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  1. This role is tailor-made for Baker, who has a flair for playing irreverent characters who are crucial to the success of the system even as they tweak its authority figures.
  2. There are intriguing elements amid the clutter: Policeman Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) is a beefy, moral man of the people who in the process of rallying the troops becomes a target for the police brass.
  3. It should be noted that Geere and Cash are very, very good--they just need better material. (Unfortunately, the rest of the cast, even though they don't get much work, grind the show to a halt--an almost insurmountable problem except that Worst's penchant for trying to shock with crassness is really the stumbling block here).
  4. You should at the very least check out Bello, who does fine work here.
  5. Despite some fine performances, it fails to show a connection.
  6. What's different--and refreshing--about ABC's No Ordinary Family is that the efforts made to convince you that the Powells are normal, while entirely sincere, don't last long. Their supposed normalcy disintegrates into something more fun and potentially more compelling well before the pilot's end credits begin to roll.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The fun part of this series is watching Doe become aware of his powers and limitations. Purcell supplies all the wonder and charm needed to turn Doe into a fascinating and curious character. [19 Sept 2002]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  7. Creator and writer Paul T. Scheuring offers this deal with viewers: Suspend credibility on a few key points and, in return, get a series that keeps you glued to the set for a full hour. My advice is to take the deal.
  8. It’s a lusciously shot and brilliantly written and acted account of how the British aristocracy and progressives in high society fell in love with what can best be described as the tantalizing edginess of jazz music and the sense of exploration and wonder it brought to those who heard it even though society at the time was not ready to accept what it all implied.
  9. The pilot is funny, Meloni holds the whole thing together and even the voice over works--despite there needing to be, at the very least, a five season moratorium on that little conceit.
  10. Despite the occasional laughs, though, this is still a one-note premise stretched excruciatingly thin.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    What is clear, is that series stars Anthony Michael Hall and Nicole de Boer are fun to watch and that the powers of Hall's character, Johnny Smith, can give rise to any number of imaginative stories. [12 June 2002]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  11. This is a first-rate series that explores the hearts and minds of terrorists even as it presents scene after scene of suspense and action.
  12. If Lindelof and Perrotta can somehow strike a balance of the human, emotional fallout while also delving into an explanation of the oddities involved in "the sudden departure," then The Leftovers could be one of the more riveting new series.
  13. The visual style is nothing terribly special, but the hues are rich, the writing reasonably clever and the premise a healthy cut above the often lame-o material that passes for creativity in the kiddie toon universe.
  14. A lot worked from this first show. The set looks great, and legendary house band the Roots were, as usual, flawless. When U2 asked them, impromptu, to join in their acoustic jam from the couch, they didn't miss a beat, and the up-tempo atmosphere told the audience one clear thing: Hey, this is fun. You might want to come back and check it out again.
  15. Much of The Expanse will feel familiar because, at least for four episodes, the writers are struggling to maintain momentum across at least three sci-fi-trope-heavy storylines that eventually could coalesce into something unique.
  16. The show succeeds on a number of levels and builds on a well-crafted premise pilot.
  17. The new show dovetails nicely with its lead-in to present a solid hour of skewered news and punctured pomposity.
  18. What Animals is trying to do is take The West Wing and turn it into Dallas. And if you don't like Dallas, that can be a real letdown.
  19. The first pair of episodes augur a breezily entertaining addition to the TNT stable of dramatic originals.
  20. Its efforts at grainy, gritty realism (e.g. a quality visually tried for in occasional stop-go cuts) comes off more as MTV hip-hop style than storytelling with true inherent significance. [30 Sept 1996]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  21. Shores has created a funny, loopy, off-kilter comedy that, truth be told, probably would play just as well on other cable channels, including Comedy Central and TV Land.
  22. A slow-going but fervently earnest series ... a little bit of "Little House on the Prairie," a little bit of "The Waltons." ... But the script is so full of mood and moralizing that it mostly plods. [31 Mar 1994]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  23. While the collection doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table in its quick portrayals, it does at times successfully ignite an emotional response (a trait that also makes it exhausting.)
  24. The Fox drama from the Imagine TV stable is fortunate to have a guy with the talents of Tim Roth as a trump card. But even apart from him, the writing and the concept are sufficiently developed from the get-go to prove an instantly intriguing entry that has the major benefit of following "American Idol" and should hold on to a good portion of that audience.
  25. The existential aspects of Derek are its best traits (and yes, there will be a second season). The drama and comedy elements are more of a mixed bag.
  26. The video equivalent of a cold fusion experiment. At first the results seem promising but prolonged scrutiny reveals deep flaws...In trying to turn Barry's written P.O.V. into the filling of a weekly sitcom, the humor undergoes a transformation that makes it disappear. From page to screen it can't be seen. [20 Sept 1993]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  27. It bursts with humor thanks to a solid cast, smart writing and a quick pace.
  28. For "Runway" fans thirsty for fashion fights and fits, Fashion is certainly worth a taste.

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