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  1. It has the wit and bite that made the series a standout, but it has jettisoned much of the dramatic baggage that had begun to weigh the show down.
  2. The small-screen version is more than faithful to the delicious and heartwarming drama that was the main course of the low-budget 1997 hit. [27 Jun 2000]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  3. Some of the character are so impressively conceived and fleshed out that they ignite the material. Brown’s work proves that Ridley’s material can be generationally spot-on and gender-specific.
  4. Well-cast and full of expensive-looking special effects, FlashForward should hook a respectable number of viewers with its combination of surprise and suspense.
  5. With DuVernay leading the charge, Queen Sugar boasts a promising cast, heavily populated by black actors in their first series-regular roles, and an all-female directing team, some established but many still launching their careers--meaningful footnotes to the quality of the show, which is high.
  6. The show hits the ground in midseason form after eight months and one change of venue, integrating a new crop of interns with seamless aplomb and again demonstrating how to fuse dramatic elements into a sitcom without breaking a sweat.
  7. The staging remains a bit creaky, but none of this diminishes the spirit of the play or the cast's commitment to the material, which almost seems palpable. It's still a provocative, powerful piece of work.
  8. While it is far from apparent that Friday night is the best place for this smart and stylish show, one can assume USA will move it elsewhere, if necessary, to give it the chance it deserves.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    There’s a breezy propulsion to An Adventure in Space and Time--written by Sherlock's Mark Gatiss, a member of the Steven Moffat mafia--as it charts the evolution of Doctor Who and the invention of so many things beloved by Whovians the world over.... But it’s David Bradley who gives this telefilm its heart.
  9. Creator Elizabeth Meriwether manages to make the situations funny and lets Deschanel channel her charm--a winning combination.
  10. Outrageous at times, sentimental at other times, "The Boondocks" brings a unique and satiric vision to animation.
  11. If one can get past the certainty that, like most reality shows, the reality here has been sanitized for everyone's protection, one should enjoy meeting these salt-of-the-earth workers with good hearts, the kind of people who normally are everywhere except on TV.
  12. CBS has managed to create a period piece without relying solely on that factor as the cool conceit.
  13. It’s a thought-provoking soap opera with love triangles and mother issues. Although some of the plot points are too clichéd (Quinn’s affair with her married boss, played by Craig Bierko, is a predictable one), the show moves along at an engaging, entertaining pace.
  14. The first few episodes deliver something unique for reality television.
  15. Doesn't sound like the formula for compelling, consequential drama, but quarterlife manages to take these typically narcissistic young adults and make them legitimately interesting.
  16. The series' humor is both audacious and intelligent, and the combination of that familiar Warner Bros. animation style coupled with modern references (all through a sendup of the style's original formulas) leaves no mystery for Mike to solve.
  17. The siblings have frequently struggled to fully realize their ideas, too often failing to find the exact right balance between the silly and the sublime. (Multi-culti dance party in Matrix Reloaded, I’m looking at you.) With Sense8, they finally achieve that harmony.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    It remains one of the more unique shows in primetime. [16 Sep 1993]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
    • 70 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Blue Bloods excels through its high-tone production values--Sinatra and Alicia Keys on the soundtrack; urban texture memorably captured across multiple boroughs--and standout performances from Selleck and Wahlberg, whose moral ambiguity and thinly veiled powder-keg fury, passed down by lineage, promises to fuel the series through a gripping first season--provided audiences tune in.
  18. Talented, magnetic, sexy and above all else extremely likable, Rodriguez is the glue that holds together the tonally difficult-to-pull-off Jane the Virgin series.
  19. Even though the movie is loaded with enough to satisfy those who believe Spector did it, as Mirren’s role is written and Pacino’s performance hints at, the film seems eager to suggest Spector was found guilty mostly of being a freak. That have-it-both-ways storytelling doesn’t make Phil Spector a great legal movie, but it allows two exceptional actors and a talented writer a chance to play with reality.
  20. As exciting as the original.
  21. Naked and Afraid has a forthright feel to it that borders on a psychological and physical study, even though participants remain with a production crew, unlike the grueling series Survivorman, which featured just one man with a camera.
  22. Fortunately for the audience, the show on which he struggles to save the republic is back on track after a season of misdirection followed by a year away.
  23. Bleak but intriguing, Company is a brilliant reflection of the mind-set that dominated world politics for a half century. Solid performances are the rule, with special applause for Molina and Keaton. Director Mikael Salomon effectively uses darkness and shadows to illustrate the clandestine environment as well as metaphors for this grim historical era.
  24. The actors are passionate, but not experts. They let the scientists, the workers, the officials, and others tell their stories. It's part of Years of Living Dangerously's refreshing and inclusive tone: it's not important how one gets to this point of understanding the issues, but simply that one does.
  25. It's the clever satire for which we've all been waiting.
  26. If you're looking for fashion's quirky flipside of Project Runway's "go, go, go" cutthroat ambition, Mad Fashion is your show.
  27. The first two hours go at a brisk, thrilling pace that allows for character development as well. A lot happens and there's a desire for more.

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