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  1. LeBlanc is on Joey autopilot here, sometimes landing a punchline with his well-honed comic timing, but more frequently unable to commit to exactly how dumb Adam is supposed to be, an obliviousness that varies by scene.
  2. Chance is erratic and sometimes frustrating. But it battles hard to win back approval. And overall the glitches are outweighed by the finer creative points.
  3. Let's Do the Time Warp Again suffers from suffocating staging and an utter lack of reflection on the source material--but also from the source material itself, as what little energy it possesses is gone by a second half that turns into a real slog.
  4. This is a spy series looking for someone or something to make you care.
  5. The love between Ronald and Nancy is probably the only thing you'll leave Killing Reagan sure of, which may not satisfy viewers looking for hagiography or iconoclasm, but also probably won't piss off viewers looking for hagiography or iconoclasm. These movies don't aim for passion.
  6. The second-chance-at-love chemistry between Bellows and Nicholson and the first-chance-at-love Philip-Lukas pairing are just a couple of the things Eyewitness has to set it apart, but angles it doesn't handle well enough to make up for icky, one-dimensional villains, a humdrum crime story and a tone that defies engagement.
  7. None of the characters deepen as the show goes on. They're shallow vessels freighted down by contrived plot complications that include everything from unrequited love to kidney disease. And there's more than a bit of that vainglorious YouTubers' entitlement in where Haters ultimately ends up, the satire finally curdling into smugness.
  8. The elements for a very good show are all in place but the show keeps getting in its own way.
  9. Graves is unquestionably politically aware, but it's neither politically smart nor, despite the hero's arc, all that politically reflective. Nolte has moments of grounded sadness that are nearly effective, but there's no way for those moments to stick when the show keeps undermining both his dignity and whatever dignity Graves once had.
  10. What keeps Goliath watchable, and it's certainly quite watchable, is the superlative ensemble cast, particularly Billy Bob Thornton, whose gift at taking predictably quirky characters and making the beats of that quirkiness slightly off-kilter is close to unmatched.
  11. American Housewife is a paint-by-numbers sitcom that's relentlessly stupid around the edges and deeply misguided at its center.
  12. In its best moments, Vice News Tonight felt like a string of little amuse-bouches to whet appetites for full meals available online. In its lesser moments, it felt like Full Frontal or Last Week Tonight without the jokes and, honestly, with less on-air depth.
  13. It's a smart and often funny look at young people looking for love and professional satisfaction in Los Angeles, which is about as common a genre as TV has to offer these days. But taken in the totality of the TV landscape, Rae's voice is one that wasn't being heard and that voice is what makes Insecure stand out, not necessarily as better than the Emmy winners or critical favorites in the field, but as gratifyingly distinguishable.
  14. Divorce is a smarter and more ambitious show than that and it wants to soak in the emotions, which is more admirable than watchable (especially because Parker is the one marinating in the sadness, not getting many of the funny or withering lines).
  15. I do know that I like this opportunity for List as a TV star and tthe opening time-travel convolutions are treated to accentuate emotion and character relationships in a solid way. It has room to grow and room for improvement.
  16. There's a good cast here, a template that has worked elsewhere and abundant promise. But No Tomorrow will need more tomorrows--multiple episodes--o find its groove and earn its spot alongside its stellar CW companions. Here's hoping that happens.
  17. The series looks astoundingly cheap. ... The anachronistic electronic score by Eduardo Noya Schreus, aka NOIA, gives a galvanizing jolt to what is otherwise an irritatingly unoriginal production.
  18. Approach Timeless as throwback, somewhat in the vein of a less nuanced Quantum Leap, and it can be enjoyed. But be prepared to turn your brain on and off at random intervals and don't yank too hard at any of the plausibility strings, or I fear Timeless will unravel entirely.
  19. A law procedural so paint-by-numbers it's like everybody gave up halfway through and added terrible colors out of boredom.
  20. Where Westworld is at its best is in the deeper issues that will unspool slowly, like a good mystery. Early episodes are adept at getting at the base attractions of the park and why people would come, but also in setting up a sense of confusion about motives. ... The series benefits from a number of standout performances.
  21. The early episodes are so charmingly brainy and move with such a light step--Paul McGuigan of Sherlock and Scandal knows his way around a flashy pilot--and the cinematography is so stylish--not surprisingly, everybody loves photographing Mike Colter--that you only sometimes realize that the things you expect to get out of a superhero show are largely missing.
  22. Crisis in Six Scenes isn't very good. It's compelling in very infrequent, late-episode snippets and stacks up poorly against a plethora of current, artistically ambitious half-hours like FX's Louie, Atlanta, Better Things and You're the Worst; Amazon's own Transparent, Catastrophe, Fleabag and One Mississippi; and Netflix's Master of None, Hulu's Casual and Starz's The Girlfriend Experience.
  23. If you're the kind of person who likes scary shows and mythology, it might be fair to give The Exorcist a chance for a few episodes to see what it has planned. Both Daniels and Herrera are charismatic, and if the writers can make the God vs. the devil face-off grow beyond the Rance household, there might be a show here that's worth a few scares.
  24. You'd think this would lead to all manner of generic story beats. But LaBute and his writers (as well as stalwart TV director Michael Nankin, who does some truly terrific, atmospheric work in these first three installments) manage to give the material a distinctive tweak or two.
  25. Almost every beat of Notorious feels off, every emotion or attempt at humor feels sour.
  26. Lethal Weapon is ridiculous and predictable, a super familiar story with new leads reminding you of old leads, and modern personalities that are really dated personalities. It's a copy of copy of a copy and praying for something fresh out of that is, well, pretty ridiculous.
  27. Pitch has an admirable sense of scale and not overselling its main plot. ... The Pitch pilot ends with a twist that doesn't enhance anything and, in fact, made me concerned about how the show might be structured moving forward.
  28. While the acting government is scrambling to reset itself, Designated Survivor spends a lot of time on Tom's wife, Alex (Natasha McElhone), who is trying to buoy his spirits (he was fired 15 hours earlier and then, well, you know); the Kirkmans' cute daughter, who can't figure out what's going on; and teen son Leo (Tanner Buchanan), acting like an obnoxious teenager and stuff. Yes, we need to know about his family, but not for all the minutes we're given in the pilot.
  29. It's a promising pilot that gets the balance right on humor and heart, and that's enough reason to give it a chance going forward.
  30. The Case Of isn't tabloid-y trash, but it also isn't reportorial in the slightest and it has been made without any appreciable aesthetic.

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