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  1. This is a warmhearted dramedy, which gushes charm and family appeal.
  2. Although Whedon infuses Dollhouse with an impressively detailed story line and social structure as well as nifty production values, the show lacks something for viewers to grab onto.
  3. Despite a strong inaugural episode, there are still some kinks to be worked out. Wheaton, channeling a nervous energy, only appeared to relax fully during a few of his jokes, but much more of the material felt stilted. It's a small thing that will surely only get more streamlined as Wheaton settles into the role.
  4. Yes, it can often sound like a pulp setup bound to go sideways, but Banshee ends up being taut, entertaining and smart enough, and you won't completely turn your brain off.
  5. The latest iteration of the genre of celebrity re-introduction--and one of its more amusing--is CBS' new show Same Name.
  6. Despite its 1980s ambiance, you can't simply dismiss the show. It has some genuinely funny lines, though it's not clear who to thank for that.
  7. They are real people with plausible emotions. And in the hands of Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.), Amy Harris (Gossip Girl), Bushnell and two other executive producers from the CW's Hart of Dixie, the storytelling has a chance to be handled maturely.
  8. What emerges is a drama that is solid, though not spectacular, and a star more charismatic than complicated. [24 Sept 2001]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  9. The improv style when done well, as it is here, doesn't generate sidesplitting laughter, but it does produce a steady stream of deliciously enjoyable moments.
  10. Such soft areas, and a feeling of forced quirkiness, keep Big C from being a Class A series. Still, it's a show that, like Cathy, almost certainly will find its footing as time goes on and, like terminal illness, undoubtedly will provide a few surprises before the end.
  11. The show is pretty darned funny, especially once you get past the 45-minute pilot and into the half-hour regular episodes (smaller is better, actually).
  12. It's clear that this new Fox original series has its class act together as it follows singers both on the verge or stardom and just starting out as they chase their dreams in the capital of country music.
  13. The show has a complex rhythm involving characters, satire and sight gags. You can watch "Barker" again and find things you missed the first time.
  14. It jolts along with humor, suspense, insight and a fair amount of oozing blood.
  15. The miniseries manages to be both thought-provoking and at times emotional, doing well at illustrating common skepticisms of Christianity while also showing Barabbas' own transformation.
  16. Season 2 features an expanded role--probably too greatly expanded--for Dale (Todd Stashwick), the dull-witted, violent villain and nemesis from Traveller days. Even so, Izzard and Driver remain a joy to watch in this odd but fascinating series that is derivative of nothing on TV.
  17. The decision to focus just on Houston's most meteorically successful years--where, for a little while, she probably was happy--makes Whitney a fairly flattering portrait that is only lightly a cautionary tale.
  18. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is at the top of her game. Her expressions, physicality and timing are right on the mark. Her vocals are a treat and flow naturally from the story. [14 Apr 2003]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  19. "Against the Grain" is kitsch masquerading as rugged regional realism and is, surprisingly, involving on both counts. [29 Sep 1993]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  20. Although the original remains the greatest (at least, based on the single Cleveland episode made available for review), the newer sitcom has charm, wit and actresses who could coax laughs reading the fine print of a credit card agreement.
  21. As questionable as the setup sounds, it actually strikes the right tone by neither making fun of nor blindly praising the competitors for their quirks (of which they have many).
  22. Sirens is a better than expected offering and probably better than the kickback it’s likely to get when it comes to faulty memories and dusty legacies.
  23. It's quip-heavy, doesn't complicate things with too much plot, keeps the pacing brisk and litters the TV screen with beautiful people.
  24. That's a lot of eccentricity, but creator/writer Noah Hawley meshes humor and pathos with deft plotting and dialogue.
  25. While it's not exactly Breaking Bad, stepping away from the too-pat world of "blue sky" TV into something edgier is a welcome diversion.
  26. The Bridge is mandatory viewing for drama lovers, but it will be interesting to see where the writers take it and whether they have the big-league ability to make the evident potential materialize. One thing they’ve hopefully learned is that sometimes holding back information isn’t mysterious, it’s just confusing.
  27. The series works. McIver is a great, unlikely heroine.... The show will have to make the weekly cases a bit more difficult to crack if they want to hold viewers' interest.
  28. The vote here is to not only give Torchwood: Miracle Day a chance, but to ride out the bumpy parts and put some faith in Davies' unique take on storytelling.
  29. Working together, Goldblum and Craven create some of the most honest scenes in the genre.
  30. The show succeeds on a number of levels and builds on a well-crafted premise pilot.

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