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7706 movie reviews
  1. Some of these gags are hilarious.
  2. It suffers from a lack of genuine chills or suspense that renders its slight virtues rather moot.
  3. It's frustrating to see this wonderful-looking, laugh-out-loud funny survival tale fall short of its potential.
  4. Gameau clearly has good intentions, and generally succeeds in sweetening a potentially bitter subject for easy public consumption.
  5. Mumblecore goes on the road in Dave Boyle's slight but amiable buddy comedy.
  6. Despite effective moments, VanAlkemade's film is too diffuse. He gives us snippets of the group's spirited performances, but their effect on audiences remains unclear.
  7. While Afineevsky generally manages to pack in a lot of detail, analysis, nuance and humanism, this is largely absent in the last chapter, which feels like it was rushed together at the last minute and didn’t receive the same amount of time, care and thought as the film’s previous chapters
  8. Jewish and academically inclined audiences worldwide will respond to numerous aspects of this unusual drama, although it is paradoxically both too broad and too esoteric for the general art house public.
  9. Although engaging enough to hold interest, the just slightly off casting of Ewan McGregor and Stellan Skarsgard...dampens plausibility.
  10. The movie isn't nearly as bad as you would expect when the studio holds its only press screening the night before a national opening.
  11. Goold's work never feels stagey; a smart and varied visual sense opens up even settings as basic as a jail's visiting room. But what happens in that room isn't as convincing as might be expected from these actors.
  12. The filmmakers do fall into the trap of overly sentimentalizing a widely beloved public figure who represents an enormous cultural significance. At the same time, however, they keep the movie frequently engaging.
  13. The director is chasing a mood here -- a mood, an atmosphere and feelings -- much as he did in "In the Mood for Love."
  14. A dramatic thriller with a large cast playing the hell out of some very juicy roles. Nieman's script shuffles nimbly among an array of colorful characters and offers unexpected twists that keep you off-balance.
  15. Even with director Mira Nair’s typically vivid sense of place and the charismatic central performances by David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o and a striking newcomer, the film hits every note of plucky positivity so squarely on the head that it leaves little room for audience involvement.
  16. As structurally simple as a high school book report, the doc is frequently dry but comes packed with performance footage, scores of interviews, and enough biographical detail to let us form our own ideas about the trickier scenes it elides in its attempt to fit an entire complicated life into under two hours.
  17. Although there is incident in the film's second doesn't build to the level of compelling drama, leaving the film in a quiet, temperate realm that scarcely makes the pulse race.
  18. Yelling to the Sky drips with a strange but sometimes moving nostalgia for environs its characters clearly want to escape.
  19. Haunting tweaks familiar tropes enough to make them interesting. Just not so interesting as to inspire many nightmares after the credits roll.
  20. Swicord took on a daunting challenge in adapting this piece, and she’s met it more intelligently than convincingly. It would have been asking a lot from any actor to carry this film, and Cranston has done the heavy lifting and more.
  21. The film is impeccable but distant, lacking in spontaneity and not very original.
  22. This is a genial, humane project with obvious fan appeal. But for anyone expecting a definitive behind-the-scenes film about the making of Star Wars, this is not the documentary you have been looking for.
  23. Despite the unique premise and some truly inspired casting, the picture remains stuck in an existential rut of its own.
  24. One of the aspects that keeps Time from projecting an advertorial vibe, its indifference to outside voices, may also leave casual fans wanting a bit more.
  25. There’s absolutely nothing memorable about the film.... But it boasts plenty of gritty period atmosphere and earns points for its lack of pretension.
  26. After a very funny start, there just isn't enough content to fill the feature-length curriculum.
  27. A neatly observed take on Manila street life. Pegged to a gay theme, it works best as a character-driven slice of social realism.
  28. While it’s neither a masterpiece of gender politics or contemporary romantic relations nor designed to elicit belly laughs, it is a pleasant diversion for fans of the form.
  29. Works better than one might think, thanks to the group's modus operandi, which combines a fundamental reverence for the target material and a sly irreverence that's key to their skewering technique.
  30. We are left with a powerful sense that her death was a tragic loss, both privately and publicly, but Can I Be Me never quite tells us why.

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