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  1. You want to watch more episodes of this series not just because it’s funny, but because it understands that the emotionally complex elements of loving someone, marrying them and having kids with them are probably the reasons marriage tears two people apart over time.
  2. Coppola and Schwartzman, who has a great cameo about a reporter doing a podcast, dole out just enough in these half-hour episodes to keep it light, funny and (by the fourth episode) a bit more brazenly quirky, while also not losing touch with the story's core--which is the music.
  3. Although it will be hard to match "The O.C.'s" ratings, particularly against the blockbuster competition of the time period ("The Apprentice" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), the "Reunion" pilot offers a more intriguing and creative form of entertainment.
  4. While "Bones" has too much "X-Files" and "CSI" going in the pilot to feel completely original, it's nonetheless a taut, well-constructed, character-rich procedural with genuine potential.
  5. Part improbable comedy, part unrealistic drama, "Head Cases" is nonetheless a clever series that gets incredible mileage out of its two central characters.
  6. Sci-fi purists might find it the taste of CBS' "Threshold" disconcerting, but for the rest of us, this is scary fun and suspenseful dramedy.
  7. If you can ignore for a moment a logical flaw that permeates the series, you'll find an absorbing, well-paced legal drama with both heart and attitude, not to mention cinematography good enough to carry the Jerry Bruckheimer imprimatur.
  8. With its superb cast, impeccable direction and mostly sharp writing, "Out of Practice" demonstrates simultaneously how polished and professional a sitcom can be and why TV comedy, with a few notable exceptions, is in such a funk.
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  9. The new show dovetails nicely with its lead-in to present a solid hour of skewered news and punctured pomposity.
  10. [An] unflinching and engaging look at the lives of a disparate group of women in their 20s and 30s whose share a love for this rough-and-tumble sport.
  11. There is a dynamic of affection and caring that makes the series more than just a collection of witty lines effectively delivered.
  12. This is good fun -- not necessarily substantial, but fun nonetheless.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Combine the legions of figure skating fans with those who were swept off their feet by "Dancing With the Stars," and all signs point to a breakout hit.
  13. The improv style when done well, as it is here, doesn't generate sidesplitting laughter, but it does produce a steady stream of deliciously enjoyable moments.
  14. It is a series that boasts more than a few terrific performances, and yet it is surprisingly mellow, nearly devoid of the kinds of dramatic moments that resonate after the final credits roll.
  15. Silly, sophomoric stuff that is sure to please its television audience.
  16. She creates an appealing character despite all the preconceptions, many of which are acknowledged and dispensed with in the first few scenes.
  17. Holds its own against the 1956 classic.
  18. There's no shortage of laughs.
  19. Sound more than a little like FX's "Rescue Me"? Absolutely.
  20. It's a Western miniseries with impeccable pedigree, memorable characters, breathtaking cinematography and a story that seems almost as if it had been put together by a committee.
  21. It takes itself seriously pretty much not at all, which is precisely what we want at 10 p.m. on a summer Friday.
  22. A surprisingly refreshing romantic dramedy full of appealing characters.
  23. If the stories aren't entirely convincing, the actors are.
  24. This is a warmhearted dramedy, which gushes charm and family appeal.
  25. Hall... is brilliant at conveying the subtle complexity of Dexter.
  26. Arguably the best comedy this fall.
  27. The visual style is nothing terribly special, but the hues are rich, the writing reasonably clever and the premise a healthy cut above the often lame-o material that passes for creativity in the kiddie toon universe.
  28. It remains a wholly impressive piece of work, stylish and graphic and bold in equal measure while at the same time greatly lacking a cohesive focus.
  29. All series need time to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and this is no exception. However, this show starts with a foundation of solid character comedy, which bodes well for the future.

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