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  1. As exciting as the original.
  2. Naked and Afraid has a forthright feel to it that borders on a psychological and physical study, even though participants remain with a production crew, unlike the grueling series Survivorman, which featured just one man with a camera.
  3. Fortunately for the audience, the show on which he struggles to save the republic is back on track after a season of misdirection followed by a year away.
  4. Bleak but intriguing, Company is a brilliant reflection of the mind-set that dominated world politics for a half century. Solid performances are the rule, with special applause for Molina and Keaton. Director Mikael Salomon effectively uses darkness and shadows to illustrate the clandestine environment as well as metaphors for this grim historical era.
  5. The actors are passionate, but not experts. They let the scientists, the workers, the officials, and others tell their stories. It's part of Years of Living Dangerously's refreshing and inclusive tone: it's not important how one gets to this point of understanding the issues, but simply that one does.
  6. It's the clever satire for which we've all been waiting.
  7. If you're looking for fashion's quirky flipside of Project Runway's "go, go, go" cutthroat ambition, Mad Fashion is your show.
  8. The first two hours go at a brisk, thrilling pace that allows for character development as well. A lot happens and there's a desire for more.
  9. The Aliens pilot has some of the funniest writing on TV this fall.
  10. A somewhat choppy but unavoidably fascinating documentary about five major Hollywood directors. ... Each modern helmer was assigned one of the five veterans, a ploy that succeeds more often than not by virtue of the professional expertise and personal sympathy brought to bear on what their forerunners went through.
  11. Project Greenlight doesn’t have a history of churning out hits. But the process of making the film remains fascinating.... Project Greenlight doesn’t have a history of churning out hits. But the process of making the film remains fascinating.
  12. If the main character at the center of Quarry is familiar and one prone to viewer fatigue, Quarry works because so much of the rest of the show around Mac is so rich.
  13. Created by Kevin Biegel, Enlisted comes out of the gates almost fully formed.
  14. Appleby and Zimmer continue to deliver strong and funny lead performances playing two of TV's most outspoken and prickly characters. And with a fine new suitor comes a fresh and engaging new group of wifeys, blifeys and villains. Catching up on the first season is recommended, but you could almost just jump in fresh for the summer pleasure, no guilt here, that is UnREAL.
  15. First, the series is completely on point with what the network is doing elsewhere (Arrow, etc.). Second, it's actually very well done. And third, it's wholly entertaining.
  16. It's about characters and their slow unraveling along with the mystery at hand. Whithouse has assembled a superb cast of relative unknowns who support the main Hughes-Cox tandem and add layers (mother Hester, for example).
  17. What is surprising, though, is just how watchable and amusing Brothers is, even if it doesn't break new ground.
  18. Created and written by Sam Shaw (Masters of Sex), and directed superbly by veteran Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing), Manhattan kicks off with two gripping episodes that highlight a strong cast.
  19. A standout comedy with a lousy title.
  20. Life is a cut above the rest because Michaels is facing major health issues every day. It might be that a near-death experience isn't enough to totally slow him down, but watching him try to apply the brakes while simultaneously revving his engine is a reality worth tuning into.
  21. This new NBC time-travel drama is fairly mind-blowing and harrowing, laying out a preposterous scenario that it makes feel nonetheless believable.
  22. With Life's Too Short, he [Ricky Gervais] again delivers.
  23. Some of the sharpest political satire on the small screen.
  24. A steady 13-episode descent into grief and emotional confusion, 13 Reasons Why is an honorably mature piece of young-adult adaptation, fleshing out Jay Asher's well-regarded novel in a way that allows its cold-hearted high-school environment to breathe while revolving around tremendous lead turns by Dylan Minnette and particularly Australian newcomer Katherine Langford.
  25. Even those who don’t have such a personal connection to the series will be captivated by the documentary.
  26. If people stay with it, what they'll find are exceptional performances, some truly fine writing and a premise, by virtue of being complicated, that could unspool some really interesting plotlines.
  27. So, during the course of three episodes, there's not much sucking up, enough dissing to keep the whole thing honest, tons of magnificent cars, fast driving and enough goofiness to make this Top Gear get off the line without any mishaps.
  28. The humorous moments are all the more precious because life is so tough in this engrossing series.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Exec producer James Hayman understands the importance of understatement, portraying God with a light touch but a solemn purpose. Equally important, he smoothly shifts the story's tone, going from dark and menacing to wryly skeptical, as the story dictates. [26 Sept 2003]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  29. But even as the cop genre seems beyond saturation, along comes TNT's Memphis Beat, a series with a fresh character in a fresh environment with a fresh look and sound that proves, against all odds, that good actors and agile execution trump format every time.

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