his major strengths - able comic timing and a cartoonishly muscular physique - and in case that's not obvious enough, he flexes his biceps to the beat in the film's opening song and literally winks at the camera.
  1. Though their resolution is a little too neat to be believed, the filmmakers' way with their cast makes this debut a promising one.
  2. Although some of the supporting performances can be a bit choppy, director Schirmer sets an effectively unsettling naturalistic visual tone, bathing all those dark impulses in sunny Indiana daylight.
  3. The story has little resonance or depth. The R-rated movie comes off as exploitative and derivative.
  4. Displays moments of cleverness but not enough to sustain its feature-length running time.
  5. Turns out to be something like a comic riff on "Training Day." Leaning more toward Hart's brand of slightly raunchy humor rather than Ice Cube's equally popular family-friendly fare, the PG-13 film exhibits broad appeal.
  6. As Mr. Woodcock demonstrates, a great premise can generate a lot of goodwill and almost overcome an uneven script. So too can expert performances.
  7. Charmless sequel.
  8. A well-meaning but hopelessly stilted melodrama, Hate Crime sacrifices good intentions with its mediocrity of execution.
  9. An aimlessly wandering DIY-indie that will send viewers retreating to popcorn movies at their local multiplex.
  10. Fleshing out now-familiar tales of misconduct and bad judgment, Palin investigation is entertaining but holds no dramatic discoveries.
  11. Feels jammed into a sitcom-shaped bid for laughs.
  12. Amusing but scattered and unconvincing comedy.
  13. Essentially a telenovela with cinematic pretensions, La Mujer de Mi Hermano (My Brother's Wife) is a vapid slab of soap depicting a love triangle among three remarkably uninteresting characters.
  14. It plods along at a sluggard's pace through a weak premise with crude execution and even cruder characters to arrive at an unearned sentimental ending.
  15. Generates a fair amount of tension and produces the kind of nationalistic outrage that rock-ribbed Americans will feel in their guts.
  16. The film delivers almost exactly what fans of the first installment are hoping for.
  17. Garant and Lennon’ script, with its insistence on constantly repeating the same gags, rapidly wears thin.
  18. The film's generosity toward Christina's decision-making is, however true to life, dramatically unsatisfying.
  19. The film becomes a hodgepodge that will enlighten few viewers.
  20. Boasting uncommonly handsome production values and a stellar cast, the awkwardly titled The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box nonetheless feels like a stillborn attempt at a franchise starter.
  21. There's really not much of an audience for this picture. The movie demands that its viewers put the fragmented images and information together like an intellectual jigsaw puzzle, but it never gives those viewers a good reason to do so.
  22. Sal
    While this heartfelt, rough-edged tribute to now largely-forgotten Hollywood actor Sal Mineo isn’t without interest, it’s too small-scale and sketchy.
  23. A relatively lame exercise that never achieves comic traction.
  24. The plot, of course, is merely an excuse for an endless series of gags, and the percentage of them that score is fairly high. But since the jokes are based over and over on the fact that Lloyd and Harry are really, really dumb, a certain repetitive factor sets in.
  25. A disappointingly dreary affair.
  26. Nothing is bleaker than failed black comedy, which this is.
  27. If its summary approach is less than penetrating, its underlying message of tolerance and open-mindedness is commendable.
  28. It’s too blandly acted and directed to make much of an impact.
  29. Any movie starring Penelope Cruz or William H. Macy can't be all bad. And Sahara, which stars both Penelope Cruz and William H. Macy, proves the point: It isn't all bad.

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