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  1. A pretty gritty and compelling drama.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    There's reliable pleasure to be had in watching an increasingly embarrassed and panicky Larry rush from one self-created crisis to another until, wham, he steps on a figurative steel trap and suddenly realizes he'll probably have to gnaw off his leg if he's ever going to escape the hell he's made for himself.
  2. Hotwives is knowing and funny, and a great showcase for many talented comedians who both star in it and appear as guests.
  3. The series, from Liese's Herizon Prods. and New Line Television, is remarkable for the way it compresses time and hones in on pivotal moments.
  4. What's different--and refreshing--about ABC's No Ordinary Family is that the efforts made to convince you that the Powells are normal, while entirely sincere, don't last long. Their supposed normalcy disintegrates into something more fun and potentially more compelling well before the pilot's end credits begin to roll.
  5. There's enough to like about this series to hope for its return later in the season. [3 Aug 1998]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  6. With its large ensemble cast and frequent flashbacks--visiting and revisiting events that occurred from 23 minutes to 13 months in the past--watching Event is like riding a contraption that is half time machine and half bumper car.
  7. Although this Valley is too deep at times, there are enough elements to provide a fun, action-packed experience.
  8. Both Emerson and Caviezel are compelling and the way Nolan and Abrams have constructed the look (lots of nourish far-away shots in crowded streets, a sense of contained doom in an urban city) bodes well. That alone is worth the investment.
  9. Better dense than dumb, however, and the move by Black Sails into something unexpected--better acted and better written than you might have guessed--is its own little treasure.
  10. The pilot is one of those good-not-great propositions that many pilots are, particularly those trying to establish a complex world.
  11. As first nights go, this was a winner for Corden.... This is very much a show under construction.
  12. Arrow, proves to be both on-brand and entertaining--if you turn off the snark detector and downplay the need for plausibility or logic.
  13. A slick and earnest soap about rival families in South Florida.
  14. Silly, sophomoric stuff that is sure to please its television audience.
  15. A surprising drama about ethics, aiming to be more than a mere montage of climaxing clients.
  16. There's a great cast here--including Zeljko Ivanek as the president's Chief Of Staff and budding nemesis to Elizabeth; and Bebe Neuwirth as head of the staff Elizabeth has inherited. Yet the secondary players have yet to pop.
  17. Battle Creek works best when it lays on the quirkiness and sputters a bit when it gets too coy or sappy about the crimes the detectives are solving. But the series, thanks to Winters and Duhamel, is very entertaining and kills an hour with ease (as most good CBS procedurals do).
  18. "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" is not always as clever or as comically savvy as it thinks itself. ... Yet at this point, there are more than a few scripted inventions to keep the viewer tuned in and returning for future sessions. [25 May 1995]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  19. The Presidents' Gatekeepers is an engaging watch for most, though some segments are more accessible and interesting than others, especially when the history and details of those others become dense and the names become unfamiliar for younger audiences.
  20. There is hope that Better might turn into a solid series: the writing is smart and patient, and dialogue wed to Casey's good-guy dopiness lands well.
  21. Matador isn't a comedy, but it has its moments of levity, which is smart--the show shouldn't take itself too seriously, and those very Rodriguez (who directed the pilot) touches of sudden jump cuts and cartoonish violence work perfectly with the overall aesthetic.
  22. Sci-fi purists might find it the taste of CBS' "Threshold" disconcerting, but for the rest of us, this is scary fun and suspenseful dramedy.
  23. Inspired by the 1987 feature film, also steamy, with Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin, the pilot is dense but awkward while we pick through the accents and try to figure all the twisty relationships among the twisty characters. But there's a nice bounce to the strong cast and a fresh and delicious (and steamy) locale. [7 Aug 1996]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  24. There's a lot of genre-bending in this one but some real entertainment value, dramatic potential and, hell, if it can be half of what Battlestar Galactica was, that's a winning combination.
  25. Maybe a solid Western-ish offering like Longmire will be good enough.
  26. Although that dictum doesn't fill Whisker Wars with Deadliest Catch levels of dramatic tension, this detour into the world of competitive bearding is worth a gander or two.
  27. The visual style is nothing terribly special, but the hues are rich, the writing reasonably clever and the premise a healthy cut above the often lame-o material that passes for creativity in the kiddie toon universe.
  28. [An] unflinching and engaging look at the lives of a disparate group of women in their 20s and 30s whose share a love for this rough-and-tumble sport.
  29. What lends this passionate new USA Network drama series much of its idiosyncratic energy is an exceptionally committed performance from the exquisite Annette O'Toole. [24 Jul 2000]
    • The Hollywood Reporter

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