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  1. Crusoe, based loosely on the classic adventure tale by Daniel Defoe, is an international co-production that champions swashbuckling and scenery without grasping the significance of credibility and character development.
  2. Despite all its shortcomings, Platinum Hit succeeds in holding your interest. First off, save for Jewel, the personalities here are quirky enough that you can't predict how they're going to interact with one another. Second, and more importantly, you find yourself wanting to hear what kind of songs they're going to write, however arbitrary the constraints that have been laid out.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The supporting cast was strong: Laura Benanti was appropriately sultry as Elsa Von Hottie, while Christian Borle was appropriately hammy as Max Detweiler and someone should find a way to have McDonald sing audiences into every commercial break.... And yet, without Underwood and Moyer selling us on this legendary love story, The Sound of Music Live plays like very expensive karaoke.
  3. Though Rock can feel heavy and static, jammed with too many dumb jokes about body parts, it is capable of showing a quirky bounce now and again, which is a quality one hopes will be developed as the series establishes itself. [8 Jan 1996]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  4. Deception just seems sloppily constructed and poorly written, wasting some good actors (Victor Garber, Tate Donovan and Meagan Good) in the process and never giving you a reason to care.
  5. In Fox’s instantly awful Gang Related, it’s pretty clear right away that you’re dealing with a pile of clichés that, pushed together and financed, can never be more than dreadful.
  6. Mostly, it feels like a big missed opportunity.
  7. It can be funny at times, like when a draft pick becomes part of a negotiated plea bargain in a criminal case. And there's no denying the strong chemistry among the little-known cast. At other times, though the one-dimensional humor wears thin and the guys nearly become parodies of themselves.
  8. If one dispenses with the seemingly coaxed melodrama, the well-rehearsed family scenes and the endlessly repetitive bumpers, an occasional nugget of helpful information on tracing family roots is discovered.
  9. At its core, Rookie is a terrible show.
  10. What may be a reasonable, even sexy premise comes out flat, bitter and flaccid...Neither director nor cast can do anything much with Star's awkward script, which is choppy and burdened with impossible dialogue. But worst is that the smarty mood leaps beyond cynical, and his characters are too disagreeable to make funny. [3 June 1998]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  11. My Crazy Beautiful Life doesn't feel fresh but instead is more akin to a standard tour documentary of a band you used to like.
  12. Inspired by the 1987 feature film, also steamy, with Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin, the pilot is dense but awkward while we pick through the accents and try to figure all the twisty relationships among the twisty characters. But there's a nice bounce to the strong cast and a fresh and delicious (and steamy) locale. [7 Aug 1996]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  13. Powerfully acted, artfully produced and shot like a truly riveting page-turner.
  14. A solid if unspectacular story about one of the most unlucky lawyers ever depicted on television.
  15. There are so many twists and arbitrary rules to the competition that it can certainly be disconcerting for viewers.
  16. The Married pilot is forced, mostly unfunny and tragic in that you immediately want to root for Faxon and Greer, two very funny and very likable comic actors, to have better material.
  17. Town's premise remains an enigma at the end of its first episode; there are a lot of introductions to be made and not so much time for plot.
  18. That's a lot of potential gothic soap, but fortunately Gates presents a surprisingly well-written, intriguing scenario with a head-swimmingly large ensemble cast.
  19. So, one gets an episode about Spartacus' lessons at gladiator school and another episode about his fights in "the pit," a place brutal enough to make professional wrestling look like ballet. With such thin stories each week, it's small wonder that sex and violence are used to take up the slack.
  20. One of the new offerings that stands out from the pack is ABC's coming-of-age series, The Goldbergs, which is fueled partly by nostalgia, partly by the great Jeff Garlin's constant yelling and partly out of some outstanding writing. A strong cast doesn't hurt, either.
  21. "Drive" is at once exasperating and mesmerizing, utterly ridiculous if you read too much into it but utterly beguiling on its face.
  22. The balance is off, but there is still a sweetness to the show that makes it worth checking out.
  23. This new NBC time-travel drama is fairly mind-blowing and harrowing, laying out a preposterous scenario that it makes feel nonetheless believable.
  24. WMC--that's what the hip people will no doubt soon be calling it--sprints energetically from the gate carrying genuine qualitative heft: charismatic leads, snappy dialogue and an agreeable blend of lighthearted and dramatic.
  25. Sound more than a little like FX's "Rescue Me"? Absolutely.
  26. Fear is pretty much like most of these genre-specific anthologies: wildly inconsistent, sometimes maddeningly so. But when it hits, it blasts the ball out of the park. When it doesn't, well, at least you have the pools of blood to keep you company.
  27. Plays with an all too rapid-fire, rat-tat-tat pace that tramples humor in its forward rush...Quite so, the jokes come at breakneck speed and are not very amusing. Moreover, there is something about this series that seems disingenuous, owing more to tired situation comedy convention than to freshly crafting a view of the American family within the sitcom context. [24 Sept 1993]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  28. The show's great cast gives it a lot of potential, and they work hard in the pilot to make their thin material viable.
  29. Fun to watch, cleverly written and filled with engaging characters.

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